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Keep Holiday Decorations Safe at a Cascade Park Storage Facility

Over the years, we all accumulate decorations for every seasonal celebration. These are usually the things we only pull out at the designated holiday to be displayed for a couple of weeks and then put away again. When they’re stored, we find a space in a closet or the attic or basement to try and make sure they’re safe and ready for the next holiday. A Cascade Park Storage Facility can give you the extra space to make sure your holiday decorations remain intact all year round. Your precious memories will have a safe home, ready to be displayed in pristine condition for each special day.

Why Not Store at Home?

You may have room in the garage, basement, attic, or even a specific storage room within the house for your holiday decorations. However, that doesn’t mean they’ll always be safe there every month of the year.

  • Residences house several people that all move through the house and possibly store other things in the same areas as your decorations. They might accidentally knock something over or otherwise damage the boxes.
  • Your decorations are not just extra furniture or office supplies. They’re memories of special days with your family and more important. They should be stored with care in their own space.
  • Temperature fluctuations in a home can cause expansion and contraction of certain materials. A dedicated space allows you to control these variables and provide a safer space for your items.

Whether you have designated decorations for just the holidays or for every special occasion, it is important to treat these items with the care they deserve.

Find Everything When You Need It

We’ve all dealt with the panic that comes with not being able to find that one item that completes the holiday decorations and searching through several boxes looking frantically the day before the event. A storage space dedicated to holiday decorations gives you more controlled space to organize things so you can find them when you need them.

  • Label boxes carefully, perhaps with a bit of the same flair for the holiday they’re meant for, so they’re easily found without panic.
  • Section off your storage unit by event and you’ll be able to get to each group of boxes strategically throughout the year.
  • Draw a map of your storage unit and where you put each box to give you the best plan for storing each item.
  • Store larger items in easy to access areas so no one ever has to reach over their head to get to something that could injure them when bringing it down.

Utilize Your Space Further

Having a space at a Cascade Park Storage Facility is not only beneficial to storing your holiday decorations safely but you can also utilize the space to store and wrap gifts! Keep a folding card table or bring one with you on occasion for gift-wrapping and find places to hide presents in plain sight where no one would think to look for them. After all, who would store Christmas gifts in boxes labeled for Easter? Your superior organization could be the best way to surprise your loved ones!

Get your Cascade Park storage unit today to help make your holiday decorating easier this year!

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Beaverton Storage Units Have Many Applications!

When you hear the word “wetlands,” you would normally automatically think about all the negative connotations of the word: pestilence, mosquitoes, flooding, and quicksand. It would seem that there is almost nothing good about wetlands. However, being so close to Beaverton Creek Wetlands Park, we also know that there are plenty of endearing qualities to the land. These qualities are represented in the way some of our renters use their storage unit to help them enhance their love of the nearby park.

Store Small Boats for the Creek

Beaverton Creek is a wonderful local source for small boats and canoes. Many people use our storage facility as a place to store these small, lightweight water vessels. While we do have other units dedicated specifically to storing boats and RVs for longer outdoor escapes, some of the smaller units are perfect for just local use.

Keep Your Recreational Supplies Close

What’s more, people also use their storage unit to store all of their outdoor gear. They don’t call it a “wetlands park” for nothing. People do everything out there from having picnics to flying kites to playing soccer matches. So our renters use some of our smaller units as something akin to a recreational closet for all their gear.

Look for Inspiration

With the large presence of painters and artists in nearby Portland, many of those folk come out to spend a day at the park as well to seek out inspiration from nature. You will sometimes find the occasional artist out there with their easel, paints, and canvas, recording the life they are witnessing around them. A good storage unit near the park can give them exactly the place they need to store their materials and help their work dry without much interference.

These are just a few of the applications we have noticed from tenants of our storage facility. The appeal is quite obvious. Our Beaverton storage units are protected from the elements so your gear can be safe against the northwestern winters as well as the tremendous amount of humidity we get here. In addition, their use is wide and varied depending on the individual. So stop in and see what we have to offer!

Contact your local Beaverton Iron Gate Storage center today to store all your outdoor equipment.

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The Vancouver Self Storage Unit Contract – What You Should Know

Once you’ve made the decision to rent a Vancouver self storage unit and have one that meets all of your requirements, you’ll want to take a close look at the contract they provide. Here are some things to watch for and some questions you should ask prior to signing anything.

Protect Yourself From Scams

It’s an unfortunate fact of life – there are scammers and cheats in the world. But you don’t need to be taken advantage of, and you won’t be if you ask the right questions and read the fine print. Some scammers try to reel you in with a fabulous deal and then suddenly raise the price on you. Read the contract carefully to find out what the real monthly price of the facility will be as well as what will happen if you’re late with a payment. Ask the manager or owner about how much notice is required before giving up a unit and how often they raise rates. The more questions you ask, the less likely you are to be surprised.

What If You Can’t Pay For Your Unit?

It happens to all of us – the unexpected bill. If you find that you’re running into a situation like this, don’t ignore it. Look over your contract again to see if there are any provisions for this type of situation. Also, talk to the facility manager or owner of your Vancouver storage facility. There may be a way to work everything out. If you ignore things, they just tend to get worse. You could end up losing your possessions. Avoid this by having an open and honest discussion with the manager.

As with anything, you need to get all the facts before laying your money down. Find out as much as you can about a storage unit. Does any part of the contract or any deals the company offers seem at all “too good to be true” or shady? The more information you have about a facility, its requirements and provisions, and the people running the business and watching over your possessions, the more you’ll be able to protect yourself.

Contact us in Orchards today to reserve your unit today!

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Mill Plain Storage Unit: Perfect for Holiday Decor

One of the most common reasons people rent a Mill Plain storage unit is so they have extra space for their seasonal gear. Attics are only so large, and almost nobody wants to keep their Christmas, Halloween, or Easter decorations out all year.

So, let’s say you are just starting out on the whole “holiday decoration” thing. Let’s say you live in an apartment with only so much storage space and no attic for you to use. You just got off of a big decoration procurement rush over at Party City—let’s say they had a Halloween sale—and you are heading back home when you suddenly realize that it is not October, but May! Halloween is six months away!

Convenience is King!

The storage facility here at Mill Plain is the perfect answer to all your woes. Now, Vancouver is a pretty large city; however, this storage facility is pretty proud of its convenient location. It is quite visible from the road and, to make it pertinent to this post, we are also quite close to a number of local businesses, including Party City. So no more rushing around the house trying to find and/or make storage space; and certainly no more running to family or friends to ask them to store all your decorations in garages that will only get dust and other stuff all over them. Just stop by whatever unit you are renting after making your purchases and drop them off in there until you actually need them!

So when you are in a position to invest some of your money into seasonal decorations, consider stopping by and talking about renting a storage unit. You will find competitive rates, a quality staff, and plenty of size options, which can support whatever quantity of decorations you might have. The fact they are climate controlled also means that your newly procured holiday supplies will not be subjected to the hazards of that dirt mine down the road or to the humid excesses, which characterize this part of the country. So stop in and check us out. There is sure to be a storage unit for you.

Claim a storage unit in Mill Plain today to get your holiday decorations organized and out of your way!

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Downtown Storage Units: Perfect for Small Businesses

Here in downtown Vancouver, we have a tremendous number of small businesses. With our proximity to Portland and lower real estate costs, small-town boutiques and artist’s studios aplenty flock here to help them get their business off the ground. Yet stores only possess so much space and it’s unlikely you live right there where you work. You need extra room to store surplus, work on new designs, and help your store stay fresh and chic. So consider renting out a storage unit from our lot right here in downtown Vancouver!

Create in Privacy

When you find yourself bursting with ideas, yet don’t want to make the trek down to Orchards or one of the other residential sectors in Vancouver, our storage facility can give you just the place to work on and store your pieces in privacy. Climate controlled units are available which will keep the elements from taking hold and damaging your work. We also know that isolation is important to the creative process and a Downtown storage unit is just what you need to help you think without distraction. But it can do a lot more for you than just that!

Keep Your Records Safe

You can also use it for all your record-keeping. Many business owners decide to just keep their financial records in a safe on site. But stores can be broken into and robbed. With the high prevalence of identity theft these days, you can wind up losing everything if somebody gets a hold of your business’s financial records. That won’t happen at a storage facility, which is secured by cameras and a guard all day, every day, so you can keep your business records out of unscrupulous hands.

This is just one of many ways our storage units serve the small business owners of Vancouver. To our business accounts, our gates are open 24/7 so you can access your supply or records at any time. Simply stop by the front office where our night guard keeps post, and ask him to open up the gate. Convenience is the reason why we do this. So stop by and see what we have to offer!

To make sure your belongings are safely kept claim your storage unit today!

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Pearson Airport Storage Facility: A Plane Lover’s Paradise

Pearson Airport is one of the go-to locations for small-time flyers and commuters within the Pacific Northwest. Playing host to all sorts of different folks who enjoy staying in the area, it is a hub of activity within Vancouver. But don’t you think it would be easier to deal with the rigors of travel if you had a storage unit nearby? Fortunately, we know the demand, which is why there is a storage facility located right next to Pearson Airport.

Ideal for Flight Schools and Instructors

One of the more popular uses for our facility is for storing airplane parts. In such a small field as Pearson Airport, many flight schools and independent instructors operate out of there to educate their pupils on single-engine and double-engine flight. Many of their planes are privately owned, so they don’t have the backing of a massive airline to help them with their expenses. This means they have to keep parts and tools nearby in case of emergencies (and also to train mechanics).

If you are a part of this group, you can use a Pearson Airport storage unit for precisely this purpose. Our storage facility does have climate controlled units, so your sensitive pieces won’t be subjected to the bitter winters we get up here or have dust accumulate on them. And because our storage units are secure, you don’t have to worry about any rivals or vandals stealing your valuable (and oftentimes expensive) goods during the night.

Instructors Aren’t the Only People Who Fly

What’s more, a good storage unit can also serve a great purpose for hobby plane enthusiasts as well! Many people partake in putting together model airplanes as their hobby. Some even decide to fly with RC planes and helicopters which are quite valuable. If you are hobbyist, our storage facility can give you an ideal place to keep your planes safe and help maintain their condition. The larger ones can also give you a private work space to perform repairs.

This is just one of many ways we serve our loyal patrons out at the airport. We have plenty of units of various sizes available for you to look at. So stop in and see what we have to offer!

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One Orchards Storage Unit—Unlimited Applications

Within the city of Vancouver, Orchards has an interesting position as a Census Designated Place, also known as a CDP. Perhaps because it is such a massively residential area with its own government (of sorts) to handle census-taking and record-keeping. And you know what? With so many people located in such a small area, you are bound to be needing space. This is what makes a storage unit so valuable to the people here.

With such a wide group, you are bound to encounter all sorts of people here: common working Joe’s and Jane’s; entrepreneurs and hobbyists alike; and maybe the occasional college kid just trying to get through their studies down in Portland. Any of these demographics can use an Orchards storage unit to tremendous effect based on what they need.

For Example…

If you have a family, move old clothes and toys you don’t need anymore out of the house and into one of the many rooms. If you need space to run your small business, our storage facility can give you just the flexibility you need. If you need an extra place to work—whether it’s on your latest art project or simply need a place to think—you can do this as well.

If you are just moving in, then a storage unit can also be an excellent place for you to unload some of your furnishings and décor—especially your holiday supplies—before you ever make the move. One of the most effective ways of making a smooth transition from old home to new home is by simply unloading what you need, like beds and chairs and tables, in the new house without worrying about your smaller things, like desks or shelves, until after you are fully settled in with the essentials. It will help decrease the amount of time you spend fretting over sprucing up the place and also limit the chance of somebody injuring themselves while moving around.

The applications of our Orchards storage facility are limited by only your imagination. It’s a simple matter to pick up and move. It’s not so simple when you have no space for all the things you are moving with. So stop by and see what we have to offer!

To help make moving into a new house easier get a storage unit in Orchards today!

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Two Factors You Should Consider When Looking Into a Vancouver Self Storage Facility

Safety and convenience – two words we often use to gauge the suitability of something we’re looking into investing in. When buying a car, we want to know how safe the vehicle is and what safety features are provided. When deciding where to go shopping we often want to do, or would like to do, all of our shopping in one place because it’s the most convenient option for us and helps us save time.

The Safety Factor of Your Vancouver Self Storage Unit

Safety and security should be a top priority of any Vancouver storage facility you’re considering. Check to see if the storage facility offers the following features:

  • Good lighting
  • Alarms
  • Key codes or secure locks
  • Video surveillance
  • An onsite resident manager or security guard

A self storage company that treats your belongings like you would – with care and protection – is worth looking into further!

Does Your Vancouver Storage Facility Offer Extra Services?

A top notch storage facility will provide extra features for your convenience. Some of these include moving trucks and packing supplies, including boxes and wrapping materials. You’ll probably find it even more exciting when a storage company offers a moving truck for free. Ask what deals or specials they have on moving supplies for their customers.

When it comes time to pack away your belongings into a storage facility, make sure you find one that offers everything you’re looking for. Ask if they offer moving assistance to help make your life more convenient. And, definitely make sure they have safety precautions. Make sure your valuables are kept in a high-quality facility. You’ll be glad you did!

Visit our self storage facility today at the address listed below:

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What You Should and Shouldn’t Put Into Your Vancouver Self Storage Unit

Self storage units are being used for more things than ever before. Back in the day it used to be that having a storage unit meant that you needed a place to store the overflow from your house. These days, though, the self storage unit is being used as commercial office space, storage space for businesses, showrooms for solo-entrepreneurs, and even the storage of vehicles like RVs. Of course, some people still use them as storage for their excess possessions or during a move or remodeling. Whatever you want to use your Vancouver self storage unit for, make sure you find out exactly what can be held in the facility. Here are some common things that are fine to store and others that aren’t at all ok to store.

Sure – You Can Store That!

Furniture, files, clothes, mattresses, appliances, vehicles – all of these are acceptable to store in a self storage facility. Some pharmaceutical supplies and samples may be stored safely as well, though there are some restrictions on this. In addition, some companies store their equipment in storage facilities, but you need to double check with the facility about any equipment restrictions as there are some in place for certain construction equipment. Canned food is ok to store, but anything perishable should not be stored.

Nope – Better Not Store These

As was mentioned, perishable food should not be stored. Food can attract rodents and other pests, can damage property, and can cause mold or stench in the unit which neither you nor the owner of the facility will appreciate.

In regard to medical supplies, any pharmaceutical supplies containing radioactive properties, including equipment or materials, is not allowed.

Anything with a warning label that reads: flammable, combustible, toxic, or hazardous is not allowed in storage facilities. These materials, including gasoline, paint, fertilizers, biological waste, or narcotics are considered dangerous and will not be allowed to be kept in a self storage facility.

With self storage units being used for more and more things, it’s important to make sure that what you plan to store in your unit is ok with your Vancouver storage facility. Otherwise, you could end up looking at fines, losing your unit, or losing your possessions to pests.

Stop by our self storage facility in Mill Plain today!

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Vancouver Self Storage: For the Artist in You

In a city which embraces its own strangeness like Vancouver, self-storage can open up a whole new world weirdness and creativity. Now we cannot tell you how many people around here use their unit for things beyond just storage. We have seen all sorts of people come through here with all sorts of different ideas for how to use one. Some enjoy storing and working on old cars in their Vancouver storage unit. However, there are others who use one for a far more creative purpose.

Customize Your Space

Setting up your Vancouver storage facility as an artist’s studio is actually a pretty smart move. When you rent out a unit, you basically have full control to do with it what you want. In short, you will be able to decorate it precisely the way you want it to in order to create an environment which is right for you. Keep easels, pedestals, tables, and drawers in there to store and display your work in safety.

Reap the Benefits

The fact that Vancouver self storage is also climate controlled gives you a tremendous of freedom with what you can keep in there. Paintings can dry in security without the air or moisture wreaking havoc on the paint. If you are a custom tailor, you can also leave your fabric in there without having to worry about fading or dust. But what is easily the most important factor of the creative process—privacy—can also be assured with your unit as you can keep yourself closed off from the rest of the world with the help of the lot owner or watchman.

A good storage unit has proven itself time and again to help artists produce their work, store it, and then market it at workshops, colonies, and at public showings. So if you are member of the Portland artistic community living here in Vancouver, consider a quality storage unit today. It just might help you work nicely.

Visit our self storage facility in Cascade Park today!

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