Oh, Baby! Beaverton Storage Units Saving Parents Money

As expectant parents, there are plenty of items your new baby will need. In addition to food and diapers, babies need clothing, a crib, a car seat, high chairs, bassinets, and other types of baby gear. At Iron Gate Storage, our Beaverton storage units can help parents save money by allowing them to store and reuse items that are used only for a brief period in your child’s life. Rather than taking up space in your home or your garage, a storage unit in Beaverton provides the convenience of a safe, clean, and cost-efficient location that is easily accessible until the next child comes along.   

Keeping Baby Clothes and Gear in A Beaverton Storage Unit

Providing all the items your baby will need during their first year is expensive. According to, paying for just the basic supplies can cost new parents as much as $8,000 or more. The upside is that nearly half of this is for one-time costs. These supplies can be easily kept in a Beaverton storage unit once they are no longer needed and used again in the future. Types of items you may wish to consider storing include:  

  • Baby clothes, which children quickly grow out of during the first year;
  • Infant car seats and carriers;
  • Baby strollers, backpacks, and sling carriers;
  • Diaper bags and portable playpens for when visiting friends;
  • Playmats and activity centers;
  • Walkers, swings, and doorway jumpers;
  • Baby monitors and changing tables;
  • Bottles, brushes, breastfeeding pumps;
  • Bibs, blankets, and cloth diapers.

Additional items such as cribs, baby bedding, and other furniture can be easily added to your storage unit once they are outgrown. Even if you do not intend to have more children, keeping these items secure and free from damage in our Beaverton storage unit facility ensures they will be safe for use by friends and family members in the future.

Preparing Baby Items for Placement in A Beaverton Storage Unit

Before placing items in our Beaverton storage unit, you want to make sure that everything is clean, dry, and packed properly. You can clean wood furniture and plastic playpens or walkers with mild cleaners, being careful to remove any dried-on materials. For cleaning and packing baby clothes, blankets, and delicate items, follow these tips from The Spruce:

  • For baby clothes that are stained, pre-treat overnight, wash using detergent and a color-safe additive, then tumble dry;
  • For hand knitted blankets and delicate fabrics, hand wash and lay flat to dry;
  • Take baby bedding and jackets to the dry cleaners, being careful to point out any stains;
  • When packing, wrap each item with tissue to avoid creasing.

At Iron Gate Storage, our Beaverton storage unit facility offers boxes in all sizes, bubble wrap, wrapping paper, and moving pads for your convenience. Located at 4050 SW 160th Avenue, we offer a secure, gated entrance, on-site management, and units on the ground floor for easy, drive up access. Our units are clean, cost effective, and catered to suit your needs; call or visit our facility today to discuss which of our units might be right for you.

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Avid Collector? Vancouver Storage Units Offer Solutions

If you are an avid collector, you may have closets, crawl spaces, or whole rooms in your home filled with packed boxes or items on display. In addition to taking up space, keeping potentially valuable items out and unprotected increases the risk of damage or loss. At Iron Gate Storage, our Vancouver storage units offer a clean, cost-efficient space to maintain the value of your collectibles. With the benefit of individual alarm codes and on-site security, you can trust that your items will be kept safe and easily accessible for when you want to inventory or add to your collection.

Keeping Collectibles In A Vancouver Storage Unit

Whether you have an established collection or are considering taking up collecting as a hobby, our Vancouver storage facility can help. Our units come in a variety of sizes to fit any budget. You can customize your unit to fit your needs, using temporary shelving, clear display boxes, and filing cabinets to organize and inventory the items you accumulate. Depending on what you collect, a storage unit in Vancouver can end up paying for itself, if you opt to sell the items you collect at antiques and collectible shows or via the internet. According to eBay, collectible items that are most in demand include:

  • Coins, which include both domestic and foreign currency;
  • Books, particularly first edition or out of print copies;
  • Vintage electronics, such as old telephones and record players;
  • Baseball cards, which can be sold as singles or in bulk;
  • Dolls and action figures, which increase in value if there are in the original box;
  • Antiques, which include glass, china, linens, and home décor items;
  • Stamps, which are enjoyed by over 2.5 million people throughout the world.  

Vancouver Storage Units Keep Collectible Safe

To maintain and get the most value out of your collection, it is important to store items properly. At our Vancouver storage facility, we provide the ideal environment, clean and secure, where you can drive up and unload your items directly. We offer all the supplies you need to pack items securely, including boxes in a variety of sizes, bubble wrap and wrapping paper, as well as moving pads to prevent scratches and breakage. The Spruce offers these tips on preparing collectibles for storage:

  • Make sure items are clean, dry, and dust free;
  • Store books upright, with pages unfolded, and in boxes to avoid fading;
  • Wrap china, glass, figures, and other delicate items in bubble wrap and label to avoid wrapping and unwrapping;
  • Avoid excessive handling of books, paper, fabrics, and metals, which can cause damage due to the oils on your skin;
  • As you collect items, be sure to note where and when you got them and their approximate age at the time of your purchase.

Visit Iron Gate Storage at Our Vancouver Storage Unit Facility

To find out more about our services and the types of storage units in Vancouver we offer, call or visit our facility. We are located at 802 NE 112th Avenue in Vancouver, WA. Our friendly staff and on-site management will be happy to provide a tour of our facility.

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Outdoor Enthusiasts: Protect Your Gear With A Vancouver Storage Unit

Vancouver hosts an abundance of seasonal, outdoor activities. While you can rent the appropriate gear from local vendors, investing in your own saves money and allows more time for the activities you enjoy. At Iron Gate Storage, our Vancouver storage units help to protect your investment. We offer clean, secure spaces in a variety of sizes to suit every need and budget. Rather than storing off-season equipment in sheds or garages outside of your home, where they are subject to damage and theft, you can rest easy knowing your gear is easily accessible for your next adventure.  

Preparing Equipment Prior to Placing In Your Vancouver Storage Unit

The City of Vancouver offers activities to enjoy during every season of the year. During the summer months, area lakes and waterways are ideal for jet skiing, paddle boarding, and kayaking. Over spring and fall, there are numerous places to hike, fish, and camp, while the slopes at area ski resorts spring to life over winter. Having a storage unit in Vancouver helps to keep up with the equipment used in each of these activities, without taking up space in your home or apartment. Prior to storage, follow these tips on how to clean and prepare your gear so it is ready for use next season:

  • Jet skis, kayaks, paddleboards, and other watersport equipment: The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) warns that in addition to causing warping and rot, not properly cleaning equipment after each use can spread a variety of invasive species. Drain completely, remove visible dirt and plant particles with a brush or vacuum, and allow a minimum of five days for the equipment to dry completely prior to placing it in a Vancouver storage unit.
  • Tents, sleeping bags, and other camping equipment:  Backpacker recommends hosing off tents and backpacks and letting them air dry, while inspecting for any damage. Wash sleeping bags with a mild detergent and put in a dryer with tennis balls to prevent clumping. Make sure grills are clean and free from moisture, and remove propane tanks from camp stoves before placing in your Vancouver storage unit.   
  • Skis, poles, ski jackets, snowboards, and sleds:  Gore-Tex recommends washing ski jackets by hand, and reactivating waterproofing by placing in a dryer on medium heat. Prior to placing in a storage unit in Vancouver, wash skis and other gear thoroughly with a mild soap, dry completely with a soft cloth, and apply a thin coat of glide or grip wax.

Why Our Vancouver Storage Unit Facility Is The Right Choice

Whether you invest in new or second-hand equipment, you want to be sure it is protected. At our Vancouver storage unit facility, we offer gated access, secure user pin code entry, and 24-hour video recording, while each unit has its own, individual alarm system. Our knowledgeable staff and on-site management are available at any time to help assist your needs, and we also sell boxes, bubble wrap, and other packing materials to make storage even easier. To find a unit that is right for you, call or visit our Vancouver storage unit facility at 7920 NE 117th Avenue today.

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Collecting on a Good Deal with Vancouver Storage Units

Vancouver is known by many to be a city of eclectic taste and interests, and with a population of 170 thousand people, that usually makes sense. The city itself is reflective of the diversity of its residents too, which is represented in the artwork, architecture, and even the most popular types of restaurants. Regardless the style, there are always people eager to store their interests and unique tastes in their storage units, and Iron Gate Storage is here to assist them.

Our premium Vancouver storage units near you are popular hubs for the wide array of interests in which Vancouver residents engage. Read on to discover the most common types of collections residents will keep in our facility to see how storage may also be a good idea for you!

Wine Collections

There are avid wine collectors throughout Vancouver. The city’s history is steeped in wine, and avid wine enthusiasts today continue to carry on that tradition. Wine collectors all around Vancouver love to collect different types of wine at different ages, as these become just as much trophies as they are delicious drinks. In order to preserve a good wine collection, the wine should be kept in a generally dark, warm place so the bottles remain intact and the wine can ferment. This is why so many Vancouver wine collectors turn to our storage units. Our units are temperature-controlled as they provide this dark environment and offer an added layer of protection so the glass bottles don’t break.

Comic Book Collections

In the Vancouver-Portland area, there are several comic cons that a person can attend to express their interest in sci-fi, fantasy, anime, and the unknown. Comic books are an obsession for many of the people who attend these conventions, and the value of their comics only increases with time. Vancouver residents with large comic book collections commonly come to us to store their collections because of how fragile comic books are and how susceptible they are to damage. There is no threat of damage to these books when they are kept in a Vancouver storage unit, and a lot of space is saved in the home.


Car collections of all types become a pastime of many Vancouver citizens. Anything from car models to toy cars to actual automobiles can be kept in a unit. Car collectors choose to do this because it reduced clutter in the home, provides a safe place for their vehicles when they are not on display, and keeps them in pristine condition. Car collections are among some of the most popular types of collection storage, and there are limitless possibilities about how to use them for these items and more.

Collect Your Vancouver Storage Unit

Storage units are the best way to secure your collections and keep them safe. If you have any collections of items we mentioned or any other type of collection (clothes, coins, movies, books, etc.), make sure to collect on a good deal and rent one of our storage units today.

Iron Gate Storage
1200 West Fourth Plain
Vancouver, WA 98660
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Vancouver Storage Units for Our Seniors

There are many seniors citizens in Vancouver. Vancouver is a great place to retire as the weather is mild through most of the year, and many families who have established themselves in the area have family members that reach senior ages after living a long life in the city. With such a full life of experiences and memories, it should be no surprise that the elderly population accumulates so many items from heirlooms and photos to clothing and furniture over the years.

Iron Gate Storage is here to assist the elderly population and their families with storage units for their belongings. If one of our honored seniors ever falls ill or needs assisted living, consider storing the following items to make their transition a little easier.

Hobbies and Pastimes

Many times elderly people accumulate many games, including several packs of cards, cribbage boards, jigsaw puzzles, among other things. Elderly family members who fall ill or need to be put on hospice care generally leave their items behind, including many of these games. Those who move into an assisted living or care center usually encounter the same thing, as their living space becomes substantially smaller. With recreational and pastime activities being left behind, these make great storage items to place in a Vancouver storage unit until they are needed again.


The elderly may get to a point where they have accumulated a few vehicles, but as time draws on, they either only need one or none if they receive home health services or are in a nursing home. Those families who have extra vehicles like to turn to our storage units to keep their automobiles while they are not being used. They like the ease of access our storage affords them while not needing to worry about the integrity of their car.


One of the coolest collections elderly people garner is that of books. These books serve as symbols of years of knowledge, and they become very valuable over time. Elderly seniors with large book collections may consider storing their books in a storage unit as it can protect the integrity of these precious items. Books kept in storage are less likely to be damaged by the weather or be exposed to water or other moisture that could ruin the pages. For optimal book storage, consider smaller boxes and only place a few books in each book at a time. This keeps boxes light enough to be stacked and keeps them from crushing the boxes on the bottom.

Storing More

Whether a senior family member is sick or moving into a nursing home, you always have a place to keep their possessions safe and to reduce space. Whether you are storing books and games or need a place to put a little extra furniture during a move, remember to contact us to help. Call our self-storage facility today to reserve a unit.

Iron Gate Storage
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Common Items Vancouver Residents Store When Moving

Unknown to many, there is an actually a fairly large population of Marshallese who live in Vancouver. In fact, people with Marshall Island heritage currently living in Vancouver comprise the highest demographic of non-white people within the population. Iron Gate Storage is here to support anyone moving to Vancouver. We provide the community with optimal storage units in Vancouver to keep their personal effects. Everyone moving to the area generally has different things to store, but check out the following common items you would find in a storage unit of a person who is moving the great city.


Anyone moving to Vancouver generally ends up with extra luggage that they need to store. Whether luggage is used to store clothing or books, once a family is settled into their new Vancouver home, luggage is large and bulky and it takes up a lot of room. There are not great spaces within a home or apartment that don’t take up a lot of closet space or room in the garage. Those who have recently moved to the area consider our Vancouver storage units because they know their luggage and other spare items can be stored carefully and remain well-protected (which is important for luggage, as it isn’t cheap to replace if it has been damaged).

Items of Personal Heritage

Families moving to Vancouver, Marshallese or otherwise, always bring items of personal significance with them. These historical items of heritage whether heirlooms or antiques, represent the traditions and customs of the past and are usually of great value. As important as these items are, you may be wondering why anyone would store them in a storage unit. There are actually two reasons why people moving to Vancouver would consider this option: 1) to save space and 2) to maintain the items’ integrity. Heirlooms can sometimes take up a lot of room in a new space, especially apartments that don’t allow for a lot of extra space. The items, despite their sentimental and actual value, are also not necessary to have around all the time. Our self-storage units in Vancouver also help to protect these precious items. You don’t have to worry about water damage, weathering, or children when they are kept in a storage unit. There is also increased security on our site that homes generally don’t maintain, decreasing the potential for theft or vandalism.


It isn’t uncommon that a family moving into the city will have furniture that they are unable to keep in an apartment. Many people who move to Vancouver for work or other jobs will end up in a smaller living space than they came from. During the temporary interim between moving and finding a house or bigger place to live, furniture that doesn’t fit can conveniently be kept in a storage unit. Consider keeping desks, dressers, or chairs in your unit. Washing machines and dryers also store nicely until you move into a place that has hookups.

Vancouver Storage

There are several things you can keep in your storage unit if you are moving to Vancouver. Call us today and reserve a unit to make your move easier.

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Retiring in Style with Vancouver Self-Storage

Little do many people know, but Vancouver is somewhat of a hub for enjoyable senior communities. Despite how far north in the States Vancouver is located, it is a place where many retirees consider living out the rest of their days. They like it because of the mild weather and several amenities afforded to the elderly population.

Iron Gate Storage assists the senior and retired population of Vancouver by providing high-quality self-storage units for all of their belongings. Along with retirement comes a number of other life changes, and storing your possessions can become a hassle during these times unless you have some help. Consider what other retirees in Vancouver are storing in their units and why should get one too!

Children’s Belongings

For whatever reason, retired parents still commonly have items that belong to their children. These can be anything from old school projects to clothing and furniture, but one thing is always the same: they take up a lot of space, especially when a retired couple is moving. Many retirees in Vancouver use our storage units to keep their children’s belongings safe for them, eliminating clutter throughout the house and ensuring these possessions are in a secure place. If you are keeping different belongings for your children, consider keeping them in a storage unit instead. It relieves you of the responsibility of looking after the items and gives your children the chance to access their possessions when they are able to take them.

Belongings of a Loved One Passed

Many times, a retired individual may be passing into this stage of life without their significant other by their side. Many Vancouver residents who are widowed continue to keep their loved one’s items for sentimentality and remembrance, whether this is clothes or old possessions he/she used to own. These valuable items are protected when they are placed in a unit, and anything from jewelry to clothing of a passed significant other can be preserved for a later time.

Scrapbooks and Photos

After years of working and living together, retiring couples usually accumulate thousands of photos of their children, family vacations, and other life changes such as first days of school and graduation. Retired individuals in Vancouver turn to our storage units to keep their scrapbook and photos protected and preserved. There are a few reasons for this. The first is because they know the risk of weather and water damage is very minimal. Those who rent an indoor unit with climate control, for example, don’t have to worry about humidity affecting their photos, while those who rent outdoor units still needn’t worry about water damage, as is common in Vancouver. Another reason they like this option is because self-storage helps retired couples live more minimalistically and simply. With select photo albums, they declutter their space and have more room for other possessions.

Retire from Your Job, Not from Life

We make your life easier with our storage units in Vancouver. If you are retiring from a job or simply moving to Vancouver to spend the rest of your days, you can rest assured that your belongings are safe with us. You deserve the best after working so long throughout your life, which is why we provide you with the best units. Contact us today to secure your unit and begin enjoying your retirement!

Iron Gate Storage
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The Newlywed Vancouver Storage Problem

A newlywed couple is a symbol of new beginnings, life, and a fresh start. No one can seem to help it when they gaze upon a beautiful bride in her wedding dress than to admire the adventure of life and love upon which she is about to embark… that is until you see where they are going to live! Most newlyweds who take this great step in their lives find themselves in small and cramped apartments, and it isn’t unusual to hear that a newlywed couple started out in a flat no larger than 500 sq ft.! Despite how glorious or beautiful their union may be, that is definitely a cramped space!

Iron Gate Storage Vancouver storage units are aware of this newlywed problem and are here to help. With so little space and so many possessions going into a new marriage, there simply isn’t enough space to keep it all. This is why we provide newlywed couples with an affordable space for their belongings as they move up in the world and begin to upgrade their space. If you are a newlywed couple in the area, consider how our self-storage units in Vancouver may be able to help you.

1. Wedding Presents

Family and friends are very giving at weddings. The stacks of gifts and presents to begin their life together really helps the bride and groom financially, and these presents can serve a very useful, practical, or sometimes just beautiful purpose. The problem with this, however, is that wedding presents take up a lot of space in a small apartment really quickly, compounded by another problem that some wedding presents are meant for after the couple has been together for a while, such as when kids come along. With so many gifts and not enough space for them, newlywed couples commonly turn to our storage units for help. They know they have a place where they can keep their belongings until they find a larger space or are able to use them.

2. Furniture

Some of the most common items that newlywed couples keep in a storage unit is furniture. It doesn’t seem like a newlywed couple, especially a couple right out of college may have that much furniture, but it in fact can be a lot. From bookshelves and desks to beds and dresser drawers, when two people consolidate their living space, these items take up a lot of room. Even a smaller sized unit can help to alleviate some of the space issues new couple face with furniture.

3. Extra Vehicles

What’s even harder than the lack of space inside a home is the lack of space outside. It is common that complexes or landlords only require one or at most two vehicles that can be parked in a lot. Extra vehicles may end up being a burden for newlyweds, but they don’t necessarily need to sell their vehicle just because there isn’t space for it. Our Vancouver storage facility also offers covered parking for extra vehicles in addition to storage unit spaces. If you are having trouble knowing what to do with your vehicles, consider renting a special unit just for them.

The Newlywed Storage Experience

Newlyweds and anyone else going through a significant life change will appreciate our Vancouver storage units. Call us today and inquire about our special move-in rates to get you started on your journey through life with one another.

Iron Gate Storage
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Types of Tech in Vancouver Storage Units

We live in a digital age, and Vancouver residents are no exception to this. It is highly uncommon that families and individuals as young as five years old are found without cell phones nowadays. Whether you believe this is a good thing or a bad thing, Iron Gate Storage is here to provide the city with superior storage units in Vancouver to make sure they have a space to keep their electronics and other types of digital media.

Why Store Technological Devices

It may seem weird that we suggest keeping your technology in a storage unit, especially when you intend on using your electronic devices as frequently as you do. What we are suggesting, however, is not putting your iPhone in a box and haul it into a unit. Technology storage is highly useful for people who are moving, experiencing newlywed life, are expecting a baby, or who are going through a hard time such as a divorce, loss of a job, or the loss of a loved one. During these times in life, our Vancouver self-storage units come in very helpful. We can help you if you are experiencing a significant life change by offering storage for your technological devices.


Televisions can take up a lot of space, especially if you are moving. It is common that Vancouver residents will store their televisions in our units during a move because they know that the television won’t get broken, stolen, or ruined by outside elements. It is also common to see older, analog televisions, ones that used to stick out 5 feet from the wall, in our storage units. Many elderly loved ones who pass away leave their belongings behind for families to take care of, which is why it can be beneficial for those who are helping after the death of a family member to have a place to keep their belongings until other affairs are set in order.

Stereo Systems

Stereo systems are great additions to storage units. Many people who are expecting a new addition to the family, for example, are interested in baby-proofing their homes, which means that big speakers and sound systems are usually the first things that need to be packed away. Stereos are common items to see packed away in a storage unit because it allows parents to access them again once their children are a little older and loud music is less detrimental to their sensitive ears.

Old Technology

There is something nostalgic about old technology, especially if the old technology still works. The only problem is that older pieces of technology take up much more space than our iHomes, smartphones, or Kindles. People generally store some of the following older technological items in their storage units when they are newly married or going through a separation because they know the value and integrity of these items will be kept intact:

  • Record players
  • Cassette players,
  • CD players
  • Boom boxes
  • Typewriters
  • Rotary telephones
  • Flip phones
  • VCRs
  • Books

You may not agree the last one is technology as we have come to know it today, but they regardless make great items to store in your unit.

Getting Vancouver Storage Units Today

Don’t be a luddite! Think about all the reasons why technology storage in Vancouver is right for you! Call us today and secure your own self-storage unit.

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For the Aspiring Artist: Vancouver Storage Units

The arts and humanities play a big part in the community of Vancouver. With several museums, art classes, and theater companies throughout the city, the vibrant culture of art, music, and architecture comes to life for the city’s residents. Several artists, musicians, photographers, and others immersed in the humanities are always busy in Vancouver, which comes with no shortage of belongings specific to their passions.

At Iron Gate Store, we support all of our artists and humanities-lovers with premium storage units. We know that anything from art projects to instruments takes up a lot of space, but we make keeping your love of art and music easy by providing safe and accessible storage when you need it.

Paintings and Other Art Supplies

For Vancouver artists, trying to find a space to store their canvas creations can be difficult. Most painters dream of having their own art studio, but when this isn’t possible at the current time, that still means needing to find a place to keep their supplies or beautiful creations. Many Vancouver residents keep their art creations and other supplies in our units until they are able to use them for another project. This includes pottery tools, pallets, brushes, and the art projects themselves, such as pottery, paintings, or sculptures.

Photos and Photography Supplies

Many aspiring photographers that freelance for weddings or senior pictures quickly discover that their home or apartments are not large enough to accommodate all of their photography supplies. And if the space is in fact large enough, their equipment risks damage from children or general wear and tear from being in a livable space. From boxed studio lights and extra lenses to tripods and bags, photographers know they have a safe place to keep their supplies in our storage units. Many other residents, regardless their proclivity towards or aptitude for photography, will also store photographs in their Vancouver self-storage. This protects them from the risk of water damage and can help with decluttering home closets.

Musical Instruments

Vancouver residents also keep their musical instruments in our storage between gigs. This keeps garages and basements free from equipment and allows the musicians easy access to their belongings. In addition to drums, guitars, and bases, Vancouver bands also keep their subwoofers, amplifiers, and other instruments in their units. The security on our premises offers more protection for valuable musical items than simply a garage or the trunk of a buddy’s car.

Storage for all Vancouver Artists

It can be hard becoming a burgeoning musician or artist. It can sometimes mean unemployment or constant relocating, but these don’t have to be unnecessarily stressful life occurrences. For anyone in Vancouver going through a significant life change, in addition to art, photos, and musical instruments, make your transition easier by considering your furniture, extra clothes and books, and even cars in our units as well. We will support you while you get your dreams to take off. Contact us to reserve your Vancouver storage unit today!

Iron Gate Storage
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