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5 Ways in Which Mill Plain, Washington Storage Units Can Make Your Life Easier and More Enjoyable

At some point in your life, you may realize the fact that you have accumulated piles of things that you don’t get to use very often. Aside from the fact that cluttered environments aren’t very welcoming, they can also be difficult to clean and access. Fortunately, self storage options available in Mill Plain, WA can help you tackle this problem in the most effective manner. Here are 5 ways in which a self storage unit located in Vancouver, Washington area can make your life a whole lot easier.

  1. By Helping You De-Clutter Your Living Spaces. If you want to clean your house thoroughly, remodel or make more room for new items, consider depositing the items that have started to gather dust in your home. Leave them in a storage unit matching your criteria in terms of size, price, amenities and location.
  2. By Giving You Full Control over Your Belongings. If you don’t feel ready to part ways with some of the goods that you no longer want to see around the house or office, choose to move and organize them inside a self storage unit based in Vancouver, WA. Most storage facilities ensure 24/7 access to the clients’ inventory, making it easier for their tenants to retrieve, move or reorganize their personal belongings at their best convenience.
  3. By Helping You Start a New Business. These days, several online platforms encourage you to put your entrepreneurial skills to the test and start your own business. You can follow this trend by becoming an active merchant. List the items that you are willing to rent or sell on different websites and deposit them securely and conveniently inside a self-storage unit. By doing so, you could supplement your income, while also cleaning your property and keeping it nice and tidy.
  4. By Ensuring the Best Conditions for Delicate Items. Let’s face it: your attic, basement and garage aren’t exactly the best places to store fragile contents. Paintings, bedding, documents and electronics are only a few of the items that could be easily affected by high levels of humidity and/or excessive cold or heat. By renting a self-storage unit with climate control, like the ones brought to you by Iron Gate Storage in the Vancouver, WA are, you can keep all these risk factors at bay.
  5. By Helping You Move and Pack the Items That You No Longer Use on a Regular Basis. What should you do with old textbooks, holiday decorations that you only use once a year and those valuable old paintings that you’ve inherited from your grandmother, which don’t match your interior décor? If you’re not willing to toss, donate, sell or rent them, remember that you can leave them in storage for as long as you want. Just pick the right unit size, determine the features that you need to make the most of a fulfilling self storage experience and rent the space with a few clicks.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Rent a Self-Storage Unit in Orchards Washington

There are various reasons why you may feel the need to find the best self-storage units. Perhaps you are getting ready to move into a smaller house or apartment, wish to travel for many months in a row or simply want to de-clutter and reorganize your environment. In any of these cases, a self storage unit based in Vancouver, WA can help you face these challenges in a time and cost-effective manner. Here are a few motives why renting self storage space in Orchards, WA could be an inspired decision.

  1. Plenty of Room and Diverse Storage Options. Home to more than 17,000 people, Orchards stretches on 6.9 miles. The most common industries in this census-designated place are manufacturing, retail trade and transportation and warehousing. The self storage industry is flourishing in this area simply because it addresses the residents’ pressing need for more room. No two storage options are alike and your necessities and demands cannot be identical with the ones expressed with your neighbor. This is why Iron Gate Storage lets you profit from the most diverse types of self-storage spaces available in Orchards WA. Unit size ranges from 5’ x 5’ to 24’ x 40’. All you have to do is to select the right size and type of unit that you wish to rent.
  2. Great Features. Climate control is only one of the amazing features that can significantly improve your self storage experience. This handy little extra can help you maintain an ideal level of temperature inside your unit, avoiding damages caused by excessive heat, cold or humidity.
  3. The Chance to Profit from Convenient Government and Business Storage Options. Business owners have very little spare time on their hands and can seldom move and organize the records, tools, equipment and inventory of their company on their own. This is precisely why business and government storage options available in Orchards, WA are a great choice for them. These alternatives are associated with additional services, such as 24/7 access and flexible payment methods. Moreover, an onsite manager can accept and sign for delivered packages, taking the convenience of conventional self storage methods to a whole new level.
  4. The Opportunity to Find a Great Temporary Home for Various Categories of Personal Belongings. The sky is the limit when it comes to inventorying the goods that can be kept in a clean, safe and secure unit provided by a storage facility located in Vancouver, WA. From paperwork, bedding, clothing items and rare works or art to RVs and boats, one could easily accommodate his or her most prized possessions in an indoor space designed to face any kind of challenges.
  5. Special Prices and Additional Discounts. Price is definitely one of the most important criteria that you set up when it comes to choosing a storage unit. If “financial savings” is your favorite keyword, keep in mind that the storage options delivered by Iron Gate Storage come with a few attractive extras, such as free move-in truck, a 10% discount on moving supplies and 50% of storage rentals. Choose your space wisely and save a pretty penny in the process.

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Three Weird Things You Will See Near Beaverton

The Portland-Vancouver-Beaverton metropolitan area is a place synonymous with weird things. Whether it’s the people or the places, there are many things that would be considered rather peculiar by the casual visitor. So let’s look at a couple of the things you will find around Beaverton that fit in this mold.

Weird Museums

You know a city is weird if it has a museum dedicated to showing off the peculiar or the unique. Of course, the Portland area itself can be called a museum of freakishness, but we’re talking about an actual business that shows downright weird things. Of course, we refer to the Peculiarium, a museum that professes to have Bigfoot prints and statues as well as zombie brains. If that is not weird, we don’t know what is.

Quirky “Criminals”

Every city has their dark underbelly: roughnecks in leather who drive motorcycles and keep women of questionable moral taste on the back. Well, Portland has those, too. But motorcycles are just too ordinary for these types of “gangs.” No, they need something far more dramatic. So beware of the mumbling hum as it approaches you at midday. It could just be the neighborhood’s moped gang!

The Dark Cherry on Top

Every city also has a mascot. Dallas has their cowboys. Boston has the Minuteman. The Portland area has Darth Vader. On a unicycle. Playing some flaming bagpipes. This hometown hero, known as the Unipiper, has been frequenting the streets of the Portland area for years now and is widely considered to be the embodiment of Portland’s weird spirit. He tends to move around a lot, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled. Don’t forget your lightsaber and kilt!

All of these things and so much more give Portland its unique reputation. So look around for these local landmarks. You definitely don’t want to miss them.

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Best Small Businesses in Downtown Vancouver

The city of Vancouver has seen a resurgence in recent years. With the prevalence of the shipping industry in this Portland suburb and a vibrant “small town in a big city” vibe from the city itself, Vancouver has benefitted tremendously from the presence of small businesses. Most of these are located in the downtown district. All of them are unique in their own way and are highly regarded by the locals.

The Catalyst

Everybody loves a good jewelry store. Of course, you have your big chains like Zales and what-not. But there is something truly special about buying from a small-time jeweler who simply wants to make you happy. Vancouver has an expert one located in the Catalyst, which is a small jewelry shop located right on Main Street. That business has been active for several years and has gained a local reputation for making some truly intricate designs at undoubtedly fair prices.

Urban Eccentric

If there is one thing you are guaranteed to find in a downtown area, it’s an antique mall. You cannot swing a dead cat in small town America without hitting one of these things. Most antique malls are pretty much the same. You have old furniture, record players, and various knick-knacks you can find at a garage sale. But Urban Eccentric does not fit into that mold. Dealing primarily in vintage clothing, this antique mall is the go-to spot for cosplayers and Steampunk addicts from all over Portland who are looking for the best deal on period wear.

Interstellar Overdrive

What is even more common in small-town downtown districts would be the local bookstore. These niche places are a dying breed in America as Amazon smothers out the competition from the large retailers like Barnes and Noble. But many small stores continue to evade notice thanks to clever marketing and stocking. Interstellar Overdrive is one of them. Just a few doors down from the Catalyst, this award-winning bookstore deals almost exclusively in science fiction, where you can view and purchase vintage paperbacks from the glory days of the genre in the 30s through the 50s.

Portlandians are famed for their support of local businesses. So pay these popular spots a visit and do as the Romans do.

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Three Things to Do in Orchards

With an neighborhood as large as Orchards here in Vancouver, there are sure to be a number of things to do in this subset of the Portland suburb. The truth of the matter is that there isn’t. Most of the buildings here are residential rather than commercial. However, there are still a number of fantastic things to do in this neighborhood that are sure to make any number of people quite happy.


Everybody loves going to the movies. Whether you are taking a date out to see a romantic comedy or are a thrillseeker wanting to get terrified by the latest indie horror flick, there are plenty of options to choose from. But none are as unique as Cinetopia. This local chain has several theaters found all over Vancouver and Portland, with one location serving Orchards.

Play Time

But maybe you are looking for something a bit less general. Maybe you are a new resident who is really looking to dive into the hipster culture that permeates this entire area. Or maybe you are just a nerd looking to nerd out with other nerds. If that is the case, then Play Time is the place to be. Hosting all sorts of different local gaming events such as Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon, this local “geek chic” hotspot both serves gamers and offers the resources they need to succeed. They even have several TV screens for video gaming. It is that awesome.

Vancouver Mall

But everybody knows that for more general entertainment as well as shopping, the go-to place is the mall. Vancouver actually has a fantastic mall that everybody in Portland goes to for all their shopping needs. The Vancouver Mall is located right on the edge of Orchards near the central portion of the city, making it easily accessible from anywhere.

So if you live in Orchards and are looking for entertainment within walking distance, check out these local spots. You just might be surprised what you’ll enjoy.

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The Unknown History of Pearson Airport in Vancouver

Vancouver has a long history, dating all the way back to the Louis and Clark expedition. But that history is something that just might pop up in the most unusual places. Sure, the city has Fort Vancouver, which is a National Historic Place, as well as the houses of Officer’s Row where various famed militarymen like Ulysses S. Grant have stayed. But we are also referring to one place you might be aware of.

Founding the Field

Pearson Airport is a municipal field owned and operated by the city of Vancouver. With an FAA identification symbol of VUO, Pearson Airport has been a hub of aerial activity in the Portland area for a long time. Founded in 1905 after the Vancouver Barracks were destroyed, Pearson is the oldest continuously operating airfield in the Pacific Northwest. It is also the only airport in the country to be located simultaneously inside of a national historic zone—in this case, Fort Vancouver.

It is named after First Lieutenant Alexander Pearson, Jr. of the United States Army. Starting service immediately after construction, it was largely used for holding blimps and airships. The first landing here took place in 1905 when an airship carrying a letter addressed to General Constant Williams used this field. The first airplane landed here in 1911.

Small Part in Big History

Pearson Field has played a number of roles in the history of aeronautics. It has played host to several pilots who were responsible for a number of aviation landmarks, such as Commander-Lieutenant Oakley G. Kelly, who made the first non-stop transcontinental flight from here in 1923. It also served as the end point for Valery Chkalov’s flight over the North Pole in 1937.

All of these momentous events are preserved at the Pearson Air Museum located in the complex. This fantastic museum is open to the public every weekday and is completely free to enter, operating on only charitable donations. So get a taste of the rich aviation history of Vancouver when you stop here. There really is a lot to be said.

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An Outsider’s Guide to Cascade Park, Vancouver

At first glance, it might seem like Cascade Park is just your typical neighborhood with nothing particularly exciting of note. But the truth is that Cascade Park has a lot more going for it than meets the eye. In all likelihood, if you are moving to the Portland area, you are going to find a house in this suburban area. So let us tell you what you need to know about Cascade Park and the wonderful community surrounding it.

The Technical Stuff

Located on the southeastern border of Vancouver, it is the largest organized district in the city. A product of the city’s slow expansion eastward, it was founded to increase the housing market of a metro area that was starting to boom. As a result, many of the houses here are built for low- to mid-middle income families with plenty of amenities in close proximity.

Because it located on the far western portion of Vancouver, much of the area beyond Cascade Park is unincorporated, making it the verdant buffer zone between the wild woods and the tame city. This makes Cascade Park possess a certain outdoorsy feel to the neighborhood that appeals to a number of families looking for clean air and plenty of outdoor recreation.

Fantastic Recreational Opportunities

In addition to a number of parks and schools, Cascade Park possesses fantastic access to the river. Many people with an inclination toward the water come to the banks to fish and to break out their canoes or kayaks. Since Vancouver is so close to the ocean, it also makes a popular spot for deep-sea fishermen. The neighborhood also has easy access to the large road of Mill Plain Boulevard, which hosts hundreds of small businesses and big box stores.

So we encourage you to think of Cascade Park not as your typical suburb, but as a home within a home. After all, what suburb can really claim to have a museum dedicated to vacuums close by?

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A Guided Tour of the Mill Plain, Vancouver

Mill Plain Boulevard is easily the largest thoroughfare in Vancouver. With several of our unit facilities located along this major road, it can be difficult to figure out where in the hay you want to go. So to help you out, we are providing this simple guide to help you find your way in the event you get lost elsewhere.

The Biggest Thoroughfare

As the longest road in Vancouver, many of the local businesses set up shop along Mill Plain Boulevard. Running from the far eastern edge of the suburb, it continues onward for over three miles before finally intersecting with the highway. This prime location makes it ideal for a number of different businesses as well as the few corporate headquarters you find in downtown.

With Services Aplenty

Mill Plain Boulevard runs along the bank of the river separating Vancouver from Portland, more or less marking the southern border of our fair city. This is another aspect of the road that makes it such as sweet spot for local businesses as well as big box stores. Because Vancouver is in Washington, and therefore doesn’t charge a state tax for small businesses, many entrepreneurs eye real estate along the river as a means to get both Portland and Vancouver shoppers with easy access.

But Mill Plain Boulevard is more than just a commercial center. It’s also a hub of outdoor activity. Many of the local parks in Vancouver can be found along Mill Plain, including the large botanical center that serves both sister cities.

So if you ever find yourself lost on a walking tour of Vancouver, simply head south and find the Mill Plain. Nearly everything you could need to call for a ride will be there while also providing you with a stable municipal landmark. Don’t forget to stop by our facility if you ever need help. We’ll be open.

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An Outsider’s Guide to Beaverton, Oregon

When you are looking to move up to the Pacific Northwest, there is no better city to find yourself in than Beaverton, Oregon. Possessing a stable housing market, many things to do, and tremendous opportunities for employment, you would be hard-pressed to not find an excuse to move here. So let us give you a crash course on the area so you know what to expect from your new home.

Town History

Beaverton was originally populated by Atfalati tribe before it was repossessed by American settlers heading west. The area of Beaverton and Portland was named by Lewis and Clark as the only hospitable place for settlement west of the Rocky Mountains, so naturally many folks came here to make a new life for themselves among the conifers and Cascade Mountains. By 1860, the land was firmly under American control when a bridge from Beaverton to Portland was built.

Where It Stands Today

Today, Beaverton is the center of the growing technology trade known as the Silicon Forest. Many startups have laid their roots here, some of which have turned into major names in the technology industry. Couple that with Nike’s international headquarters located here and you have a wealth of opportunity. In 2010, Money Magazine named Beaverton as one of the Top 100 places to live in the country.


With top notch school districts and plenty of city parks to choose from, Beaverton is an excellent place to raise a family without having to associate with much of the weirdness associated with the Portland metropolitan area. Most of homes in Beaverton are single family homes with parents either working for Nike or commuting to Portland on a regular basis. Many Beavertonites are also small business owners and tech wizards who are just looking to make a name for themselves.

So if you are considering moving to Beaverton, you are most certainly looking at the right place. Many amenities are found here which makes this suburb truly one of a kind.

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Three Things to Do in Cascade Park

When it comes to a large suburb like Vancouver is, there really is no single area that is better than another. However, when it comes to Cascade Park… well, let’s just say it is a slight exception to that rule. The area of Cascade Park is the largest area in Vancouver. As a result, it has the largest number of things to do. Some of them are just okay. Others are pretty good. So let’s talk about the best things to do in Cascade Park.

Cinetopia Theaters

Everybody loves going to a good movie. The Portland area, in particular, has a wealth of cinematic experiences to be had due to the prevalence of the independent market here. Vancouver has several cinemas that cater exclusively to the indie audience, but none of them can quite compare with Cinetopia, which is a theater chain located in Portland and Vancouver. Each Cinetopia location is different from the other in what they offer aside from a movie experience. One might have a bar while the other might have a museum. You can several of these locations in Cascade Park, so find which one might be your favorite.

Millport Shopping

The Millport shopping center in the west portion of Cascade Park is one of the largest in the area. It caters to all sorts of shops both big box retail and small local places that you likely heard about through word of mouth. If you enjoy shopping, you will probably want to come here before anything else.

Evergreen Memorial Gardens

If you have more of an urge to spend your free time outside, then the Evergreen Memorial Gardens are where you want to be. This botanical center is the largest garden in the Portland metro area and it sits right at the western edge of Cascade Park, close to the downtown area. Lessons in gardening are offered here by volunteers and it is a beautiful place to spend a northeastern spring day.

So if you are living in Cascade Park and are looking for something to do within walking distance, consider these different locations before going into Portland. You might be surprised what you’ll find.

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