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3 Ways in Which Self Storage in Orchards Can Help Real Estate Agents Improve Their Performance

As the price per square foot in Vancouver is constantly rising, reflecting a 11% increase from the numbers reported last year, local real estate agents feel compelled to step up their game to attract more prospects and benefit from bigger commissions.

Fortunately, they can always count on cheap self storage in Orchards to achieve their daily business goals. Here are three ways in which great self storage units could contribute to the success story of professionals operating on the real estate market.

  1. By Offering the Perfect Storage Solution for Signs, Banners and Brochures. Real estate agents need a spare room to deposit signs, brochures, large banners and other promotional materials that occupy a lot of space. Instead of spending a lot of money on extra office space, they could rent a storage unit and get all the space they need for less than $100 per month.
  2. By Addressing the Pressing Needs of a Real Estate Agent’s Clients. Some clients ask their real estate agents for help when it comes to reducing clutter and staging their homes. Moreover, others count on their real estate agent to find a nice, clean indoor space where they could deposit some of their belongings before their big move. Self storage in Orchards can address both needs, enabling real estate agents to keep their clients happy and come up with the best solutions to their problems.
  3. By Keeping Important Documents Safe. Dealing with old records is always a hassle, especially for busy real estate agents who count on very limited space to organize and store files containing client information and other key details related to important deals that they have closed in the past. Self storage in Orchards Vancouver allows tenants to store valuable documents safely and conveniently, and invest in added features, such as climate control, to keep even their most delicate contents in excellent condition.

Self storage is a great option at hand for any individual who is interested in affordable extra space that can be used to de-clutter an environment, or deposit and protect a broad spectrum of contents. Rent your unit today with Iron Gate Storage and benefit from incredible monthly specials and the best customer service in town.

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4 Online Resources That You Should Use to Simplify Your Big Move to Beaverton, Oregon

These days, some of the most convenient solutions to your daily problems are available online. Therefore, if you’re getting ready to pack your bags, rent self storage in Beaverton to deposit some of your unwanted stuff, leave town and relocate to a different state or city, don’t hesitate to check out 4 types of online resources that could turn your big move into a less complicated and more exciting process.

  1. Free Moving Checklists. Packing your stuff can be a tedious, labor-intensive assignment, especially if you can’t figure out what goes where. Using one of the many free moving checklists that you can find online, you can create a moving calendar and break down a complicated assignment into several manageable tasks.
  2. Space Estimators. During this phase, you should probably use two different types of space estimators: one that lets you determine how much space you need to feel comfortable in a new home, and a second one that helps you select the best-sized self storage unit. Both types of space estimators are available online and are 100% free.
  3. Packing Tips. You always have to be very careful when it comes to packing your valuables. The bad news is that not all packing materials are suitable for all categories of goods that are a good match for long-term storage. For instance, putting fine china in a cardboard box without cushioning is like throwing money out the window. If you want to identify the best packaging supplies that are a great fit for your personal effects, apply free online packing tips provided by moving experts or discuss your options with the dependable managers of local self storage facilities.
  4. Self Storage Blogs and Websites. From free moving tips to expert info on packaging materials and useful details on monthly specials and additional discounts, self storage blogs and websites offer you all the insight that you could ever require to get the best deals in terms of self storage in Beaverton. Check out the Iron Gate Storage website, discover the most appealing offers and choose a unit that is fully compatible with your unique storage needs and budget.
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Why Pearson Airport Is the Best Solution for People Who Are Subletting Their Apartments

Subletting your apartment can constitute a rapid and convenient method to make some money. If you’re planning on finding a trustworthy tenant who could help you reduce your rental costs, then maybe you are also thinking about strategies that you could apply to create a more welcoming environment for newcomers and manage some of your belongings during this period of transition.

Self storage in Pearson Airport can help you achieve both goals in time and cost-effective way. Here are three reasons why a good unit is exactly what you need to sublet your apartment without any risks and difficulties.

A Simpler Method to Protect Your Valuable Belongings. The idea of sharing your living spaces with a total stranger can be a bit frightening. If you’re worried that your new tenant could steal, damage or misuse some of your most valuable possessions, choose to ship them to the nearest self storage facility to keep risks at bay.

More Space for Your Tenant. Moreover, by leaving some of your personal effects in storage, you could also make your indoors seem brighter, cleaner and more spacious. This will help you attract a higher number of prospects and eventually, create an optimal environment for a tenant who appreciates order and cleanliness.

Easy Access to Your Goods. Here’s the problem: when you’re subletting your apartment, you can’t always bother your new tenant every single time you need to go through your all your stuff to retrieve some clothing items, toiletry products or accessories. On the other hand, top providers of self storage in Pearson Airport understand your need to handle your goods at any given point in time; this is why they ensure convenient access to your unit and employ onsite managers who could address your demands as soon as possible.

All these features and services have been designed to ease the process of subletting an apartment. If you’re currently looking for affordable storage space to clean your house fast and organize all your belongings, rent a great unit from Iron Gate Storage and consider your problem solved.

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How to Deposit Expensive Rugs the Right Way in a Cascade Park Self Storage Unit

The expensive rugs that you’ve just bought help you dress up your floors nicely, and make the entire room seem warmer, brighter and cozier. However, as fall transitions to winter, you may feel the need to adjust your décor a bit, in terms of color scheme and textures.

In this situation, perhaps you are thinking about relying on self storage in Cascade Park to deposit your rugs for a few months or so. This is a great idea, especially if you don’t have enough space to put away carpets onsite or if you simply want to avoid damages linked to improper storage conditions. Here are a few guidelines that you should follow to keep your stored items in mint condition and protect your investment.

Clean All Rugs Properly. Depending on how delicate your rugs are, you could either take them outside and beat them with a carpet beater, or vacuum them indoors. If you want to eliminate stubborn stains and make your rugs look like new, consider investing in professional dry carpet cleaning services.

Opt for the Right Storage Method. It is very important to roll your carpets and store them in the darkest, driest corner of your unit. Whatever you do, don’t fold your carpets; by doing so, you could cause creases that are virtually impossible to remove. As an additional measure of precaution, you could also wrap your carpet in paper. Paper is the best packaging material suitable for rug storage due to the fact that it is tear-resistant and thin enough to let your carpets breathe. Never attempt to wrap rugs in plastic (especially those made of wool), because plastic wrap may contribute to a superior moisture content causing mildew.

Invest in Climate-Controlled Storage. Last but not least, consider getting a unit with climate control. This handy feature will allow you to prevent condensation, by maintaining an optimal humidity level and temperature inside your unit.

If you’re interested in a modern, secure, clean and pest-free unit suitable for rug storage, look no further: the rooms provided by Iron Gate Storage are perfect for this job. Rent your favorite space today and start exploring the advantages of cost-effective self storage in Cascade Park.

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How to Prep Wooden Furniture for Self Storage in Beaverton, Oregon

Some of the most beautiful and valuable wood furniture pieces that you own can become sought-after vintage collectibles in a few years. This is why you should hold on to quality furniture, even if it no longer matches your new home décor style and theme. If you want to rent self storage in Beaverton, Oregon to deposit wood furniture, here are a few expert tips on how to prep your belongings before shipping them.

Start by Choosing a Room with Climate Control. It is advisable to go for a unit with climate control, designed to maintain an ideal temperature and level of humidity and protect your personal belongings 24/7. If you don’t want to spend more on a climate-controlled unit, you could always turn to a standard room, but keep in mind that in this case you would have to work extra to moisture-proof your rented space and invest in additional packaging materials to create a more effective barrier against dampness and extreme temperatures.

Clean Wood Furniture before Storing It. Next, clean your furniture (including upholstery and mattresses) to prevent a potential pest contamination and staining. Also, if you choose to store your wooden furniture in a unit without climate control, polish metallic furnishings to avoid oxidation.

Dissemble Wood Furniture to Prevent Damages. To avoid incidents leading to premature signs of deterioration, it would be a good idea to dissemble leggy pieces, including chairs and tables, before organizing them inside your unit. This will also help you save space and fit more stuff indoors.

Wrap Furniture in Shrink Wrap. Wrap the furniture that you wish to store in shrink wrap to protect its surface. Secure the wrap in place using masking tape and consider applying double layers of sheeting on wood furniture if you’re intending to deposit it in a unit without climate control.

Follow these basic steps and you’ll manage to store your wood furniture without lowering its aesthetic and monetary value. If you’re looking for a nice unit located near you, get the best deals from Iron Gate Storage and discover the incontestable advantages of inexpensive self storage in Beaverton, Oregon.

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How Mill Plain Can Help You Run a Chic Clothing Boutique

Here’s one essential fact that you should realize before opening your own clothing boutique: the size of your inventory usually has a major impact on your business, particularly when your products aren’t exactly flying off your shelves.

Furthermore, handling extra inventory can become quite a problem, especially when your number one goal is to reduce expenses associated you’re your brick-and-mortar store. At some point, you may be forced to pare down your selection just to spend less on rent at the end of each month.

Luckily, self storage in Mill Plain constitutes the simplest and most convenient solution to this problem. Here are three ways in which a great unit can help you overcome common business challenges and run a successful clothing boutique.

By Depositing Merchandise That You No Longer Want to Store Onsite. Running an online business isn’t as easy as you may think. For starters, take into consideration the fact that each item that you promote online will inevitably have to occupy a spot in a warehouse, apartment or a physical store.

By Allowing You to Open Your Own Showroom. By inaugurating your own showroom, you could take your online business a step up and establish a deeper connection with your audience. To expand your clientele, you would just have to spread the word about your showroom and encourage prospects to visit it.

By Enabling You to Keep All Garments in Excellent Condition. Any store owner knows that even pre-owned garments should be kept in mint condition to attract a higher number of prospects. To make certain that all your merchandise looks and feels like new, follow a few basic garment storage rules:

  • Never store delicate fabrics in plastic; plastic covers could trigger ample discoloration, foul odors or a potential mold contamination
  • Avoid using wire or wood hangers to organize your clothing items
  • Clean every piece thoroughly before leaving it in storage
  • Keep all garments far away from sources of heat and light

So there you have it: the space that you need to run a profitable clothing boutique is actually more accessible and versatile than you have ever imagined. Rent your slice of self storage in Mill Plain with Iron Gate Storage and use premium extra space to promote and consolidate your small business on a budget.

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How to Store Halloween Decorations in Downtown/Westside Vancouver

Decorating your home for Halloween can be a real blast; however, packing and organizing all these embellishments is usually a hassle that nobody wants to deal with. Fortunately, self storage in Downtown/Westside Vancouver can simplify this entire process, making it easier for you to keep your decorations in excellent condition for many more years to come. Here are three basic guidelines that you should follow while finding the perfect spot for your adornments.

Pack Decorations like a Pro. Organize your decorations inside plastic tubes or cardboard boxes. When storing breakables, use bubble wrap or plastic form as cushioning to protect fragile objects during shipment. Also, remember to place all items in containers based on their importance: decorations that you use more often go on top of the ones that are Halloween-specific and only get to embellish your property once a year.

Find the Right Spot for Halloween Garments. Halloween costumes should be properly cleaned, then placed in garment bags to avoid staining. Also, if you want to stop your favorite garments from creasing, you should hang them on a coat rack to preserve their value. Last but not least, consider spending a little bit more on a unit with climate control. This additional feature will help you maintain an optimal temperature and level of humidity inside your unit to avoid any premature signs of deterioration, such as warping, creasing and fading colors.

Pay Special Attention to Light Storage. Black and orange lights can take your Halloween décor to a whole new level. If you want to hold on to these cool accessories for many more years to come, wrap them around a paper cylinder, like the ones that come from old rolls of toilet paper or paper towels, to keep your lights from tangling.

Now that you know how to store holiday decorations the right way, maybe you are interested in finding a reputable provider of self storage in Westside/Downtown Vancouver. Iron Gate Storage brings you the finest selection of rentals that you can use to de-clutter and beautify your premises. Reserve yours today and profit from attractive monthly specials and tenant-friendly features and services.

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5 Tips on How to Protect the Books That You Want to Leave in Pearson Airport Storage

You love books and spend most of your spare time reading, but at this point you realize that you need to trim your collection a bit and send some of the volumes that you’ve read more than once to the nearest self storage facility. In case you’re planning on renting self storage in Pearson Airport, maybe you could use the following expert tips on how to pack and organize your books like a veteran librarian.

  1. Choose a Clean, Dry, Pest-free Environment. If you have decided to store your books offsite, start looking for a clean room that is best-free, dark and secure. It is extremely important to avoid direct contact with source of heat and light and place your books on shelves or in airtight containers to avoid potential moisture damages.
  2. Opt for a Unit with Climate Control. Moreover, if you can afford to spend a bit more on additional features, choose a unit with climate control to benefit from an even safer environment and make certain that your precious books will preserve their value in an environment that is not subject to radical temperatures changes.
  3. Sort and Arrange Books by Color, Relevance or Size. To organize your books inside your unit with ease and ensure an easier identification, sort them by color, subject, author or size. Keeping similar-size items together is always a good idea, especially if you store them upright or lying flat; this will help you prevent warping.
  4. Use Adequate Packaging Materials. Next, invest in affordable packing materials designed to protect your books against a wide range of threats, including light exposure, dust and debris accumulations and moisture. You can wrap books in paper towels or use bubble wrap to protect their surface.
  5. Don’t Wrap Books in Plastic. Whatever you do, don’t cover your books in foil, plastic wrap or plastic bags. These materials could easily trap moisture and encourage a potential mold contamination.

Affordable self storage in Pearson Airport can help you prolong the lifespan of your favorite keepsakes and take pride in a valuable book collection for many more years to come. Rent your unit today with Iron Gate Storage and find out how you could accommodate some of your dearest personal effects inside a premium self storage unit in Vancouver.

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5 Household Goods That You Can Repurpose to Organize Your Mill Plain Self Storage Unit

Would you like to benefit from a flawless self storage experience in Vancouver without spending a small fortune on organizing solutions for your unit? If you’d prefer to work with what you already own to keep your personal effects organized inside your rented room, keep reading to discover 5 elegant methods to turn plain household goods into smart, inexpensive storage systems.

  1. Turn Utensil Organizers into Trays for Small Objects. Old utensil organizers that you no longer need around the house can become a hub for jewelry pieces, keys and craft supplies that will find their place inside your storage unit.
  2. Convert Old Frames into Visual Cues for More Effective Storage. Don’t know what to do with ancient frames with minor flaws that you don’t have the time or energy to fix? Here’s an idea that may work for you: print photos of your contents, place them in your old frames and attach them to the plastic bins that you’re planning on shipping to the local self storage unit, to ensure an easier, rapider identification when needed.
  3. Create a Network of Hooks and Hangers. If you can’t afford to invest in cool freestanding furniture pieces for your storage unit, create your own using a system of hooks and hangers. This storage solution will help you avoid signs of damage (creases, stains, moisture damage) when it comes to depositing linens, clothes or paper goods.
  4. Stack Vintage Suitcases. If you want to boost the appeal of your storage unit, consider replacing dull cardboard boxes with vintage suitcases that you can stack vertically under your desk or table, to save even more space.
  5. Customize an Old Tool Cart. As a DIY enthusiast, you will most likely do a great job at revamping an ancient tool cart to store some of your belongings inside your storage unit. Add a coat of paint and a few hooks or magazine racks on the inside of the tool cart door to come up with the visually appealing and effective storage solution.

Choose to keep your living spaces clean, airy and perfectly organized by renting self storage in Mill Plain. Reserve your unit with Iron Gate Storage today and benefit from a generous selection of monthly specials and additional perks.

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How to Store Used Baby Gear in Orchards Until You’re Ready to Grow Your Family

When they’re getting ready to welcome their first baby into this world, most soon-to-be parents spend hundreds of dollars on a long list of essentials, including clothing items, accessories, car seats, cribs and toys.

Once some of these costly items are no longer required, they choose to save them for baby number two and preserve their value by storing them in a dark, clean and dry spot. Some of the families who are in this situation rely on self storage in Orchards to deposit baby gear in a convenient manner, without wasting an inch of space inside their homes. Here’s how you could store these products inside an Orchards self storage unit with ease.

Opt for a Climate-Controlled Unit. To begin with, we strongly recommend climate-controlled units for this job for a very good reason: most of the expensive items that you are very fond of, including the wood baby furniture, clothes and collectible vintage toys, can be damaged by sudden changes in temperature and humidity. To avoid this risk factor, store these objects inside a unit that comes with climate control.

Clean All Items Before Leaving Them in Storage. To avoid staining and premature signs of deterioration, it is advisable to clean all your baby stuff before storing it offsite. Put plastic toys in the dishwasher or wipe them down with baby wipes, run all used baby clothes through a full wash and rinse cycle, clean furniture using a soft cloth and special sprays or pomades, and don’t forget to store small parts in clean, airtight containers.

Choose the Most Adequate Packaging Materials. Next, select packaging materials tailored to the particularities of the goods that you’re planning on leaving inside your self storage unit. For instance, zip top bags and bubble wrap are perfect for glassware and fragile toys, while boxes and cardboard cartons are the perfect match for bulkier items, as well as clothing items and bedding.

Let Your Provider of Self Storage in Orchards Take Care of the Rest. Now that you know how to store used baby gear like a pro, it’s time to start looking for a provider of self storage in Orchards offering you competitive rental rates and a plethora of cool features and complimentary services. Iron Gate Storage matches this description and is ready to surprise you with a great variety of modern units tailored to your every storage need. Book one today and discover the convenient way to handle used items that you no longer want to deposit onsite.

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