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Vancouver Storage Units – 2 Tips for Getting the Most out of Them

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Vancouver storage units are great places to temporarily store your stuff while you’re waiting for a new place to put them. Many times you’re going to have stuff lying around the house that isn’t usable right away, but will become usable in the near future. These items are ideal for being stored away. When you’re using a storage facility, you should be aware of a few things. Planning is very important when it comes to storing your stuff securely and utilizing your space properly. When using one of the Vancouver storage units, you should keep in mind these things:

1. Use Copious Labels

There are times when you knew that you put something in a general area, but you’re not exactly sure where in the area it is. In your own house, this can be easily resolved, but in a storage space this can spell disaster. Utilizing labels for your storage spaces and the items within it means that you won’t have to worry about this particular disaster befalling you. Labeling your storage cabinets properly ensures that you don’t have to hunt through ten drawers just to get something you could have found with proper labeling.

2. Practice your Packing Skills

There’s only a limited amount of storage space available inside of a storage unit. You’re going to have to get creative when it comes to placing your items in such a way so that you have all your items inside the unit. If at the end of your packing you still have objects standing on the sidewalk waiting to find a spot, you might have to start moving things around a bit. Be careful when doing this since placing stacks of items in precarious arrangements can lead to toppling at some later date when you open the storage facility. There is always more space inside a storage unit but the hardest thing is to find exactly where that space is.

There are lots of uses for Vancouver storage units, and you can store almost anything in them. You just have to be wary of the limitations of your space and how difficult it can be to find your items afterwards. If you’re around the Mill Plain area and need some storage check out Iron Gate Storage for some of the best storage solutions in the state.

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2 Tips for Using Vancouver Storage Units while Traveling

There will come a time (if it hasn’t already) where you have to leave town for a semi-extended period of time. While you’re gone, you want to be sure that the stuff you have in your house will still be there when you come back. Leaving it at your house is a very bad idea. A much better solution would be to use Vancouver storage units at Pearson Airport to store items there. Storage units are generally a safe place to put valuable items because they are more secure than the regular house. When it comes to your valuables, you just can’t be too careful. If you’re planning to utilize Vancouver self storage, here are a few things to keep in mind while setting out your plans for storing items.

1. Use an All-Weather Lock for Extra Security

Although storage facilities are usually secure, a little extra security doesn’t go awry. By investing in a relatively inexpensive all-weather lock, you increase the level of security in your storage space for a reasonable cost. All-weather locks ensure that it won’t freeze and get broken off or fail due to the high heat of summer. You should also ensure that the lock is small enough to prevent a bolt-cutter from sliding into the lock and being able to cut it.

2. Wrap Stuff Up

Wrapping stuff in industrial plastic wrap gives your items a bit more protection and is always a good idea when storing items for an extended time. When an item is in a dark space like a storage locker, all sorts of things can happen to it if it’s left open. There have been occasions when vermin made their home in items unknown to the original owners who got a nasty surprise on taking the items home and having to deal with a minor invasion of pests. Plastic wrapping also serves to keep your items safe from dust so that when you unwrap them, they’re just as good as the day they went in.

Overall, storage solutions are good for anyone traveling for a middling amount of time. Even a trip as short as a month can make you antsy about your stuff back at home. Be sure about your stuff and rent a storage space solution from Iron Gate Storage.

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Beaverton Storage Facility

MyBiggestFan Storage

There comes a time when every person realizes that it’s time to downsize. Things have gotten out of control and you need to rein things in and start doing some cleaning, purging, and organizing. Well, if you’re like most people, when you start the project you feel very gung-ho. After all, the piles around you are starting to get out of hand.

So, you’ve made the decision and now it’s time to start getting rid of things. You soon realize, though, that your “keep” pile is definitely larger than your “throw away” or “donate” piles. What’s a person to do? There’s no way you can keep this stuff in your home a moment longer, but there’s also no way you can get rid of it. You’re way too sentimental for that. Within your possessions are gifts from friends or family members who have passed on, souvenirs from your college days, and little nick-knacks that don’t look like they’re worth a penny but each and every one holds a story.

What can you do if you’re facing this dilemma? The solution is simple – a Beaverton self storage unit, of course. Here are some simple tips to help you make the most of your new self storage unit.

  • Pack Items Carefully – Besides making sure nothing breaks while packing the items or delivering them to the storage facility, make sure you pack like things with like. For instance, just because certain things were housed in the same area in your home doesn’t mean it’s ideal that they share the same box. An example – stuffed animals from your childhood and books. Pack the books with the books and the animals with other toys. This will ensure when it comes time to find things again you’ll be able to do so quickly and not have to open every single box in your storage unit.
  • Pack the Unit Efficiently – If you know there are certain things you’ll need to get to on a regular basis, make sure to store those boxes toward the front of the unit. Other things that you might not ever look at again, those can be put in the back of the unit. Thinking ahead of what you will need to have easy access to and packing the unit accordingly will save you a ton of time in the future!

When you finally come to the realization that your home isn’t big enough for you and all of your stuff, you should check out one of our Beaverton self storage units. You’ll be able to move more freely around your home because it’s now liberated of excess possessions, and you’ll be happy knowing that all of your precious possessions with their wonderful memories are safe and sound.

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Moving Your Stuff to a Cascade Park Storage Facility

Let’s face it. Junk builds up easily in the day-to-day hustle and bustle. You go to work, enjoy time with friends and family, and find ways to unwind when you’re not handling business. Before you know it, there’s clutter in your living quarters amassed from loose papers, boxes, furniture, appliances, and other materials that you’d probably be better off without for the time being.

Finding a worthwhile Cascade Park storage facility could make life more manageable. These locations help give peace of mind and better use of personal space. Take advantage of the chance to get your house in order with our clean and secure facility today.

5 Benefits of Cascade Park Self-Storage Units

1. Cultivates Organizational Skills
If you want to learn how to add more structure to your life, storage facilities can point you in the right direction. You gain new concepts of managing your valuables in an orderly way that reduces unnecessary build-up that can be distracting and demotivating.

2. Provides More Space inside Your Living Quarters
Transferring some valuables into a storage unit also gives you more space to roam or collect new items that hold more interest or are of more use to you.

3. Cheap and Doable
You don’t have to worry about breaking the bank when it comes to securing your items in self-storage units. One of the best advantages is the affordable rates, in conjunction with easy-to-handle logistics.

4. High Level of Security
Thieves are always on the lookout for the right opportunity to strike. Storage units offer secure spaces, as most of them have computerized control systems that limit entry and protect your property.

5. Easy Around-the-Clock Access
Imagine needing to dig up a book to reference for your research project in the wee hours of the night. Or, maybe you’re feeling nostalgic and want to skim through old family photos when you have extra time on your hands. Most self-storage facilities allow you to enter your unit whenever you want to, regardless of time or date.

3 Noteworthy Perks of Using Iron Gate Storage

1. Free Truck Rental
Don’t have a vehicle with enough room for the items that you need transported? We supply free truck rentals to help you meet your needs.

2. Optional Climate Controlled Units
Some items are more sensitive to moisture and heat than others. With us you can rent out a climate controlled unit that protects your valuables during all seasons.

3. Timely Discount Offers
If you get in at the right time, you could get a considerable amount off your monthly or weekly rate. We offer discounts all the time. Just ask our friendly if there are any discounts you can take advantage of.

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Check Your Vancouver Storage Unit and Make Someone’s Day


It’s easy to forget what you have, especially when you transport items that you don’t use every day to a Downtown Vancouver storage facility. Remember just because you don’t see it in front of you, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Many of the objects that people place in storage end up becoming unwanted ‘junk’ to them because it’s no longer of value and serves no purpose in their daily lives.

Articles that are stored for indefinite periods of time will probably never see the light of day and enter your living quarters again. So, why not consider giving these items to someone else that could benefit? February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day, which gives you the opportunity to indirectly provide a helping hand to individuals in need. Think about donating articles that you no longer find handy. You’ll simultaneously do you and another person a huge favor.

One Person’s Trash is Another Person’s Treasure

Vancouver storage units are great luck makers for residents. Now’s the time to take advantage of de-cluttering your life and getting organized by giving away items from your personal storage space to someone less fortunate. Many unit renters donate the following objects all the time:

  • Books, magazines, and other media outlets
  • Dishes
  • Furniture
  • Bed linen
  • Musical instruments
  • Vehicles
  • Electronics and appliances
  • Toys and games

A Win-Win Situation: 3 Ways Donating from Self-Storage is Beneficial

  • It helps you get organized and utilize more space.
  • You’re playing a part in brightening someone else’s future.
  • You’re making room for other items that are still valuable to you.

How to Donate

There’s a number of organizations that can help you get rid of unwanted build-up in your storage unit. All you need to do is have access to the right resources. Local Goodwill locations, used bookstores, and secondhand furniture shops are some options that could suit your needs. Whatever the case, don’t wait any longer to make more space in your unit while bringing a smile to another person’s face.

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Celebrate Create a Vacuum Day with a Mill Plain Self-Storage Unit


We’ve all been there. Coming home to mounds of papers, books, and boxes of various items can leave you feeling overwhelmed, de-motivated, and exhausted. Fortunately, our Mill Plain storage units offer great deals at reasonable prices to help you turn your living quarters into a mess-free zone.

Everyone needs a reason to do things these days. Becoming clutter-free is no different. If you’re one of the guilty parties, consider yourself in luck. February 4th is National Create a Vacuum Day which is literally right around the corner. Make use of it and invest in your own storage space. There’s no time like now!

What’s Create a Vacuum Day?

Good question. If you’re like most people, you’re probably wondering how it’s possible to make a vacuum without state-of-the-art laboratory equipment that cost loads of money. After all, you’re not exactly rivals with the Hoover manufacturer. The short answer is that you can’t. Not literally anyway.

Vacuum means ‘vacant’ or ‘void.’ Scientifically speaking, it’s referred to as a space devoid of matter. Vacuum cleaners, as we know them today, are industrial tools with effective suction that enables us to rid areas of dirt, dust, and other unwanted particles. It might not seem feasible to create your own vacuum that’ll work efficiently, but it’s worth a try to do some research on how to get started. When all else fails, simply use your imagination!

From Creating a Vacuum to Renting Your Own Self-Storage Unit

Once you delve into experimenting with the creation of your own vacuum, there’s no limits to the opportunities it could provide. For one, you conquer de-cluttering your personal space. This will probably involve boxing up items that are currently of minimal use to you. Instead of concealing materials in your basement or garage, why not look into renting a unit from our nearby Mill Plain storage facility?

Simply pack your items in a reliable vehicle and transport them to a trustworthy location that offers safekeeping. You can check in on your articles at any given time and even remove some valuables as needed. Call today for an estimate and start your year off right with an amazing storage center!

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Storing Your Art in Vancouver Storage Unit


Many people all over the country utilize storage units to keep their most valuable possessions safe. This is especially the case when you have pieces of art that you want to keep safe but can’t hang in your home. Art, as you can imagine, is very delicate and requires a lot of thought as to how you should store it. So here are some tips about how to properly store pieces of art in your Vancouver storage unit.

Give It Armor

Storing art is all about how you package it. Most units, in and of themselves, are built to keep out the elements and control the temperature that your paintings will be stored in, so you never have to worry about fading or deterioration. However, storage units cannot protect against the physical attacks that can happen from items colliding with your art. You need to give it armor, as it were. For this reason, you want to protect your pieces with thick blankets or felt, which are both soft enough to protect against dust without scratching the frame or canvas. Plastic wrap is another solid option and can make a great substitute for tape. Use cardboard to protect the corners.

Consider the Box. If you have a bit more income available to you, or you are truly paranoid about the safety of your art, the lot owner should be able to provide you with large boxes designed specifically for storing paintings as well packing supplies like foam beans. These can prove to be a boon inside Vancouver storage units—not to mention, you might be able to use them in the future when you move out.

Some Other Tips

There are a couple of other things to keep in mind about storing art. The biggest thing you must remember is that paint canvases can depress under their own weight if they are set out flat. So avoid putting them on the floor. If you have a more expensive piece you are keeping in storage, talk to the lot owner about buying insurance. Many lots will have plans of up to ten thousand dollars available, so you can further protect your cherished art. Keep these tips in mind, and you will be able to store your art in safety and security.

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Advantages of Having a Storage Unit in Vancouver

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When it comes to safety, many people automatically fixate on one long-standing institution: the bank. This really comes as no surprise. Nothing says security for your valuables more than a thick, steel-encased vault protected from virtually anything that can threaten what you most cherish. However, what many people also don’t take into account is that a Vancouver storage unit is just as capable of keeping your valuables secure as any safe deposit box. Here are some reasons why.

Price and Versatility

One of the biggest issues people take with safe deposit boxes is the price. Banks do not just give them away. Hefty fees are associated with safe deposit boxes that can turn into something you can no longer afford. Some of the larger boxes cost hundreds of dollars every year! Couple that with the fact that most safe deposit boxes are not that large and you are quite limited in what you store. Storage units do not face this issue.

Lack of Insurance

One of the more disturbing disadvantages of a safe deposit box is their lack of guarantee on several fronts. Safe deposit boxes, primarily, are not guaranteed protection from damage; in other words, water and fire damage can result in the event of an emergency. Banks also do not bother with offering insurance on your safe deposit box as they do not fall under FDIC regulations. A Vancouver storage unit, however, will come with some form of insurance to help protect your valuables against flooding, leaking, fire, and any other sort of natural calamity that can occur. It also helps that storage units are designed to be climate controlled.

Inflexible Access and Retrieval

Access is another disadvantage the banks have when compared to self-storage units. When you want to check out your unit and retrieve something out of there, you can do that at any time, day or night. Simply speak to the lot owner or the night watchman and boom—you’re in! Safe deposit boxes do not have this luxury. Not only do you have to access it during bank hours, you can also potentially be denied access. Law enforcement aside, you can lose access to your safe deposit box if your assets or bank account are frozen by the IRS or the bank itself. With storage units, you can at least retrieve your valuables if you ever lose your finances.

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Finding a Cost-Efficient Beaverton Self-Storage Unit

When you are shopping around for the best deal on a Beaverton self-storage unit, you are probably looking for all the help you can muster when it comes to pricing. Truth be told: Not all self-storage units are created equal. Some are more expensive than others even if it seems like one unit is no different than the other. So here are some tips to consider when you are searching for that perfect unit close to home.


The power of negotiation and haggling is something that is not entirely understood in the United States. In our society, many prices are fixed, and the person administering the transaction has little power to change it. However, in the case of storage units, this is something you can actually try to do. Do your research and try to find any bonuses or discounts to help you slash prices. Any lot owner will be anxious to fill up as many units as possible, so go into their office properly armed with knowledge!

Shop Locally

When it comes to Beaverton self-storage units, many people are familiar with the large chains, which have hundreds of lots all over the country. But one of the biggest things you can do to find a cheaper unit and lots more willing to work with you on pricing is simply shopping locally. Small, locally-owned lots are more pressed to find new clients and compete against the large nationwide chains. As a result, they will have more flexible rates and try to establish an honest relationship with you. Smaller lots also have the added benefit of having somebody on site 24/7 to keep an eye on things, whereas many larger lots normally only post a security guard once or twice a week for just a few hours.

Think of the Long-Term

The third tip we can give you with regards to price is to go for a long-term contract. Long-term contracts, which charge monthly rates, are traditionally cheaper in the long run than short-term contracts. Now, it’s possible you only need a self-storage unit to help you move in, but one thing you must consider is that there are practically limitless applications to having one. Many homeowners use storage units to keep seasonal decorations out of the house, increasing their storage capacity. So always go for the long-term. You won’t regret it.

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Store Your Boat and Summer Belongings in a Vancouver Storage Facility

boat storage (pixabay)

It’s time to prepare your summer toys and boat for the cold winter months. Some items from your summer exploits should be stored in a climate-controlled environment to prevent damage. Consider a climate-controlled self-storage unit at our Vancouver storage facility in Cascade Park. Not only can you safely store your summer belongings, but you can store your water toys there too, saving your home garage space for your car.


With multiple locations, there is a Iron Gate Storage facility located near you. Our storage facilities allow easy access for renters at any time that is convenient for you. We even offer a free truck to move your items from your summer home to your storage unit.


Our Vancouver facilities have 24-hour video surveillance and electronic gate access, which provide secure and safe storage for your summer belongings and your boat.

Why worry about expensive items left in your summer home during the off season? Storing them in a secure self-storage unit takes that anxiety away. Store your televisions, kayaks, golf clubs and even your grill and know they will be ready for you when you open your summer home for the next season.

Prepare your items for storage

Many of your summer home items, such as your summer clothing, sheets and towels, should be stored in a climate-controlled unit. The circulating air will prevent mold and mildew from growing on your items, and they will be fresh and ready to use immediately in the spring.

Be sure to thoroughly wash or dry clean all your clothes, sheets and towels before storing them in plastic bins.

Packing properly

Plastic bins are great for packing away folded clothing and other items. Your belongings will stay dust and insect free in an airtight bin. Label your storage bins. This will make it easier to find specific items when it’s time to open your summer home.
Do not store anything flammable. If you are storing your grill, leave the propane tank at your summer home. Also, do not store any food items as this will attract animals.

Storing your water toys

Winter storage for your boat or jet skis can take a lot of space in your garage or yard. One of our storage units can accommodate your water toys along with your summer home items.

Clean your boat before storing it. Flush the cooling system and drain all fuel. Be sure to check the bilge and drain all water. Invest in a cover for your boat. A cover will keep the inside of your boat dust free while in storage.

Storing your summer home belongings and water toys in a climate-controlled storage unit will give you peace of mind and more room at your home. Contact one of our professional storage counselors to arrange for a free truck to move your summer home belongings to a self-storage unit today.

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