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The Number One Reason to Consider Beaverton Storage Units

While storage units in Beaverton have been around for a long time, there are still many people who don’t see the advantage in renting one. They think they can just get rid of excess belongings or keep their things safe in their garage or attic. It doesn’t make sense to them to spend money to keep some valuables offsite in a storage unit.

We’re all for the idea of saving money, but there are some very good reasons why renting Beaverton storage units can be of benefit to you if you might be one of the storage unit skeptics.

The #1 Reason to Rent Beaverton Storage Units

There are many reasons why people rent storage units in Beaverton. Today, though, we want to consider with you the best reason why you should consider renting Beaverton storage units.

The number one reason is protection. Now, at first glance, a skeptic might raise an eyebrow and think that their belongings are safer at home than they are in some storage units in Beaverton. Granted no one can claim that storage units are the end-all when it comes to protecting your valuables, there are some cases in which a person’s possessions will be safer in Beaverton storage units than in a home.

You can think of it this way: why do you keep money in a bank? Isn’t there the possibility that a bank could be robbed or go under? Of course there is always this possibility, but for the most part keeping your money in a bank is a safer option than keeping it under the mattress in your home.

The same can be true of your belongings. If you’re moving, remodeling, or just need some extra space to hold all of your stuff, storage units in Beaverton are a great option. Whether you need to house them in storage temporarily or permanently, Beaverton storage units can fit just about every need. They allow you to keep things safe and secure without cluttering your daily space or occupying your time during home projects. You’re items are less likely even to experience damage than they might incur in your attic, basement, or garage.

Your Beaverton Storage Units Professionals—We Care For You

Not all storage facilities are created equal. Just as you wouldn’t keep your money in a bank with a bad reputation, you wouldn’t want to keep your belongings in any Beaverton storage units’ facility with a bad rap.

Look carefully at the reputation of facilities you’re considering. Find the best one you can afford. Make sure they have protection plans implemented, like security features and damage control options.

With the right facility, you can have peace of mind when renting storage units in Beaverton. We pride ourselves on our safety measures and always have our client’s best interests in mind when implementing changes. We invite you to contact Iron Gate Storage for more information.

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Ensure the Safety of Your Storage Units in Vancouver

One of the number one concerns Vancouver storage unit renters have is making sure their belongings are safe. There are a number of safety provisions available through some storage facilities for just that reason, including gates with coded entry, security guards, and security cameras. Even these provisions, however, don’t ensure that your belongings are 100% safe. To set your mind at ease, there might be something that can alleviate some of their concern: insurance.

The #1 Way to Ensure Your Belongings Stay Safe in a Vancouver Storage Unit

Insurance won’t prevent accidents, natural disasters, or theft, but it will help take a bit of the sting out of losing your valued property if anything were to happen. Insurance should definitely be considered as a way to ensure that your belongings, or at least their value, are protected.

When considering to rent storage units in Vancouver, you’ll want to find out if insurance is provided through the storage facility or if you will need to purchase insurance independently.

Here are some steps to take to get more information about insuring your Vancouver storage unit.

  1. Ask the storage facility if they provide insurance coverage. As a way to protect themselves from liability, many facilities will require that your belongings are insured. Some facilities offer insurance coverage as an added monthly fee. According to, you should consider double-checking how much coverage the storage facility offers. Many facilities only insure up to $5000 in the case of damage or theft. A lot of renters store items much a much higher value than that of $5000, so if you need better coverage, think about get outside renter’s insurance.
  2. Call your homeowner’s insurance company. Some homeowner’s insurance policies offer coverage for your belongings even if they are stored offsite, like at a Vancouver storage unit.
  3. Shop around for the best deal. If your homeowner’s policy doesn’t cover items stored at a Vancouver storage unit facility, shop around for the best deal. Your current insurance company may want more business from you, and they could possibly offer you a special deal. If they don’t though, just remember that if you take the time to shop around, you can still find a great deal on renter’s insurance for the items in your Vancouver storage unit.

Get Your Appraisal Done Before You Rent Storage Units in Vancouver

Most of us don’t like to spend more time on a project than is absolutely necessary. Ensuring that your valuables remain safe and secure in a Vancouver storage facility is one of those things you want to take some time to carefully plan out.

Get the items you want to store in a Vancouver storage unit appraised, then purchase an insurance plan that will cover that amount. You will be glad you took the extra time to do this project correctly. It will give you peace of mind at the very least.

For more information on our Vancouver storage units and insurance options, call or email Iron Gate Storage. We’re happy to answer all of your questions.

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4 Ways to Utilize Storage Units in Orchards

There are a lot of people who see storage units in Orchards and think, “I wonder if I will ever need one of those…” As times passes, that question is answered for more and more people. Many of us acquire a lot of things over the years, and having the extra storage space is nice.

But storage units in Orchards aren’t just for people who have an overabundance of things. There are many ways to utilize Orchards’ storage units. This post will review four ways that people are using storage units in Orchards today.

4 Ways You Can Utilize Your Storage Units in Orchards

Contrary to popular belief, storage units aren’t for hoarders. There are plenty of reasons for their use, including some of the following.

  1. Storing collectables and antiques. An Orchards storage unit can be like a safety deposit box for large items. Just as the safety deposit box in a bank keeps smaller valuables and documents safe, so too can storage units in Orchards. You can store valuable collectibles, antique items like furniture and artwork, and even vintage automobiles. Whatever you have of value can be held safely in a Vancouver storage unit.
  2. Storeing those sentimental items. Are the kids grown up and out of the house? Have you turned their room into an office, a craft room, or a guest room? If so, there may be a lot of things you or your adult kids aren’t ready to part with from their old room. Storage units are great for holding onto those special items, whether they belong to the parents, the children, or beloved friends.
  3. Storing equipment. Depending on the storage unit facilities, some storage units in Orchards are big enough to store equipment that doesn’t fit in your garage or that you only need seasonally. Store your motorcycle, lawnmowers, farm equipment, sports equipment, or anything else that you don’t need on a daily basis in a storage unit. It will keep your garage and yard free of clutter and keep your equipment safe and in good condition.
  4. Storing things for your business. If you sell products online, or even at a store or farmer’s market, you’re going to need a space to keep excess products. To take things a step further, keep all of your work supplies in a storage unit. Your display table, packing supplies, banners, etc. can all be neatly organized in your own personal space. Nearly anything you use for your business can be safely held in storage units in Orchards.

Utilizing Vancouver Storage Units—Getting the Most for Your Money

If you look at some of the ways you can utilize a storage unit of your own, you will find that having one can save you time, money, and frustration in the long run. If you’re interested in finding out about other ways to use storage units in Orchards, give us a call!

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Sharing Mill Plain Storage Units with College Roommates

For the average college student, money is something that needs careful attention. There’s not much of it available, so every purchase must be considered closely. This presents a challenge since college students are also on the move a lot from dorm to dorm. They may even switch colleges and towns after they’ve completed a certain number of course requirements. This creates a somewhat complex problem when it comes to storing their possessions.

In a college student’s journeys with little cash on hand, many of them think to turn to storage units. This is what makes the idea of a Mill Plain storage unit is so appealing. They can keep their belongings safe while they’re moving around and still have access to them whenever they need it.

The problem, though, is the cost. Not every college student even has the funds available to pay full price for a Mill Plain storage unit. Many students consider sharing a unit, and therefore the cost, with a friend or roommate. Is this a good idea?

The Pros and Cons of Sharing Mill Plain Storage Units with Your College Roommate

As with anything, there are pros and cons to sharing a storage unit with a college roommate, no matter how chummy each roommate is with the other. We will look at two pros and two cons of sharing a Mill Plain storage unit.

The Pros:

  1. Save money. This one is a no-brainer. Sharing a unit means sharing the cost. Paying for half of a storage unit just might work for most college students’ budgets.
  2. You have a moving buddy. When it is time to move again, you and your friend/roommate might find it helpful to move together. This will save time, energy and effort, and you can have fun along the way!

The Cons:

  1. An un-trustworthy partner. Some people have learned the hard way that their “friend” or roommate is untrustworthy. They go to the storage unit and find that they’re either denied access or that their friend has taken everything in the unit for themselves or to sell.
  2. An irresponsible partner. Almost just as bad as an un-trustworthy partner is one who is not responsible with their money. If you’re already tight on funds, it’s going to be even more difficult to come up with 100% of the fee for the Mill Plain storage unit if your partner left you in the lurch.

Questions to Ask About Your Potential Partner

  • How well do I know this person?
  • Do I find them trustworthy? Are their friends trustworthy?
  • Is this person financially responsible, or are they a compulsive spender, thereby being compulsively broke?
  • Is sharing my only option?
  • Can I earn some extra money right now and prepay for the unit so I don’t have to pay the full fee when there are months that are financially tight?

Carefully Consider Sharing a Vancouver Storage Unit

Our storage units in Mill Plain are some of the most reasonably priced Vancouver storage units. If you’re a student and are looking for some storage options, give us a call. We will be happy to discuss your options and get you a storage unit that fits your needs.

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Beaverton Storage Units: 2 Ways to Think Outside the Box—Part II

In our last post about thinking outside the box, we discussed how Beaverton storage units were a great storage option for our classic car lovers and auto racers. Did you know that these larger than average storage units are also the perfect storage option for musicians and artists?

Storage Units in Beaverton: The 2nd Way to Think Outside of the Box

In order to give you the full scope of how useful Beaverton storage units are to the creative and imaginative, we’re going to tell you how they can help them individually.

  1. Musicians. Most musicians have a ton of equipment that they have to take with them whenever they want to get together for a jam session or for a paying gig. There are the drums, which can take up a lot of space, guitars and their amplifiers, and keyboards – and that’s just the equipment for a four-piece rock band. If you’re into classical or swing music, your collection may include violins, violas, cellos, as well as brass and wind instruments.

Not only do instruments need a home, so does the RV or bus that hauls the equipment and the musicians to their gigs.

All of these can be housed in Beaverton storage units. When you rent a storage unit with us, you will have a space specifically for an RV and your instruments and accessories. Your possessions will be kept in a safe place and available whenever you need them.

  1. Other Artists. Beaverton storage units are a great storage option for other artists as well. Whether you’re a painter, sculptor, or potter, you can keep all of your art and art supplies safe and in good condition in one of our Beaverton storage units.

A storage unit can also be kept like a second art studio. Keep your home or work studio uncluttered by keeping all of your extra art supplies in a storage unit. You can also keep finished pieces that are ready for sale or waiting to be shipped to buyers or museums in the unit until they’re needed.

Beaverton Storage Units: Not Just For Storage Anymore

Storage units in Beaverton are no longer just for storing knick-knacks or belongs from home that no longer fit in your space. Beaverton storage units are a great option for anyone needing to store their creative equipment, whether art supplies or vintage automobiles, and have access to them at a moment’s notice.

If you have a hobby that takes up a lot of your space at home, consider renting a storage unit. For those of you who aren’t sure if the equipment you have can be safely stored in such a unit, give us a call. We will be happy to give you more information on the great out-of-the-box ways to utilized Beaverton storage units. Let you imaginations go wild!

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3 Ways to Keep the Pests Out of Your Vancouver Storage Unit

It would be nice if we never had to deal with spiders or mice, especially in our Vancouver storage units. Unfortunately, we share this earth with pesky little critters, and we’re going to have to deal with them.

One of the worst places for these pests to find a home is in your Vancouver storage unit. Why? Well, if you’re anything like most people, you don’t visit your storage unit on a daily basis. This means that pests can set up shop in our stuff without you even knowing! When this happens, it can be an arduous process to get rid of them.

How Do You Know If Your Vancouver Storage Unit Has Pests?

The first step in eradicating unwanted pests from your Vancouver storage unit is determining what kind of pests, if any, have made a home in your belongings.

Take a look around the unit. What do you see? Are there any bite marks or signs of fabrics that have been chewed through? Do you see any mouse or rat droppings? How about a trail of ants? Any of these indications could mean threats to your belongings—whether it is from insects or rodents. Once you have identified the pests that are pestering your possessions, you can take some steps to get rid of them and prevent infestations in the future.

Your Vancouver Storage Unit: 3 Ways to Keep the Pests Away

Here are 3 things you can do to get rid of pests and keep them away.

  1. Thoroughly clean your storage unit. Before you even move into the unit, dust, sweep, and vacuum or mop your space. A clean Vancouver storage unit will be less inviting to pests than a dirty one. The cleaning doesn’t stop there, either. At least once a year, you should thoroughly clean out your Vancouver storage unit to not only keep your possessions in good shape, but to keep the pesky critters out.
  1. Don’t keep any sort of food in the unit. Most storage facilities don’t allow food of any kind in the storage units in the first place. There is a good reason for this. Food attracts animals, so avoid keeping any sort of food, including for pets, in your unit.
  2. Disinfect when necessary. Cleaning with soap and water is important, but you may find the need to use something stronger. Paul Darden wrote about this in He made a good point when he stated, “We don’t know what our storage neighbors are storing in their units. It may be prudent to protect your belongings with traps or bait.”

Vancouver Storages Keep Your Belongings Safe

Our Vancouver storage unit facilities are tidy and clean. We want all of our customers to feel that their belongings are safe. As we work together and engage in clean storage practices, including avoiding food storage, your belongings will be protected against even the most unwanted bugs. Contact us for more information about our pest control measures.

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3 Tips for Storing Your Clothes in Storage Units in Westside

Of all of the things you can store in storage units in Westside, one thing people forget is clothing. Yes, you can store antiques, collectibles, furniture, art, even vintage cars, but you can store clothes in Vancouver storage units, too.

Some people are afraid that clothing is too delicate to store in a storage unit in Westside. That is why today we are going to share three tips on how to store your clothes safely in Vancouver storage units.

Why Would Someone Store Clothes in a Vancouver Storage Unit?

Storage units are a great option for clothing. Some people need to store their clothes temporarily because they’re waiting to move. Others need a place to keep a deceased family member’s still-good clothes for a while until an estate or garage sale. Then there are those who buy and sell vintage clothing and use a storage unit as a warehouse.

3 Tips for Storing Your Clothes Safely in Storage Units in Westside

Whatever the reason for storing the garments, care must be taken. Clothes can be delicate and need proper care when being stored. Here are just three tips for storing clothes in a storage unit in Westside.

  1. Make sure the Vancouver storage unit is already clean. When you first check out storage units in Westside, make sure they’re clean. They should be free of dirt or leftovers from the last renter. If the unit looks clean – great! But don’t stop there. Dust, sweep or vacuum the unit before putting your clothes in, and make sure there are no signs of pests or mold.
  2. Thoroughly dry the clothes before storing. The surest way to ruin clothes is to attract mold and mildew. It’s a great idea to wash clothes before storing them in a Vancouver storage unit, but make sure you dry them thoroughly. Has the dryer run its full cycle? If so, feel the clothes and make sure there is no longer any dampness. Do you prefer to air dry? That’s a great idea, just make sure you get them in before the dew or fog starts to roll in.
  3. Add some silica gel. To really protect your clothes from mold and mildew damage, store them with little packets of silica gel. Ruth de Jauregui of the SF Gate points out that they absorb moisture to prevent the growth of molds and mildew.

Clothing: Just One of the Things You Can Store in Vancouver Storage Units

Of course, we know that Vancouver storage units can hold much more than clothes. These tips, too, can be applied to more than just clothes. Making sure the unit is clean and that there is no evidence of mold, mildew or pests is something everyone should check for when looking for a storage unit in Westside to rent.

We pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our units in Westside. For more information, or to schedule a viewing, call or email us.

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2 Reasons Why People Shouldn’t Look to Vancouver Storage Units as Housing Options

One of the first things to pop up on a Google search when you’re searching for information on renting storage units in Orchards is the topic of living in a storage unit. At first glance, it may seem like a ridiculous notion. But then, after scrolling through the Google options it’s hard to dismiss the fact that many people think living in Vancouver storage units is a viable housing option.

There are plenty of people who think this is a great plan. After all, why pay hundreds or thousands of dollars per month on rent when you can pay a fraction of that to rent storage units in Orchards?

2 Reasons to Avoid Living in Storage Units in Orchards

Today we are going to discuss two reasons why living in a storage unit in Vancouver is a bad idea.

  1. It isn’t safe. First and foremost, living in storage units in Orchards just isn’t safe. If you look on the contract for a Vancouver storage unit, you will see that there are some things that are not allowed to be stored in these units. They include:
  • Perishable items (even pet food)
  • Living animals
  • Dead animals
  • Hazardous materials

Most of the things above, except for the dead animals, are things people generally keep in a home. They live with their pets, they keep food in their kitchen, and some hazardous materials are kept for cleaning purposes or for lighting and cooking (propane, kerosene). These items are not allowed in Vancouver storage units because they pose a hazard. They can contribute to an accident and cause damage to the things kept in your storage unit, as well as those around you.

  1. It is illegal. Because of the risk to life and property, it is illegal for animals and humans to make a residence out of storage units in Orchards. It is also not fair to the storage facility, owners and staff if someone is living on their property. If anything happens to the person, the company could be liable. That is why, if a person is found to be living in a storage unit, not only will they be asked to leave, in many cases, the police will be called.

Storage Units in Orchards Have Multiple Purposes

There are many uses for storage units in Orchard. However, living in one is not an option. If you are interested in renting a storage unit to hold your valuables from work or home, we would love to be of service.

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Storage Units in Mill Plain: The Top 4 Moving and Storage Tips

Moving day is coming up fast. Are you ready? If you’re like a lot of people, moving day arrives way too quickly. There never seems to be enough time to get ready and get everything done. That is why we wanted to share four tips to help with your moving and Vancouver storage unit storage tips.

The Top 4 Moving and Storage Tips Utilizing Vancouver Storage Units

Anyone who has ever had to move knows they need all the help they can get with packing and storage. Here are four tips that will get you on the right track with both.

  1. Get the proper packing materials. Besides boxes, you’ll need tape, newspaper, some sort of bubble wrap or Styrofoam peanuts and a pen to label everything. In addition, you might want to get some clear containers. You can use these to house and transport your belongings, but there is a bonus: you get to see what’s inside. This is perfect for those things you’ll need right away in your new home.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Most of us don’t want to be a bother to our friends and family. Refusing to ask for help with packing or a move can make the process hard to go through. We all need help at some point, and moving is one of those times. Plus, it’s wonderful to have a friend to pass the time with while you’re wrapping your valuables in bubble wrap.
  3. Stay organized from start to finish. Create a moving notebook in the very beginning. In it you can keep track of your packing goals and schedule, what is contained in which boxes, and how you’re going to pack the moving truck or your Vancouver storage unit. Staying organized right from the start will make the transition from one home to another so much easier.
  4. Keep boxes together with Stretch-Wrap. Some boxes can be held together with Stretch-Wrap. This can help with keeping your boxes organized. Wrap the living room boxes together, while you wrap the bedroom boxes together. Having boxes wrapped together will keep them more stable in the moving van as well. Plus, according to, Stretch-Wrap can prevent furniture scuffs from happening in the van or your Mill Plain storage unit.

Lessen the Stress of Your Move with Storage Units in Mill Plain

Part of the stress of moving is wondering where you’re going to keep your belongings. We have a suggestion: rent a storage unit in Mill Plain. Our Vancouver storage units are available for however long you need. Call us today to get more information about what storage units in Mill Plain are best for your needs.

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5 Ways to Store Your Delicate Treasures in Storage Units in Pearson Airport

One of the main concerns people have about storage units in Pearson Airport is whether or not their valuable will remain in good condition while being stored. While this is a valid concern, you can take steps to ensure that your delicate, valuable and fragile possessions are safe and stay in tip-top condition while stored in a storage unit in Pearson Airport.

5 Ways to Store Your Delicates in Vancouver Storage Units

There are many things to take into consideration when packing away your valuables in storage units in Pearson Airport. Today, though, we are going to discuss five things you can do to protect your delicate possessions during storage.

  1. Use Silica gel for clothing. To prevent the buildup of mold and mildew it is essential to get rid of moisture. A great way to do this is to add a silica gel packet to any clothing you store in your storage unit in Pearson Airport. The silica absorbs moisture, making it less likely that mold and mildew will damage your clothes.
  2. Package breakables in special packaging material. There are a number of different options for packing your valuables. You can place them in a box with Styrofoam peanuts, or bubble wrap as Martha Stewart suggests.
  3. Make sure fragile items are stored on top or alone. The weight of other objects can easily break fragile items. Also, if a fragile possession is stored on the ground, something can easily fall onto it, either in the case of an earthquake or someone dropping something onto it accidentally.
  4. Wax wood furniture. Give wood furniture an extra barrier of protection by cleaning and then waxing before storage.
  5. Disassemble a couch. Remove screws from your couch if possible. This will help you to avoid scratching other pieces of furniture when moving your couch. It will also ensure the screws stay clean, preventing rust or corrosion. Store screws in an airtight plastic bag and place in a safe place. Then, cover the couch with a drop cloth or sheet. Avoid plastic as it can trap in dampness and encourage mold growth.

Storage Units in Pearson Airport: The Best Place to Store Your Treasures

There are plenty of things you can do to protect your belongings when storing them in a Vancouver storage unit. One of the first things you should do is make sure you have the best storage unit in Pearson Airport. This step will help guarantee that your belongings will be safe and sound for the duration of their storage.

If you are interested in finding the best storage unit in Pearson Airport, call us today to schedule an appointment to take a look at some of our units.

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