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New Climate Means New Downtown/Westside Storage Unit in Vancouver

Moving to a climate that is different than what you are accustomed to puts a twist on relocation. You have to think about more than just moving, including preparing your family and belongings for weather that you are unfamiliar with. If you are moving to Vancouver and planning to get a storage unit, you will want to know what the weather will be like in each and every season – and be prepared for it – before you make your big move.

Modify Your Thinking

The first part of moving to a new place that has a completely different climate is realizing that the way of life you have been living life is bound to change. It will take you and your family time to get habituated to the new climate. Trading the rainy weather of Vancouver to move to the hot and dry climate of Arizona might sound great, but there will definitely be a period of adjustment. Your outdoor activities will change, as well.

Whether you are a skier, a runner, or a gardener, those things will be affected in one way or another when moving to a different climate. In order to acclimate to these changes, you will need to prepare yourself mentally for the changes in the weather. Gather a good idea of what type of weather you can expect where you are moving to so there will be no surprises.

Budget for New Clothing, Gear & Other Essentials

If you are moving to a place with heavy snow fall, you may find that you need a lot more than you did before. You will need snow boots, mittens, and scarves. You may find that you want to invest in a snow blower for your driveway or snow tires for your car. If you are coming towards the Vancouver area, you will realize that you need rain boots and an umbrella. You may also want to invest in a sump-pump that works better in your new home. Regardless of where you move, if the climate changes, you are probably going to need a new wardrobe.

Ask the Locals

During one of your trips to the new area you are moving to, take some time to chat with the locals about how they handle the weather. For example, those who have lived through the long, cold, snowy weather of New England can tell you what you will need to make it through a blustery winter. Of course, those in Vancouver are often prepared for the rain. Knowing this information in advance can help you adjust better to your new climate.

Stop By Our Downtown/Westside Storage Facility

You can also pop into Iron Gate Storage in Vancouver at our Downtown/Westside facility and we will enlighten you about our climate and the weather that you can expect. We are not just here to offer you a Vancouver storage unit; we are here to welcome you, too.

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Kids Moving Back In? Orachards Storage Units Can Help

If your child just graduated from college or is returning back to your home after being away in the service, it may be because they cannot save or make enough money to live on their own yet. You may have already changed their bedroom into a home office or an extra room, and, in that case, you may find that you need a Vancouver storage unit to make things work. Regardless, when your grown-up kids move back into your house, it’s crucial to remember the following tips.

Set Rules Before They Move Back In

Things can become complicated when your kids move back home with the intentions of eventually moving back out into their own place. You need to sit down and have a heart-to-heart with them before they move back in. Explain how things have changed since they moved out. Discuss any chores or other tasks you will expect them to do. Consider whether or not you will expect them to contribute to the household bills or save up their money in a savings account. Even if you are ecstatic that your child is moving back in, you need to set ground rules to ensure things go smoothly.

Establish a Timeline

Do you want your children to live with you the rest of their lives? If not, you will want to discuss and establish a timeline, as well as ensure that your son or daughter understands that moving back in is not a “forever” arrangement. By creating a timeline, you are setting a goal for your son or daughter to look forward to moving out at some point in time in the future. They will be able to plan their finances and save accordingly, and, of course, if things change, you can always adjust the timeline.

Make Room

Now might be the right time for you and your child to get storage units. You have had the time to emotionally “let go” of your child, and now they are back home. This means that you have to adjust emotionally again, as well as make space for their belongings. If you both store the items that you do not need, it will not feel as cluttered in your house when your child comes back home. You are both going to have to make some sacrifices, but space does not have to be one of them.

Enjoy This Time

Remember that feeling you had in the pit of your stomach and the bottom of your heart when your child first left home? Now that you have a second chance to spend time together, make it count. Sure, there will be some sacrifices and adjustments; indeed, you have both become used to living apart. But when you start to feel upset or stressed out about the new living arrangement, remind yourself how you felt when your child first moved out and how much you missed them when they were gone.

Get Your Own Orchards Storage Unit in Vancouver

At Iron Gate Storage in Orchards, we would love to meet you and your children and help you get organized so that your living space is more conducive to enjoying each other. Contact us if we can help you with choosing a storage unit that will best suit your – or your child’s – needs.

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How to Maximize Space in Your Mill Plain Storage Unit

A self-storage unit can be a great tool to help you keep your home or business organized. Further, you may actually need far less storage space than you realize. Many people are shocked to learn just how much stuff they can fit into a storage unit. If you are renting  storage space in the Vancouver area, please consider the following list of four tips that will help you maximize the space available in your unit.

1. Disassemble Your Large Items

Many of your largest items, including big furniture pieces, can be taken apart without much effort. In order to maximize your storage space, it is always best to disassemble any item that you can. When doing so, pay very careful attention to how the item goes back together. If you are using instructions, do not lose them. You also should keep your eye on all small pieces that come off the item. When the time comes to put that table back together, you do not want to be stuck dealing with a missing screw.

2. Place Your Big Items Along the Walls

Maximizing storage space requires proper planning. One aspect of any good storage plan is that you should start with your biggest items first. The majority of the time, it is best to move your biggest items against the walls of your unit, though it is also important to consider when you will need specific items. For example, if you anticipate needing a large furniture piece soon, you do not want to bury that item at the back of your unit.

3. Get Yourself Strong and Reliable Boxes

Perhaps the single most important part of maximizing storage space is getting your hands on the right boxes. Small and mid-sized items should always be packed neatly into boxes. This simple step will save you a tremendous amount of space. Even better, it will help you keep your storage unit well organized. Always take care to label your boxes, as this will ensure that you will have no problem finding your items when you need them. As an additional tip, you should always use boxes that are uniform in size. This will allow you to use you space more effectively and it will make your boxes easier to stack.

4. Stack Your Boxes By Placing Boards Along the Top

You want to be able to use the vertical space in your unit. Stacking your boxes will help you achieve this goal. As was mentioned before, this works best with boxes that are uniform in size. Further, it is a good idea to put a light board on the top of each row of boxes. The board will help keep things neat and it will make it much easier to stack boxes on top of one and other without risking any damage.

Do You Need Storage Assistance in Vancouver?

Our storage professionals are standing by, ready to help. We have many different sized units available at our Mill Plain location. If you are looking for clean, secure and reasonably priced storage space, please do not hesitate to give the team at Iron Gate Storage a call today. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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Storing Your Boat at Pearson Airport

Once again, the summer has flown right by us. It is hard to believe that it is almost time for changing leaves and earlier sunsets again. For many people in the Vancouver area, the changing season also means that it is time to make preparations for their boat. A self-storage facility can be a great place to keep your boat during the offseason. If you have any questions about Pearson Airport boat storage, please do not hesitate to contact the dedicated professionals at Iron Gate storage today.

Four Tips for Winter Boat Storage

  1. Clean your boat: Similar to other big ticket items, you should thoroughly clean your boat before putting it into storage. This will help protect your boat from any potential damage and will ensure that it stays in great shape over the winter. Put simply, left over water can cause damage. You need to eliminate that risk.
  2. Make your repairs now: In the event that your boat does need some repairs, it is best to take care of those issues now. By doing so, you can be confident that your craft will be fresh and ready to go once spring rolls around.
  3. Winterize your boat’s motor: Most likely, you will need to add a fuel stabilizer to your boat’s motor before you can place into winter storage. The process should always be done in accordance with your boat’s operator’s manual.
  4. Flush out the cooling system: Finally, your boat’s cooling system should be thoroughly flushed out before you place it into storage. Flushing the system will remove debris and ensure that your boat is better protected from potential damage.

Choosing the Right Storage Facility for Your Boat

Before you select a storage facility, you always need to be sure that the facility can truly meets your needs. This is especially important when it comes to boat storage, as not every storage facility can handle a boat. Some places may try to make special arrangements to accommodate you, but it is much better to select a facility that has extensive experience handling boats, RVs and other motorized vehicles. At the Pearson Airport location of Iron Gate Storage, we know how to store your boat. Our facilities are always well maintained and we can ensure that your boat will be properly protected. Even better, will can do it all at a reasonable price. Our team has devoted a tremendous amount of effort to providing a safe and secure premises for our customers. At Pearson Airport we offer:

  •      A secure gate that surrounds our property;
  •      An entrance that is fully protected by a secure pin code system;
  •      24/7 video monitoring throughout our property;
  •      Individual alarms for all self storage units; and
  •      An on-site manager who will always keep a close eye on your unit.

Looking for Storage Space at Pearson Airport in Vancouver?

Whether it is storage space for your boat, or any other item, we can help. Please do not hesitate to contact Iron Gate Storage to learn more about what our team can do for you. We would be happy to hear from you!

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Downtown/Westside Storage Units: Organizing & Funeral Planning

When a loved one passes away, just dealing with the emotional aspects is hard enough. But, when you are left in charge of arranging the funeral, the financial decision-making, and all of the necessary paperwork that comes along with it, the entire grieving process becomes more complicated. It may not seem like an important thing in the scope of everything swirling around you, but getting a Downtown/Westside storage unit could greatly reduce your burden for the time being.

Planning and Organizing

Being left with this daunting project and the emotional weight of the loss is more than most people can handle. This is especially true if your loved one did not create a will or leave plans behind to guide you. Unfortunately, this happens quite often. Not only do you have to work quickly, efficiently, and under pressure to get plans squared away for the family, as well as deal with your grief and emotions, you also have to find a place to put all of your loved one’s belongings as the estate is being sorted out.

We want to help you through this unfortunate and stressful time by offering some tips for organizing a funeral. In addition to our tips below, you can read these tips from to ensure your funeral planning goes as smoothly as possible.

Create a Budget

Although some people have money they have put aside to pay for their funeral expenses, this is not the case for most individuals. Talk with family members about contributing to a funeral expense account and figure out how much you can spend. Remember that you do not have to spend a fortune on a loved one’s funeral to prove how much you loved them. In fact, a small, but elegantly beautiful gathering of friends and family can be just as commemorative as a large and elaborate funeral.  

Get a Storage Unit

If kin of your loved one can amicably split up the property and items in the estate or your loved one left behind a will or instructions pertaining to their belongings, your job will be much easier. If there is not a will nor instructions that explain what should be done with your loved one’s estate, you are going to be stuck with an enormous burden of figuring out how everything will be divvied up. You will have to sort through and list everything in the estate, from property to jewelry to items with little to no value. With that said, a Downtown/Westside storage unit could be the best way for you to organize everything.

How to Go About Organizing After the Funeral

In order to ensure that you do not overwhelm yourself, start in one room and work through the belongings one room at a time. As you box items up make a list and label the boxes. Not only will you have a detailed list of everything by doing this, you will also be able to easily access any items that you may be looking for in the future. Do not stress yourself – you will have time to dig through and organize everything, even if the house is being sold and divided. Ask friends or family to help you haul the packed boxes to your Vancouver storage unit.

What Size Storage Will You Need for Your Downtown/Westside Unit?

Estimate the size storage unit you will need by using our handy size guide or, if you have a list of items you want to store, you can try out our user-friendly space estimator to figure out what you will need. We are here to help you decide what size Vancouver storage unit fits your needs if our tools do not do the job. Contact us at Iron Gate Storage today to find out more about your storage options.

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Spring Cleaning in the Fall: Using an Orchards Storage Unit

With the fall rushing quickly toward us, we are all starting to – reluctantly – think about back-to-school preparation. Most of us are trying to get back into a normal routine after the lazy, yet often fun-in-the-sun filled, days of summer. Of course, many of us typically think of spring as the right time to get everything clean, and we may even get the storage spaces organized. However, if you do your spring cleaning in the fall, as you are preparing for the back-to-school hustle, you will find that it makes everything so much smoother and easier.

Good Intentions & Hoarding Problems

Most good intentions regarding getting organized before school starts end up being just temporary fixes to the real problem. We tend to organize our living spaces by shifting our unnecessary belongings to areas of the house that are not being used. Areas like basements and garages are the typical dumping grounds for everything that we use only seasonally – or may never use at all.  Unless we organize completely and properly, our good intentions will eventually be undermined.

Organizing Correctly

Rather than continuing these bad habits that eventually lead to being back in the same spot you started at, you can declutter and make your house more spacious and organized. This is especially true if you have children. Items that you thought you stored away in the garage will soon enough pop back up and be in your living room, haunting you.

Ultimately, you should focus on keeping only the things that you use in your house. Everything else – summertime seasonal items, summer clothes, that sewing machine that you promised yourself you would use one day – should be packed in your storage unit. As you go through your items, ask yourself if you are going to use the item within the next three months. If not, pack it into your storage unit. Remember to label all of your boxes so you can find stuff when you need it and feel free to check out our size guide if you are not sure what size storage unit you will need.

How Your Storage Unit Will Change Your Life

Once you have accomplished your fall “spring cleaning,” and all of your excess belongings have been hauled off to your storage unit, you will start to notice your life change. With the clutter gone and items organized and in their places, getting up in the morning and getting the kids ready for school should be a breeze. Their closets and drawers will not be stuffed with excess clothes that are out of season and there will be no way for them to pull out their summer clothes just to play with them if they are packed away in a storage unit.   

Tips for Back-to-School Success

Here are a few more tips for back-to-school success:

  • Create a School Gear Area – Every day, you and the kids need to grab certain specific things, like backpacks, shoes, books, your purse, and your keys. Make a space in your house using decorative hooks and cubbies where this stuff is kept to reduce the morning hustle even more.
  • Post a Calendar The best place for this is usually on the refrigerator, but if you have a kitchen wall that can be used, post a calendar and a daily list of to-dos or tasks that need to be accomplished, both for you and your kids. This will help establish more organized routines each day.
  • Clean up Behind Yourself – It is even better to teach your children to clean up after themselves. But, we all know that children mimic our behaviors. If you are cooking in the kitchen, clean up spills and messes as they occur.
  • Prepare/plan meals in advance – One way to make your weeks much easier is to plan your meals in advance. By doing this, you can create your grocery shopping list according to the meals you plan to make. Then, pre-cook your meals over the weekend and freeze them. Another way to make a quick and easy meal is to pop some meat and veggies in a crock pot in the morning and let it simmer while you are at work and the kids are at school. It will be ready to eat and smelling amazing when you come home.  

Getting an Orchards Storage Unit

At Iron Gate Storage, we want you to have a great start for back-to-school this fall. Let us know how we can help you with your storage needs.  

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Pearson Airport Storage: Your Guide to Packing Boxes

While boxes are certainly not the world’s most exciting topic, there may be no more important issue when it comes to moving or storing items. A properly packed box will help keep your items free from damage and will ensure that nothing gets misplaced. Even better, properly packing your boxes will save you a tremendous amount of time when it comes to loading, unloading and finding your belongings. If you are moving or looking for storage space in Vancouver, please consider the following list of tips that will help you pack your boxes more effectively.

Six Tips to Help You Pack


  • Plan ahead: Taking the time to plan ahead will always pay major dividends in the end. It is best to make a list of all of the items that you want to put into boxes ahead of time. This way, you can be sure that you have enough boxes and that you have properly organized your items.
  • Label every box: You do not want to be forced to open up a box just to find out what is inside of it. The great thing about storage boxes is that you can write all over them. You should write detailed descriptions on the outside of each box. Ideally, this will allow you to know the contents of each box without opening it up.
  • Use fragile stickers: If you have something fragile within a box, you need to put bright, easily visible, marking on the outside of the box. Of course, we always want to make sure that all of our belongings are handled with care, still, it is important to know when you are handling something breakable. Extra care must be taken so that nothing gets damaged in storage.
  • Use bubble wrap for especially fragile items: If you have something fragile inside of a box, wrap that item up in protective bubble wrap. Fragile items should always be individually protected.
  • Use the same-sized boxes: Some people get their hands on assorted boxes by going to a local restaurant or liquor store and grabbing whatever is left over. While this might be tempting, it is a bad idea for storage. It is well worth the cost to acquire new boxes that are meant for storage purposes. These boxes will be clean, stronger and more reliable. Further, you can ensure that they are uniform in size. This will allow you to use your storage space much more efficiently. As a general rule, it is best to use no more than two different sizes of boxes.
  • Boxes should be full, but not too full: You should fill your boxes up. This will help protect your items by ensuring that nothing will slide around during transit. Though, it is important to note that you should never overfill a box. If the lid cannot fit on the box any longer, it is time to get another box.


Need Assistance with Your Pearson Airport Storage Unit in Vancouver?

Our team is ready to help. If you are looking for storage space in the Vancouver area, or if you have any questions about self storage in general, please contact Iron Gate Storage today. We operate several different conveniently located facilities throughout the region, including at Pearson Airport. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Selecting the Right Size Storage Unit at Mill Plain

Many people in Vancouver can benefit from a self storage unit, especially those living near the Mill Plain area. Whether you are moving, renovating your property, or simply trying to declutter your home, a self-storage unit is a cost-effective tool that can help. In order to get the most out of your storage experience, it is important that you select a unit that is the right size. No one wants to pay for space that they will not use. If you are in the process of selecting storage space in Vancouver, please consider the following three tips.

Take Inventory of Your Belongings

Before storing your belongings, it is a good idea to know exactly what you have an what you are planning to store. This is necessary so that you will be able to appropriately select a storage space that suits your needs. It is well worth your time to make a comprehensive list of all of the items you want to put into storage. Once you have this information, you will be able to start to visualize how much storage space you will actually need. Even better, you can hand this list to a storage professional who can assist you.

Consider How Tightly You Want to Pack Your Items

The more tightly you pack your items in storage, the less space you will need. However, that does not mean that it is always better to cram your items together. For example, if you are storing many items which need to be accessed regularly, you need to leave some extra space. Items that are packed too tightly can cause major headaches when it comes time to take things out of storage.

Understand the Dimensions

It is helpful to be able to understand just how much can fit into different types of storage units. For reference, consider the dimensions of the following storage units that are available at Mill Plain:


  • 5X10: This unit is similar to a large walk-in closet. Assuming that everything is packed well and that there are no unusually large items, there is generally enough space to fit in the contents of a standard sized college dorm room in it.
  • 10X10: This unit is about the size of the average bedroom. When packed up, it can generally fit all of the items contained in two ordinary bedrooms. It is also usually considered the appropriate space to store the furniture found in a family room.
  • 10X20: This larger unit can fit most of the items found in a small house. Ultimately, the right unit for you will always depends on exactly how much stuff you have, but as a general rule, all of the furniture from a three bedroom house may be able to fit into a 10×20 unit.


Contact Our Team Today

Our team of dedicated professionals is ready to help you find the storage space that fits your needs. At our Mill Plain location, conveniently located just off of Interstate 205, we have many different sizes of units available. If you have any questions or concerns about selecting the appropriate storage space, please contact our office today. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Storing Items at Cascade Park

Many people report feeling less stressed when their home or business is de-cluttered. A self-storage unit can be a great tool to help you get organized. However, without proper care, your storage unit itself could also become a mess. If you are renting storage space in Vancouver, please consider the following list of five mistakes that should always be avoided.

  1. Miscalculating the Space Needed

Do you need a 5’x5’ unit, a 10’x10’ unit or perhaps even a 10’x20’ unit? If you do not know the answer to the question off the top of your head, do not worry. Very few people do. Before selecting your unit, it is well worth your time to carefully consider how much stuff you have for storage and how much space that stuff will take up. Many people fail to properly assess the space they need. You do not want to end up halfway through putting your items into your unit only to realize that you need more space.

  1. Not Considering a Climate-Controlled Unit

Are any of your items sensitive to temperature or humidity? If so, your best option would be a climate controlled unit. Some examples of commonly stored items that should be stored in a climate controlled unit include:

  • Any type of documents;
  • Electronics;
  • Photo albums; and
  • Appliances.
  1. Not Labelling Your Boxes

You should always take the time to label your boxes in as much detail as is necessary. Essentially, you should be able to tell what is inside of each box without opening it. Do not assume that you will be able to remember the contents of all of your boxes. The last thing you want is to be stuck opening up seven different boxes frantically looking for one specific item.

  1. Failing to Plan Ahead

When the day comes to actually move your things into your unit, you should be sure that you have planned everything out. There are many different issues that you will need to consider; for example:

  • Do you have access to the appropriate packing supplies?
  • Do you need to rent a truck?
  • Do you have enough manpower to carry everything?
  • Do you know precisely where each box will go inside of your unit?

The bottom line is that putting effort into planning will make the day that you move your items into storage go much more smoothly. Further, it will save you a tremendous amount of time in the future.

  1. Over Stuffing the Unit

While it can be tempting to try to fit all of your items into one small storage unit, you should never overfill a unit. If you are unable to walk into your unit without much difficulty, you should probably get more space. The people that overfill their storage units almost always come to regret it.

Do You Need Self-Storage Assistance in Cascade Park?

If you are looking for storage space in Vancouver, Washington, the dedicated professionals at Iron Gate Storage are ready to help. Please do not hesitate to contact our team today to learn more about what we can do for you. We would love to hear from you!

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Vancouver Storage Units: Need a Climate-Controlled Unit?

If you want to store items that have monetary or sentimental value, such as valuable furniture or family heirlooms, you may want to consider a climate-controlled storage unit. Summertime brings in the heat into Vancouver, making some days nearly unbearable from June through August. In the wintertime, however, the weather conditions become unbearable in opposite ways, when the temperatures drop down around zero.

With weather that can be so extreme on both ends of the temperature gauge, climate-controlled Vancouver storage units will protect your precious belongings from climate-related catastrophes.

Climate Control, In a Nutshell

Vancouver storage units that are climate-controlled remain at a consistent and moderate temperature all year long. Humidity is also kept at the same level year-round to ensure furniture does not warp or crack, whether it is summer or winter. The walls of climate-controlled units are also insulated to keep the interior the same climate and free of moisture that could jeopardize your precious valuables and furniture you inherited or worked so hard to earn.

Items That Are Climate-Sensitive

While this is not a complete list, it should help you to determine whether or not you are storing items that will be sensitive to heat, cold, or humidity. If you are planning to store any of the following climate-sensitive items, you may want to consider a climate-controlled storage unit:

  • Collectibles – antiques, artwork, such as paintings, drawings, posters, classic cars, wine
  • Electronics – Audio equipment, cameras, computers, stereos
  • Household and Personal Items – appliances, books, clothing, family heirlooms, history records
  • Media – cassettes, CDs, negatives, photos, photo albums
  • Sensitive Materials – glass, leather, metal, plastic

Other Climate Control Benefits

Besides the fact that you do not have to worry about your climate-sensitive items that are made of wood, plastic, or paper warping in the warmer weather or cracking in the colder weather, there are other crucial benefits of climate control, as well. If you are worried about the higher cost of climate-controlled storage units, you should really weigh the benefits first. Ultimately, the cost of storing your valuable items in a climate-controlled storage unit is much less than having to purchase everything new all over again when you need it.

Additionally, your belongings are kept safe and secure in a Vancouver storage unit, so you can feel at ease that nothing will happen to the items of monetary or sentimental value that you are storing, especially if you are planning to store them for a significant amount of time. Finally, as you are sifting through the boxes in your storage unit, trying to find something you packed away, you will enjoy a comfortable environment while you are searching.

Vancouver Storage Units at Your Service

We are here to help you decide whether or not a climate-controlled Vancouver storage unit fits your needs. If you need assistance with determining exactly what your needs are, we can help you with that, too. Contact us at Iron Gate Storage in Vancouver today to find out your storage options.

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