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Useful Tips about Using Self-Storage Facilities in Orchards

Storing things in a self-storage unit can really help de-clutter a house. This is especially important when your house is up for sale. Realtors will advise you to remove the clutter. But clutter does tend to pile up over time, and removing it has some positive benefits whether we are selling our house or staying in it.

Useful Self Storage Tips and Tricks

  1. Sort, separate, and deal with the clutter


When you are going through your things to decide what to put in storage, remember to also cull out the:

  • Items you will not ever use again that you could sell on eBay or Craigslist
  • Things that are still wearable or usable that could be donated to Salvation Army or Goodwill
  • Items that are new that you could give away as a gift.


  1. Create your categories and get things ready to box up


While you will create your own categories, here are a few to get you started:

  • Clothing for a different season
  • Items you use rarely
  • Things you might use often, but have nowhere to store at your home
  • Mementoes and things you may want to sort through later.


  1. Box things up


You can get large boxes from Orchards Iron Gate Self Storage Facility, smaller bankers boxes from office supply stores, and plastic totes from Walmart, Lowe’s and Home Depot.


Create a list detailing everything you put in each box. You can use your tablet to do this and there is even a free list making app for Android tablets as well as an iPad version. If you are not a techie, pencil and paper work well too.


Make a copy of the list for each box and put that paper copy inside the top of the box before you close it. Number each list and put the corresponding number on the sides and top of each box. Store your copy of the list where it is readily accessible for when you need something out of storage. If you computerize your list, you can then (with most programs) do a Control-F to find which box whatever you need is in.


You are now ready to get your storage unit at Orchards Iron Gate Self Storage Facility and borrow their loaner truck to move your things into your unit.

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Self Storage in Beaverton Can Save You Time and Effort

Beaverton supposedly got its name from the beaver dams that created a nearby lake. Beaverton is home to several technology companies as it is part of the Silicon Forest. Self storage comes in handy for all these companies.

How self storage can help businesses

Almost any business can benefit from the extra space provided by a self storage facility. The extra space comes in handy for:

  • Special projects
  • Records storage
  • Equipment storage
  • Inventory overflow
  • Seasonal things like decorations, or seasonal inventory with no expiration date.

Self storage can especially benefit the following:

  • Medical, Pharmaceutical, and Vitamin and Supplements Sales Representatives

Climate controlled self storage units are great for storing samples, and the extra business access hours suit many sales reps.

  • Contractors and Repair Services

Contractors and repair servicing companies can store their tools, signs, parts and supplies in a self storage unit, negating the need for excess space in their offices.

  • Real Estate Companies

‘For Sale’ signs, lockboxes, literature, extra business cards, and many other selling tools can be stored in a self storage facility.

  • Home Stagers

In between staging houses, home Stagers need a place to put the furniture and accessories that they use to make an empty house look more exciting to prospective buyers. Self storage facilities are the perfect place for storing all of these household goods.

  • Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists Need Records Storage

When legal and medical professionals are busy, they accumulate a lot of client and patient records. One of the safest ways to maintain these records is to store them off-site at a self storage facility.

  • Restaurants, Delis, Bistros and Night Clubs

Storage space is often limited in the food service industry establishments, so self storage provides a great place for them to store:

  • Extra seating (chairs and tables)
  • Seasonal decorations
  • Promotional materials
  • Extra inventory

Other companies

Self storage is a great way to free up space in your business, store excess inventory, furniture, and accessories. That way your customers and your employees can focus on what is important – doing business.

Whatever your business needs are, Beaverton Iron Gate Storage can help you find the unit you need.

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Self-Storage Packing Tips

The Butchart Gardens in Vancouver are among the world’s most beautiful gardens. If you are moving into the area, you will definitely want to go there. Whether moving into Vancouver or out of it, you will probably need a self-storage unit for a while. There are many ways to store your thing, but the best way to store them is to store them so they do not break or end up with problems.

Here are some handy self-storage packing tips

  1. Glassware and other breakables

The magic formula for wrapping glassware is that you will always need more bubble wrap than you think you will need to protect each piece. We do not recommend using newspaper to wrap glassware for storage.

When you get ready to wrap a piece of glassware, pull off a piece of bubble wrap that is a little over twice as long as the glassware piece is tall. Wrap the glassware piece end to end with the bubbles facing outward so they do not leave marks on the glassware.

Next, tear off a piece of bubble wrap that is a little over twice as wide as the piece of glassware and wrap it side to side. Put it in a box or plastic tote, and begin wrapping the next piece of glassware. When it is fully wrapped, place it loosely next to the first piece. With each layer of glassware, nest the pieces together loosely.

  1. Metal ware

If you are storing silverware, clean it first with a fine silver cleaner such as Wright’s Silver Cream. Then store it in silver protective bags to keep it from becoming tarnished.

In order to store brass, steel and other metal ware, you can coat them with a light coat of organic olive oil.

  1. Electronic equipment

In order to protect your electronic equipment from moisture created when temperatures rise and fall, place some desiccant packets in each one. W=Then wrap them in bubble wrap, taped closed. Next, to ensure they are completely safe, seal them with a plastic wrap that is industrial strength.

We will protect your valuables for you as if they were our own at Downtown/Westside Iron Gate Storage.

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Three Reasons You Need Self-Storage in Pearson Airport

Pearson Field Airport is one of the two oldest airports in the United States, beginning its history with stunt pilot Lincoln Beachey landing a dirigible on the Vancouver Barracks polo grounds in 1905. The polo players scattered, and the field ended up being regularly used as a landing strip.

Your own history is just as intriguing

There are many reasons you need self-storage. Storing mementoes from your own history is one of them:

  1. Photos and photo albums

If you are like most of us, you have boxes of photos hanging around that someday you hope to put into albums. You may even have created some of the albums or scrapbooks, especially if you have ever been introduced to the Creative Memories system of capturing memories in scrapbooks. But the question becomes where to store them, and the answer is in a self-storage facility.

  1. Antiques

You may also have inherited some of your family’s antiques, and while you really treasure them, they do not fit in with your décor. The question becomes what to do with them. You don’t want to sell them or give them away, but you don’t want to look at them daily. Neither your attic nor your basement is a good place for them. Putting them in self-storage is a great way to retain possession of these precious antiques.

  1. Mementoes

Little treasures, reminders of past pleasures – they mean nothing to anyone else, but they are precious to you. You cannot let them go, and you don’t want them around cluttering up your house. They are yours and they are precious to you:

  • Your elementary school treasures, including your scouting uniform or badges
  • Your high school albums, trophies, and silly little things you have kept to remember your first love, your first kiss, your high school sweetheart, the honors you received, and the plays you were in
  • The teddy bear your best love gave you in college.

These are all great reasons why you need a self-storage unit at Pearson Airport Iron Gate Storage. We will even lend you a truck to use to bring your antiques and mementoes to your unit.

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Things to Consider When Picking Self-Storage in Mill Plain

Mill Plain is an upscale neighborhood in Vancouver, WA with a lot of homes and apartments. Once you have finished cycling, power walking, and playing all the other sports available in Mill Plain, you may find you need a place to store your equipment.

When you are hunting for a storage facility because your home’s storage capacity is full, we can help you find a good one.

What to look for in a storage facility

  1. Security for your things

Security that is effective at all hours of the day and night is very important. A fenced property is an important asset for a storage facility. When access hours are limited, but not in a burdensome way, this is actually a security feature. Alarms and video are great security assets also.

  1. Professional and friendly staff

You may be renting long term form this self-storage facility. You want to deal with people you can trust, who are friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. You want to be treated with respect and courtesy, and never with rudeness, especially if you take your payments to the facility each month rather than mailing them in.

  1. Clean units and how the facility is maintained

Before signing on the dotted line at a self-storage facility, be sure that you ask to be shown an empty storage unit (preferably the one you will be renting). Check it out as to whether it has been cleaned, dusted, and that it is truly empty of the prior tenant’s things.

Are the grounds of the facility well maintained? Do the doors close appropriately? If it is an overhead garage-type door, it is supposed to close gently.

Mill Plain Iron Gate Storage offers you all of these things and much, much more:

  • Both indoor and outdoor self-storage units that are clean, secure, well-lighted and available in sizes from 5 feet by 5 feet to 12 feet by 30 feet
  • An alarm in each unit, video cameras and gated access
  • Business storage units with 24/7 access
  • Supplies for packing and repacking your things.

We welcome your business and will make you part of our extended family! Call us today!

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Self-Storage Tips and Tricks in Cascade Park

Using a self-storage facility can test all of your ingenuity when it comes to figuring out how to do it effectively. We would like to offer you some handy suggestions to make your self-storage endeavors flow more easily.

Things to get before you move in

  1. Cardboard to protect the walls of the rental unit

You are responsible for leaving the self-storage unit in the same condition as when you moved in. If you are storing appliances or machinery that might scar the walls as it is moved about in your unit, get some cardboard to protect the walls.

  1. Wooden pallets to raise your things up

If you are not in a climate controlled unit, the concrete floors will freeze and thaw, creating moisture as they do so. Without wooden pallets to keep your things of the floor, the moisture will get into your cardboard boxes and thus into your things, causing damage.

Using wooden pallets under your boxes allows the air to circulate beneath your boxes and dissipate the moisture. When you are storing antiques or other valuables, the wooden pallets will protect them from moisture damage also.

  1. Lock

The best lock for your storage unit has the following features:

  • It is weather proof.
  • It is built with a short hasp that most bolt cutters cannot get into.
  • Both keyed locks and digital locks are great as long as they can withstand the weather elements.

One of the better locks for self-storage units is made by Master Lock.

  1. Plywood

Lightweight plywood is very effective at stabilizing layers of boxes when you are stacking them up toward the ceiling in your storage unit. Just lay it on top of each layer of boxes, and the problem with wobbly boxes stacked on top of each other will be solved.

You can get lightweight sheets of plywood at Sheets of plywood at Lowe’s or Home Depot. Be sure that you put the heavier boxes below and the lighter ones on top.

We want you to enjoy your self-storage experience at Cascade Park Iron Gate Storage.

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The Many Things You Can Store in a Beaverton Self-storage Facility

Beaverton is home to the Nike headquarters. It also has some creatively designed skate parks, a wealth of hiking trails, ice skating at the Winterhawks Skating Center, and a great Iron Gate self-storage facility.

How a self-storage unit can benefit you

There are so many things you can use a self-storage unit for, and those things are only limited by your own creativity, the facility’s rules, and the zoning regulations.

You can use your self-storage facility for:

  1. Crafting

With good lighting, quiet and your own creativity, you can create masterpieces by using your self-storage unit as a studio. Whether you are a watercolorist, an oil painter, or you work in acrylics or some other medium, you will find a wonderful studio home in one of our self-storage units.

Or you may be a doll maker, a wood crafter, or even someone who knits, crochets, or sculpts. It is rare that people have enough room for crafting tools, materials and supplies, and the finished products in their homes.

  1. Storing various seasonal sports equipment to get it out of the way

Even boats and RVs can be stored in self-storage. All those hockey sticks that won’t be used during the summer and those soccer balls and baseball bats to be stored in winter time will find a good home here.

  1. Starting a business

You will find that the rates for rental space at a self-storage facility are lower than those of office space rental, so it is a great place to start and grow a business. You can store your inventory, set up an office, and have a great place to work that is free from distractions.

  1. Set up a man cave

Let’s face it, some homes are just not geared to having room for a man cave where a guy can hang out with his friends, watch a game, drink whatever, and scratch in impolite places. These are Guy Things and some guys need a place to call their own where they can be guys with other guys. A self-storage unit answers this need so that a guy can get all his friends into a van and take them to his unit.

At Beaverton Iron Gate Self-storage, we want to help you unleash your creativity to find the many ways a self-storage unit can help you.

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How Do I Know Which Downtown Self-Storage Facility to Choose?

When you need self-storage in downtown or Westside Vancouver, you can find a unit that meets your needs by following a tried and true method. Choosing the right unit will be easy once you find a great self-storage facility.

Here’s how to find the self-storage facility you need

  1. Search online so that you can compare self-storage facilities

Modern, up-to-date self-storage facilities will have web sites that tell you what they offer. Some even show you pictures of the facility, and pictures of the interiors of the units. You also can find special discounts, and special amenities such as a loaner truck to move you in when you search online.

  1. Pick up the phone and call the facilities that look good to you

One of the things you will want to do is have the personnel with whom you speak that the self-storage facilities go more in depth about certain issues than their web sites likely mention they provide. You will want to question them about:

  • How extensive their security is
  • Whether they have climate controlled units
  • Who will have access to your unit other than you
  • Whether they have different lower rates for tenants who sign a long term lease
  • What their pest management program is like.

When you talk with each self-storage facility’s personnel, you will also get an idea of how courteous and respectful they are.

  1. Visit the self-storage facilities you favor

Once you have pared down your list, you will be ready to make your in-person visits to the self-storage facilities that look most promising. When you get to each one:

  • Ask to see a unit the size you are thinking of renting. Inspect it for odors, upkeep, and cleanliness.
  • Visualize yourself coming to the facility often and let your gut tell you if this would be a positive or negative experience.
  • Imagine your things in the unit and assess it for fit.
  • Ask to review the contract so you can see if it is written in easy to understand language.

We are quite sure that we could have saved you all this trouble by suggesting that you come directly to Downtown/Westside Iron Gate Storage, but when you rent our self-storage unit, we wanted you to be sure we are the best you will find.

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Self-Storage Uses for Professionals in Pearson Airport

Businesses and professional folks often need extra storage or even a spare place to work. Self-storage units even provide an extra office at times.

You can use your climate controlled self-storage unit for many things for your business

  1. Office space                                                                                                                                                              

There are many benefits of setting up an office in one of the self-storage units, among them:

  • Reduced cost – renting a self-storage unit will usually cost less than renting an office.
  • Heightened productivity over a home office – there are less distractions in a self-storage unit and less temptation to do things other than work when one is in a self-storage office rather than a home office.
  • Receipt of packages – most self-storage facilities will accept packages for you when you are not there, so you can maintain your inventory, receive supplies, and whatever else you need for your business.

With cell phones being so smart nowadays, in their self-storage office, a business can have a computer, a printer, and a phone. Faxing can be done via an internet hot spot set up in the unit.

  1. Storage of business equipment

Businesses can use self-storage units for equipment that is not need year round. Businesses can also store:

  • Old files that government regulations require be maintained for a specific time
  • Parts like printer cartridges, and spare parts for equipment
  • Office furniture that is not currently needed, but may be useful in the future
  • Inventory that is either seasonal or extra
  • And a host of other things.


  1. Shipping center


There are businesses that run their entire shipping and/or distributions centers out of a self-storage unit. These businesses have postal scales, boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and all other necessary shipping supplies in their unit to facilitate shipping to their customers.

These are only a few of the many uses businesses and professionals have found for self-storage units and dedicated business self-storage units. Your business can probably find more uses for the clean, secure units at Pearson Airport Iron Gate Self Storage in Vancouver, WA. Call us today for your self-storage rental.

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3 Tips for Using Self-Storage in Mill Plain

3 Tips for Using Self-Storage

Mill Plain in Vancouver features lots of housing choices and a tremendous Whole Foods Market for those who love organic and natural foods. It also is host to a great storage facility that will come handy for a variety of reasons.

The best way to use self-storage facilities

You may have several facilities in your neighborhood, but when you look at the amenities they offer, inevitably one will rise higher in your estimation than the others. Here are some tips on using self-storage facilities:

  1. Look for a self-storage facility that has a wide variety of storage unit sizes. Depending on what you are storing, you may also want to find one that has climate-controlled units that are not extremely hot in summer and very cold in winter. If you need storage for your business, look for a storage facility that has 24-hour business access seven days a week.


  1. Store things that will not fit in your home or office in your storage unit. Locate the things you may use in the future where you can easily retrieve them. Place them on one of the uppermost layers of boxes. Put the things you want to keep but will not be using on the bottom layer of your boxes.


  1. When you are loading things into your storage unit, be sure to leave aisles for walking around in it. A handy way to pack your unit is to put boxes and other items next to all the walls, then leave an aisle all around as you load things into the center of your unit.


Iron Gate Self Storage facility in Mill Plain, Vancouver, WA offers ten different unit sizes which range from 5 feet x 5 feet to 12 feet x 30 feet. There are units that are both indoors and outdoors, and some of them are climate controlled. Every storage unit has an individual alarm, and the property is gated with access restricted to tenants only. You can also get a free Iron Gate truck to help you move into your self-storage unit.

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