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How to Pack Fragile Items for Vancouver Storage Units

Moving your personal items into a storage facility can be a stressful process. This is especially true if you are handling fragile items. Certainly, the absolute last thing you want is to have something break while moving it. If you are thinking about putting your belongings in storage in Vancouver, Washington, please consider the following advice for packing your fragile items.

You Need the Right Supplies

It is always best to acquire the right supplies before packing any items for storage. It is particularly critical that you have the appropriate packing supplies if you are storing something breakable. Specifically, you will likely need:

  • High quality boxes in several different sizes;
  • Strong packaging tape;
  • Protective packing paper;
  • Bubble wrap;
  • Scissors;
  • Cardboard; and
  • Supplies for labelling your boxes.

Avoid Using ‘Makeshift’ Supplies

In order to ensure the protection of your fragile goods, you should avoid using supplies that are not truly meant for packing. For example, this means that you should acquire bubble wrap and packing paper to protect items. You should avoid wrapping anything in a towel, a blanket, paper towels, or even newspaper. While it can be tempting to pack your items using things that you already have around the house, ultimately, it is best to avoid using anything that is not designed to protect fragile items.

Plan Ahead and Take Your Time

One of the biggest mistakes people make is that they leave their storage projects until the very last minute. Doing this type of work the right way will take some upfront time, but it was also save you time in the long run. When you are rushing, that is the time that something fragile is most likely to break or become misplaced. Furthermore, when packing fragile items, labelling should be an important part of your planning process. You must always be sure to clearly label everything. This is true if you are working with a team of movers, or even if you are moving everything by yourself. After all, time will pass and you may eventually forget which boxes contain fragile goods.

Quick Tips For Some Common Fragile Items


  • Plates: It is best to wrap each individual plate with bubble wrap or strong packaging paper. Further, plates should always be stacked vertically within a durable box.
  • Glassware: Much like plates, glasses should also be wrapped individually before being placed into a box. Also, you should remember that glasses are heavy. When putting multiple glasses into a box, you need to ensure that the box is strong enough to handle the weight of the glasses and that the heaviest glassware is at the bottom of the box.
  • Lamps: Whenever possible, a lamp should be stored by itself inside its own box. You should also ensure that the flat side of the lamp is at the bottom of the box.


Do You Need Self Storage Assistance?

At Iron Gate Storage, our experienced professionals are ready to help you. If you are looking for storage space for fragile items in the Vancouver area, our conveniently located Cascade Park storage location, might be the perfect spot for you. Please do not hesitate to contact our team today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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Sports Equipment Storage at a Beaverton Storage Facility

If you’re like many people, you have accumulated a lot of sports equipment and camping gear. It may be disorganized and overflowing from your garage and closets. The worst part is, when you are ready to use it, you may not be able to find it. The solution is to use a Beaverton storage unit for all of your sports and activity paraphernalia. You will free your home of disorganization and you’ll have a convenient place where you can find your items whenever you need them. It is easy to store your sporting goods if you follow these tips.

Keep Like Items Together

Different seasons bring different sports. Try to organize your items together by the season they will be used. Set up a section of your storage space for each season. That way you will always know exactly where to look when you need an item quickly. When storing sports equipment, don’t stack things too high. You want to be able to grab an item and go without having to move and restack boxes.

Organize By Sport

The perfect way to organize your items is by sport. For example, keep all of your baseball-related sporting goods in one particular area of the unit. Get creative with storage containers so that you can keep things properly organized. For instance, use a plastic storage container or tub to toss all of your bats and balls when not in use .Mark the outside of the bin using permanent marker so you’ll know where everything goes. Bins or open boxes make great storage areas for small items that can just be tossed back into place.

Maintain Sections

It is helpful to maintain sections or rows in your storage unit. Even small units can be organized to accommodate movement. You want to be able to take a few steps into your unit so that you can get to any item you may need without having to move a lot of stuff. Mark your sections so that you and your family members will know where everything is located. When you have a large item such as a kayak or canoe, you can’t stack it. Be sure to create a special space where you can easily keep it on one side of your unit.

Choose the Right Storage Facility

Some sporting goods can be bulky and awkward to store. When you are ready to use the equipment you want to be able to just pull up, load up, and go. You certainly don’t want to be bogged down by having to park, enter, and drag your items through hallways and down elevators to get them to your vehicle. Instead, choose a unit at Iron Gate Storage in Beaverton. We offer outdoor drive-up units that are ideal for sporting equipment storage. All of our units are on the ground floor. You can pull up and park right next to your unit so you can effortlessly get your items into the car and get back on the road.

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Getting the Most from Your Vancouver Storage Unit

If you have an overflowing garage, and your closets are all jam-packed, you are probably in need of a storage unit. A Vancouver storage facility is the ideal place to keep your extra items so you can maintain a clean and well-organized home. You can get the most from your storage unit by making sure that you properly pack, stack, mark, and store your items.


Proper packing is essential to keeping a storage unit efficient and accessible. The best way to pack is to keep like things together. Pack up boxes of items that make sense together. If you have family members who all have items to store, create boxes for each person and allow them to pack their items. When packing, put heavy items on the bottom of the box and spread out weighty things between different storage cartons. Use newspaper, tissue paper, or bubble wrap to keep delicate pieces safe from harm.


Stacking boxes will allow you to get more items into your storage unit with better organization. First, it is essential that you put as many things as you can into stackable boxes. Choose boxes that are approximately the same sizes so that they can be more easily stacked. As you stack boxes, put larger boxes on the bottom. Also, any boxes with heavy items in them should be placed on the bottom. Remember not to use odd-sized cartons that you have lying around. Put some effort into getting boxes that are the right size for stacking. You can purchase boxes from your storage facility.


Marking the storage boxes is an important step, but one that is often forgotten. Use a thick marker so that you can see the words from a distance. Mark all four sides of the cartons. That way, if they get turned around you’ll still be able to know what is inside. If using plastic storage bins, mark directly on the boxes with permanent marker or use stickers that cannot be easily removed. Put as much information on the boxes as you need. For example, instead of marking a box “kitchen,” add “everyday dishes” so you will know exactly what is within.


Once you have packed your items into their appropriate boxes, it’s time to ensure that you can find things again later on. Indeed, you should take some time to plan how you will organize your boxes. Decide the best way to place your items in a manner that makes sense to you and your family. Then, take the time to place items into their proper areas within your storage unit so you will be able to locate them. Try to create some walkways so you can enter your unit to find things when necessary.
When you are ready to get organized and need a storage unit, choose a convenient, safe, and affordable unit at Iron Gate Storage in Vancouver. We have a large selection of units to fit your needs.

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Choosing the Right Orchards Storage Facility

Storage units come in different sizes to accommodate your needs. While most facilities offer at least two different size options, others, such as our Orchards location, offers a multitude of various unit sizes to fit all your needs. At Iron Gate Storage in Orchards we offer the largest variety of different sized storage units in the area. In fact, we are the largest storage facility in Clark County. We offer storage units ranging from 5 X 5 all the way to RV storage size, as well as mailboxes. All of our storage units are located on the ground floor.

5 x 5

5 X 5 are our smallest, most compact storage units. They offer enough space to keep several small pieces of furniture along with up to six stacked boxes, or any similar amount of items. We offer both standard and climate controlled 5 X 5 units, depending on your needs. A 5 X 5 space is perfect for storing boxes of paperwork or for holding a college student’s belongings.

7.5 X 5

7.5 X 5 units are medium-sized spaces that provide storage for a small apartment of furniture along with some stacks of boxes. All of our 7.5 X 5 units are located indoors and have security alarms. The 7.5 X 5 is a great starting unit for those who don’t need to store a lot of items. It is big enough to store some furniture items, yet small enough to be affordable and convenient.

10 X 10

Our 10 X 10 storage units offer drive-up capabilities. We have only a limited number of these units available at any given time. The drive-up option allows you to more easily pull a truck right up to your space and load or unload as needed. If you want a drive-up option, our 10 X 10 units are a perfect fit for your needs.

10 X 12.5

The 10 X 12.5 storage units offer spacious room where you can store an entire houseful of furniture or boxes. All of these units are located indoors. You can choose from standard units or climate-controlled units. Our climate-controlled units provide heating and cooling as needed to ensure that your items are always maintained at an even temperature. If you have antiques, artwork, or musical instruments you will want to consider renting a climate controlled space.

RV Parking

Our Orchards location offers RV parking with 12 X 20 sized spaces. Choose from regular or premium options. These spaces are sought after because we are one of the only storage facilities in the area to offer this type of parking. Check with our representative to find out whether we currently have any units available.
When you are looking for a highly rated, safe, and affordable Orchards storage facility, contact our experienced representatives to assist you in choosing the unit that best meets your needs.

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Packing Tips for Your Beaverton Storage Facility

A storage unit can make your life easier, less stressful, and more organized. Indeed, many people can benefit from the use of a Beaverton storage facility. Once you’ve decided to rent a unit, you’re ready to start filling it up. Don’t just toss things into your storage unit without regard, or you’ll never find anything. You’ll also lose a lot of space if your things are disorganized. To help with the process, we have provided some packing tips to help you use your storage unit to its full potential.

Household Items

When packing household items, such as kitchen goods, you will find that there are many small objects. Make a box for all the utensils, gadgets, and other items. Dishes and glassware need to be protected. You can use bubble wrap or tissue paper to safeguard breakables. Special packing boxes are available that provide separation for glasses. Do not over-pack boxes because they will become too heavy.


It is usually best to place large furniture into your storage unit first, unless you plan to use it soon. Wrap wooden furniture with shrink wrap to protect it and to keep the drawers or doors intact. Glass shelves or tabletops need to be removed from the furniture and stored separately along the edge of your storage unit. Use bubble wrap to protect glass items. Large items, such as tables, may have removable legs. If so, remove the legs so it will take up less storage space. Use labels to remind you of which furniture parts go together.

Antiques and Collectibles

Antiques and collectibles are easy to keep in your storage unit. Pack them into boxes of like objects. Use newspaper or packing peanuts to ensure that each one is properly protected. Mark the boxes “fragile” and don’t pack too many items into each box. When you stack boxes, keep the heaviest ones at the bottom of the stack to avoid the possibility of tipping. Some antiques or artwork should be stored in a climate-controlled unit.

Files and Paperwork

You need to keep important files and paperwork, bank statements, receipts, and tax documents in a secure location. Box up paperwork into boxes by year and clearly mark the outside of each carton. If you have your own business, you will also need to properly store all the associated records. Be sure to keep work records separated from personal records.

Toys and Baby Items

If you have a baby who’s getting older but you aren’t yet ready to part with their old cribs, changing tables, clothes and other items, a storage facility can be a welcome addition to your life. Disassemble the crib, making sure to keep all the hardware in a plastic bag. Attach the bag to the headboard so you are sure that everything is ready when it’s needed. Before storing children’s clothing, launder it and place it into boxes by age or size.

Sports Equipment

Sports equipment can be large and bulky and take up a lot of space. You can store it much easier at your storage unit than in your garage. When storing sporting goods keep like items together. For example, designate a section of your storage unit for camping equipment. Make sure that you store everything necessary for each particular sport in the same place. If you use the items frequently, keep them in an area close to the door.

Packing is the first step after choosing your storage unit. When you are looking for a storage unit in Beaverton, count on Iron Gate Storage for a selection of sizes and options to meet your needs.

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Downsizing With Help from a Vancouver Storage Facility

When you’re ready to downsize from your large home and move into a townhome or condo, you likely have lots of extra items to remove. There are often a lot of things you simply aren’t ready to part with but don’t have the space to keep at your new home. Let a Vancouver storage facility help with that problem. You can rent a storage unit for a small monthly rate and keep all of your extra stuff out of the way. You can keep the storage unit for as long as you need it because you don’t have to sign a yearly lease.

Store Extra Furniture

One of the problems with downsizing is deciding what to do with all the extra furniture. When you are going from a large multi-room home to a condo with a much smaller footprint, you really don’t need everything you have. It can be difficult to decide what you want to bring with you and what you want to sell or give away. A storage unit will give you the ability to store items you are unsure about.


Utilizing a storage unit while downsizing will give you the flexibility that you need right now. You may have some concerns about and attachment to some items that you just don’t have the room for. Instead of having to make a lot of difficult decisions all at once, put your extra items into storage so you can make choices later. After a few months, you will be settled into your new home and you’ll have the ability to bring back items that you want to treasure, or sell items that you realize you can part with.

Transition Time

When you’re moving to a smaller home, you may not know just which furniture and décor will fit in at your new place. You may need a few weeks or even months once you move in to determine which items you want to reuse. You may also find out that you won’t need nearly as much furniture as you did in your larger home, so you will be able to pick and choose which things to get rid of in your leisure time. This transition time will allow you to better assess your needs without having to stress out about it.

Choose a Vancouver Storage Facility

If you are preparing to move to a smaller house, it is time to choose a Vancouver storage facility. At our Vancouver location we provide a large array of storage options at our secure and convenient location. You will find units sized from 6.5 X 10 through 8.5 X 13 with many sizes in between. Our excellent location and competitive rates makes our facility one of the best in the area. We will help you pick out the unit that best fits your needs. Stop in today to see what we have to offer.

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Tips for Storing Business Documents in Vancouver Storage Units

More and more, business is being conducted electronically. That being said, it seems that most companies have just as many important hard copy files as ever. Your business can quickly run out of space for these documents. A Vancouver self storage unit can provide an ideal and cost effective solution. If you are looking for storage space for business records, please do not hesitate to contact Iron Gate Storage today. Our experienced storage professionals would be happy to assist you.

Inventory Everything  

Proper organization is the key to a well maintained storage unit. Organization is especially important when it comes to storing business related documents. You may have a large amount of files to store, and you will likely need quick access to them in the future. A comprehensive inventory of your files can help make efficient future access happen. After all, it will be very difficult to get to an important document if you do not know exactly what you have and where you have it. A thorough inventory of your records will undoubtedly save you considerable time in the future.

Pack Your Documents Carefully

The careful packing of documents is important to ensure the safety and accessibility of your records. The following five tips should always be kept in mind when packing documents for storage:

  1. All documents should be kept in boxes; you should never store loose documents;
  2. Your storage boxes need to be full. An underfilled box will likely cause documents to shift around and become a mess; at the same time, do not overfill a box as that could cause it to break;
  3. Use airtight boxes for your documents. This will help ensure that your files are protected from potential damage caused by moisture;
  4. You should always be sure that each box is adequately labeled. Ideally, you should be able to tell what is in a box without opening it; and
  5. When it comes to particularly important documents, you should obtain backup copies.

A Climate-Controlled Unit is Best

Business documents should be stored in a climate controlled unit. Extreme temperatures and high humidity are serious threats to the long term integrity of any document. In fact, exposing a document to high levels of humidity will quickly lead to discoloration and deterioration. A climate controlled storage unit will help ensure the long-term quality of your documents.  

You Need a Storage Facility With Adequate Security

Security is extremely important for business records. Before selecting a storage unit, you should review the security features offered by the facility. For quick reference, the following is a list of five security features that you should look for:

  • Secure fencing that surrounds the premises of the facility;
  • An entrance gate protected by a PIN code;
  • Good lighting;
  • A 24-hour video monitoring system; and
  • Active on-site management that keeps close watch on the property.

Do You Need Storage Space for Your Business?

If you are looking for business related storage space, the passionate professionals at Iron Gate Storage can help. Our team has many years of experience helping local businesses find cost effective storage solutions. To learn more about our Pearson Airport location, or any of our other great storage locations, please contact our office today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Tips for Choosing a Vancouver Storage Facility

When you are thinking about renting a storage unit, there are a number of different things that you need to consider. You want to make sure that the storage facility is safe, clean, and convenient and that it offers you all of the various options that you require. Here are some of the top tips for choosing a Vancouver storage facility.


Location is one of the most important considerations when choosing a Vancouver storage facility. A centrally located facility provides you with the ability to get to and from the unit within minutes of your origin and destination. If you live in one area and work in another, choose a location that is on your way home so you can easily make the stop any time you like. Visit the storage facility to see how easy it is to access from your home or office.


Not all storage facilities are the same. Some offer various sized units within different areas of the property. At our Orchards location, we offer indoor units of various sizes as well as 20’ by 20’ RV parking. We also offer mailboxes located inside of our building on the ground floor. We have carts available for use, which are very helpful when utilizing your storage unit. It is also important to know that you don’t need to sign a long-term lease. Our units are rented on a month-to-month basis and we offer convenient online and automatic payment options.


It’s always good to have a choice between various sized storage units. Some of the units are outdoors, allowing for drive-up access while others are inside of our large facility. We offer a variety of sized units to meet your every need.

  • Mailbox
  • 5 X 5 Inside
  • 5 X 5 Drive Up
  • 7.5 X 10
  • 10 X 12.5
  • 12 X 20 RV


Security is of utmost importance when choosing a storage facility. You certainly want to ensure that your items are properly secured and protected from theft. It is also important that you feel safe when visiting your storage unit. You want to ensure that the parking area is clean and brightly lit at night. Also, the indoors is well-lit throughout the hallways to increase your safety. We have a secure fence and electronic gate that are operated only by customers with a valid pin code. Furthermore, 24-hour video recording equipment is in place.

Climate Control

Climate controlled units are perfect for storing items that may be sensitive to changes in temperature or humidity. For example, musical instruments, furniture, antiques, artwork, and other valuable possessions are best stored in a climate controlled unit. Our climate controlled units are both heated and cooled when necessary to maintain the proper environment.

Our Orchards storage facilities are conveniently located and are the largest self-storage facility in the Vancouver metro area. Our facility is large enough to accommodate a 48-foot trailer anywhere on our property. Contact our office to learn more about our excellent storage options, available units and specials.

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Benefits of Using A Vancouver Storage Facility for Your Business

If you own your own business, you know that you need space to keep things. Whether you need a place to keep extra products or a spot to store files and paperwork, a Vancouver storage unit is a great option. A storage place for your business extras clears up space in your office or garage, and is especially useful for those who are working from a home office.

Improved Organization

Your business is your livelihood. Don’t waste your valuable time with a disorganized office space. You can greatly increase your productivity when you improve your organization. If you have a small office or are running things alone, you know the importance of being able to find things when you need them. When files are no longer in use, you should still keep them, but they no longer need to be at your fingertips. Instead, pack them in well-marked boxes and put them in your storage unit for safekeeping.

Better Management

Your company can more easily be managed when you utilize a storage facility. If you have products that must be stored or shipped to customers, a storage unit is the best way to keep them safe and secure. You can create shipping labels and set a specific day of the week to come to your storage unit to remove products for shipment. You will be able to better manage your workload with the use of a storage unit.

Reclaim Your Home

If you’ve been working from your home, it is likely that your products have begun to take over your rooms. You can reclaim your spare room or garage for their intended uses while keeping your items properly maintained. You’ll still be able to keep your home office because you can’t work from a storage unit, but you can remove all of the excess items and clutter so you can keep your work-related items within their designated spaces.

Tax Deduction

Businesses that utilize storage units are generally able to itemize them as tax deductions. In order to qualify, you must ensure that your unit is used strictly for business items only. Keep copies of all your storage receipts, which can be easily viewed and printed online. If the storage unit is to be used for business purposes, be sure to include your business name on the paperwork or registration of the unit. Keep a list of items that are stored in your unit so you can prove that the use is for your business. It is best to check with your accountant or tax specialist to determine your exact deductions.
When you’re looking for a way to improve how your business can run, consider utilizing a storage unit with Iron Gate Storage at our Downtown/Westside location. We offer a variety of different sized units in our secure and convenient facility. Contact our office to learn more about our available units and pricing.

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Organize Your Move with a Vancouver Storage Unit

When you are preparing to move, one of the best ways to get organized is with a Vancouver storage unit. Using a storage unit in conjunction with your move will keep you organized and make your move go much more smoothly. Start by choosing a storage unit that is sized to fit your needs. There are various sized units available to chose from. Selecting a unit that is slightly larger than you think you need, for example, can keep everything separated and leave space to walk between boxes.

Rent Your Storage Space

The first step in the moving process is to rent a storage unit. Decide on the size and type of unit that best suits your requirements. Some units are climate-controlled. Climate-controlled units are ideal for items that should not be exposed to temperature extremes. For example, musical instruments are best stored in a climate-controlled storage unit. Climate controlled spaces are also good when you need to spend time organizing the boxes and items in your unit.

Start Packing

It is a good idea to begin packing a couple of months before your move. When possible, try to use similarly sized boxes since these are easiest to move and stack. You can purchase boxes and packing materials directly from the storage facility. Start by packing small items that you won’t need for a few months. Instances include photos, out-of-season clothing, decorations, kitchen items, and plenty of other things that can be easily packed and stored. Getting some of the clutter out of the way will help you prepare for a more organized move.

Take Boxes to Storage

Whenever you have a couple of boxes packed you can take them over to your storage unit. Be sure to mark each box with the contents and the room of the home where the items belong. This will help you sort things out later. Continue taking things over to your storage unit whenever you can.

Small Furniture

As your moving date approaches, you may want to start bringing some other items to your storage facility. Take small tables, chairs, lamps, and other items that fit in your vehicle. You can also start bringing outdoor furniture, seasonal items, and sports equipment to the unit. Remember that if you need something before the move you can easily get it out of storage. If you utilize your storage unit properly, you will be left with a much more manageable move.

After the Move

Once your move is complete you can take your time bringing boxes to your new home from the storage unit. You will be able to grab just a couple of boxes at a time if you like, so you will be able to get them unpacked in your spare time. You’ll be able to keep your new home clutter-free while you organize all of your belongings.
Are you searching for a storage unit in Vancouver? Contact Iron Gate Storage in Vancouver to take care of all your storage needs.

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