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Independence Day

The Iron Gate Storage family has often celebrated The Fourth of July together with our families, at our Pearson location, enjoying our nation’s birthday with traditional BBQ, children playing summer games, and ending the evening with the amazing Fort Vancouver Fireworks show. Iron Gate Storage Pearson is located at 2225 E. 5th St, just one block east of Fort Vancouver, a perfect location for viewing Vancouver’s amazing fireworks show. Once titled “the largest fireworks show this side of the Mississippi”, Fort Vancouver’s Fireworks Show, sponsored by Bank of America, is close to reaching its once glorious attendance. This year will mark the 50th anniversary of this great celebration and it is projected to reach 65,000 people in attendance.

This year we will celebrate the 237th birthday of The United States of America. The USA has many stories and anecdotes in her history, cherry trees and tea parties, innovation and perseverance, freedom and democracy.  George Washington was not just the first president and “father of our country”, but he was also an innovative farmer whose techniques are still used to this day, and he preferred to be remembered as such. Abraham Lincoln, arguably the bravest and most steadfast of our presidents, started as a Post Master. Arlington National Cemetery was once the humble rose garden of Mrs. Robert E. Lee. The day of our independence would have never happened, due to a deadlock vote in congress, if it had not been for the last minute arrival of a farmer, named Caesar Rodney, from the small colony of Delaware; it was his final, last minute vote that secured the Declaration of Independence. Our beloved American hot dog was born when a not so famous Bavarian butcher had to find a way to sell sausages without burning his customer’s hands.

There are many legendary stories of the days leading up to our nation’s independence, of the revolutionary war, and the heroes that defined our independence. However it is the small, seemingly inconsequential stories of the common people, the many un-named common men and women that actually shaped our country.  A poor Irish immigrant, a Dutch man who hardly spoke English, a Scottish farmer whose greatest accomplishment was fathering nine children, a couple of small town preachers, a self-appointed self-educated doctor, a poor laborer who died before the birth of his only son, a blacksmith, tavern keeper, frontiersman, salesman, tanner of hides, mule trader, and trolley car conductor; all of them ordinary men, hardly worth a footnote in history, and all of them have one very great commonality… Each of these ordinary men had a son that would grow to shape this country; all of these men fathered a boy that would become President of the United States. It is the ordinary person with extra-ordinary dreams and perseverance that make this country what she is; it is our communities, our neighbors, our families, and our friends that keep this country moving onward and upward. So on the 237th birthday of our great nation, remember that it was and always will be the seemingly un-remarkable men and women that keep this country going; It is the sacrifice of the un-named soldier, the dream of a post master, the dedication of the farmer, the innovation of the small business owner, it is you and those that came before you that we celebrate this Fourth of July.

From the great to the common, here’s to the United States of America, here’s to the 237 years of hard work and adventurous play, and here’s to the boom of the fireworks and the savory snap of the bar-b-queued hot dog. Cheers from the Iron Gate Storage family to yours, have a safe and fun holiday.


“The Wonder of America”  Honor Books; Derric Johnson

Written by L. Maguire


Iron Gate Storage in Beaverton OR

Beaverton Oregon is the newest home city for Iron Gate Storage and we have found it to be a culturally rich and historically fascinating place. Beaverton was once home to the Atfalati Native American tribe, years later westerners would mispronounce this name as Tualatin. The Atfalati tribe relied primarily on plant resources for survival, rather than animal resources; even using plant materials to make their clothing and homes. The Atfalati were prosperous and healthy, however their population began to dwindle in the late 1700’s.

The spring of 1847 brought the first westerner land claim (640 acres) to then “Beaverdam”. This land claim was made by Lawrence Hall; together with his brother, Lawrence built the first of many grist mills in the area. The grist mill of Brothers Hall and the many that quickly followed were the foundation of Oregon’s early agricultural communities. In just three years the population skyrocketed, creating a need for better infrastructure.

In 1850 the Portland-Tualatin Valley Plank Road Company was created to build plank style roads to accommodate the boom in population and commerce in the area.  In 1868 the first railroad arrived at the small Portland suburb and Beaverton OR was incorporated in 1893, with a population of 400 people. Beaverton’s first bank opened its doors in 1910, and the city’s first library opened in 1925. In 1920 Premium Picture Productions built a movie studio in Beaverton and employed many local residents as extras and set builders. Premium Pictures made 15 motion picture films, including “Crashing Courage” and “Shackles of Fear”, before it closed its doors in 1925. After the closing of Premium Pictures the 32 acre studio became an aircraft hangar and factory.

From its most famous big corporation NIKE © to its many small businesses like Iron Gate Storage, located at 4050 SW 160th Ave, right off of Canyon Road; Beaverton has a varied business history. Many business have come and gone since Beaverton was incorporated, however a few have stood the test of time. One of the businesses that began in Beaverton and remained is Carr Motor Group. Otto Erickson, step father of Guy Carr, opened Beaverton’s first automobile garage in 1915. Mr. Erickson’s business boomed and by 1919 Erickson owned a Ford dealership and was mayor of Beaverton.  In 1923 Guy Carr bought out his stepfather and continued to open auto-dealerships in the Beaverton area. Mr. Carr served on the city council in Beaverton and retired in 1987, after 68 years in the car business. Mr. Carr and his dedication are woven into the fabric that is BEaverton, history and present. We at Iron Gate Storage feel privileged to be a part of Beaverton’s business landscape, and look forward to our role as a part of this community.

Written by L. Maguire