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Iron Gate Storage and Furry Friends

Over the course of the last 20 years, the internet has gone from an obscure way to send documents and letters to the hub of information and socialization, a virtual town square even. One thing that has not changed about the internet is the consistent sharing of cat pictures. This is not at all surprising considering that some anthropologists estimate that cats have been human companions longer than dogs have. Cats have a very unique way of socializing with humans; a coy arrogance, insatiable curiosity, and profound communication skills have enabled them to leap into our very hearts.

In North America alone there are over 73 million cats, in the US there are up to 45 million cats without homes.  Many organizations have developed to help these homeless cats, one very special Clark County organization is Furry Friends. Furry Friends has spent the last 15 years devoted to helping the cats in our area. Iron Gate Storage is a very proud sponsor of Furry Friends, a 100% no kill cat rescue organization. Furry Friends is completely supported by donations from private and corporate sponsors, grants and by the time volunteers give without being paid. Furry Friends is 100% volunteer, from the people answering the phones and running the website to the people physically caring for the cats. Their mission is “to help homeless, abandoned, and abused pets by providing: foster shelter, medical care, spaying and neutering, and educating the community until the pets are re-homed.” (FF:

Iron Gate Storage and its employees have been involved with Furry Friends for the last 5 years through volunteer work, sponsorship and fund raising. Furry Friends’ current operating budget, facility and volunteer hours allow them to rescue and re-home about 250 cats per year. Their current facility can only house 20-25 cats. Glen Aronson, owner of Iron Gate Storage, has pledged $1000 to start a “permanent home fund”. This fund will allow Furry Friends to operate out of a permanent facility and allow them to rescue many more of the county’s homeless and abused cats.  With an estimated 65,000 to 70,000 homeless cats in Clark County (figure based on human population, per SWWHS), this is a desperate need. South West Washington Humane Society took in 5,336 healthy, adoptable cats in 2011, they were able to re-home or transfer 2,738, leaving 2,598 to the fate of euthanasia, a kill rate of 48.7%.  So often cats are abandoned or neglected because they are thought to be independent enough to “survive on their own”. This assumption has led to many cats living on the streets and inviting larger predators, such as coyotes, into our back yards.

Iron Gate Storage is motivated to help Furry Friends by our love of and passion for our feline friends. However a love of cats is not necessary in order to see the benefit of this organization’s mission. In just 7 years one pair of intact cats, together with their offspring, can produce between 400 kittens (study based on each cat having 4 kittens a year with a 75% mortality rate) and 420,000 kittens (study based on each cat having 12 kittens a year with a 20% mortality rate).  You do not need to be a cat lover to see a problem with this. Such a population of cats can seriously disturb the ecosystem, native plants and animals, and even other pets. Please consider joining Iron Gate Storage in support of this great non-profit organization by donating time, money, or even services to this organization and the cats they are trying to save. An annual Corporate/ Business sponsorship of just $500 places the donating business on Furry Friends website and other advertisements throughout the year.

For more information on how you can become a corporate sponsor please visit the Furry Friends website or call Iron Gate Mega Storage at 360-253-2188 and speak with LeeAnna. To find more information about volunteering, making an individual donation, fundraising events, or to see the cats and kittens up for adoption, please visit the Furry Friends website

Written by L. Maguire