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The United States has been at war for over ten years and there is an entire generation of Veterans, Reservists, and National Guard members with very unique, but often times underappreciated, skill sets. These men and woman have trained long and hard to be our heroes, to fight for freedom, to help other countries rebuild governments and infrastructures, to save and protect the oppressed overseas and to rescue and rebuild after natural disasters at home. Transition back to civilian life can be very difficult for our newly home heroes. The difference between war and every day family life is one most of us will never understand; and when these men and woman come home they have a very difficult time transferring their skill sets to civilian employment opportunities. This “new generation of business owners are the first to have not served themselves, and therefore struggle to translate military skills to civilian opportunities” *. There are, after all, very few businesses that specialize in the hero industry. There are only a few positions in public safety available and those are dwindling quickly under the state budgets of this economy.

There are various reports as to the state of unemployment for our heroes. In March of 2013 Time magazine released an article entitled “The Ground Truth on Veterans Unemployment”, the article reported that veterans 18-24 had a 20.4% unemployment rate in 2012, five points higher than their civilian counterparts. According to the same article total unemployment for our veterans was 16% and that 33.8% of that 16% had been unemployed for a year or more. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a much lower but still staggering veteran unemployment rate of 9.9% and an unemployment rate of 7.2% for Reservists and National Guard. Stars and Stripes released an article in February of 2013 that stated that Veterans between 20 and 30 years old make up one third of all unemployed veterans and one fourth of the total unemployed population. While these figures are drastically different from each other they all portray the same picture; that our heroes need greater appreciation for the skills and talents that they, and only they, have to offer to private business owners and employers.

Iron Gate Storage, Sixth Avenue Shell, Shell at Fisher’s Landing, and other regional businesses have partnered with Heroes2Hired or to help our heroes find employment. Heroes2Hired is sponsored by the Department Of Defense: Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program and is not just a job search website. Heroes2Hired offers our heroes many services in the search for employment and reintegration into the civilian work landscape. At our heroes can find a Military Skill Translator, to help our heroes accurately apply their skills and training to civilian life; a Resume Builder, an extension of the skill translator to help our heroes communicate to prospective employers what our heroes have to offer them; a Career Assessment Survey, Networking Community, and Tips and Advice on everything from job searching to interviewing. All of the services offered by H2H are free for our Veterans, Reservists, and National Guard Members; it is also free for Employing Businesses to sign up and join as an employment resource.

Iron Gate Storage would like to invite you to join us in sponsoring our heroes. For more information on employment services please visit and spread the word. For more information on joining as a prospective employer please either visit or contact Art McCallum at
Come join Iron Gate Storage, Mr. McCallum, and others in our efforts to get all of our heroes hired!!!IMAG0442-2

Photo: Taken July 2013. Art McCallum and Glen Aronson


Written by L. Maguire