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Preparing Your Home for Your Senior Parent with a Vancouver Storage Unit

Nobody is ever prepared to face the fact that their parent – or parents – are getting elderly. It is even more difficult to come to the realization that your mother or father – or both – can no longer live independently and need to either be moved into a senior residential facility or move in with you. If you do happen to move your senior mother or father in with you, you may want to consider a Vancouver storage unit. But, before we get to that, let’s take a look at how things are changing in this realm in our country.

Americans are Pre-Planning to Move Parents In

With the scary stories that we hear about residential facilities for the elderly, it is not surprising that many of us are leery about signing our parents into one. It seems that America is becoming a country of multi-generational living situations because of this issue. In fact, 44 percent of people shopping for houses say that they are interested in finding a home that would accommodate their parents, according to a John Burns Real Estate Consulting survey that was recently released. Preparation is the key to ensure that all family members are not stressed or overwhelmed when a senior is moved into the home.

Preparing Your Home

The following tips will help you, your spouse, and your children get your home prepared for your senior parent – or parents – to move in:

  • Give them their own space – You may be able to adapt a couple of rooms and a bathroom in one area of your home into a suite for your parents. The best place for seniors is the ground floor, to avoid them having to use stairs to get to their area of the house.
  • Be sure to declutter – More people means less space to move around in the home. Therefore, this is not enough room in the house for clutter. By decluttering, you will find that your home is more organized and comfortable for everyone living in the house. Additionally, decluttering will ensure that your senior parent does not trip and fall in cluttered areas.
  • Get a storage unit for extra belongings – Getting a storage unit can help to kill two birds with one stone. Your senior parent – or parents – will likely to want to keep most of their belongings. Seniors often find it difficult to part with their belongings, and your parents will not have to if you get them a storage unit. While you are decluttering your home, if you come across items that you do not want to part with, but have no space for, you can pack those items in the storage unit, as well.

A Vancouver Storage Unit for You

Everyone is going to have to adjust to the new living situation, but it can work, especially if you pre plan for the change. At Iron Gate Storage in Vancouver, we want to help you and your senior parent – or parents – enjoy a smooth transition. Contact us when you are ready to rent a Vancouver storage unit and we will do everything we can to accommodate you and your family.

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Vancouver Storage Units – Securing Your Storage

There are a variety of different reasons people need to rent storage units in the Vancouver area. Some people rent storage units to store all of their summer belongings during the winter and protect them from the bitter weather. Others rent storage units to hold their inventory or unused business furniture. Regardless what the reason to rent a Vancouver storage unit, more than likely, you are worried about how to keep your belongings secure.

When it comes to renting storage units, security and safety are usually in the forefront of people’s’ minds. This is obviously because you are storing items that have some type of financial value or at least sentimental meaning, and sentimental items are often worth more to us than items we purchased with our hard-earned money. Packing them away in a storage unit absolutely does not mean that you no longer want those items. On the contrary, you are putting your items in a place that you hope is safe to keep them.

Keeping Your Unit Secure

The following are three simple ways you can ensure your items remain secure while they are in your storage unit:

  1. Research – Before you rent a storage unit, research the storage facilities in your area, just like you would research a product that you are planning on purchasing, a restaurant at which you want to have dinner, or a hotel at which you are thinking about staying in another part of the country. It is always a smart idea to visit the property, as well, and make sure that you see plenty of security cameras at the entrances and exits of the property on which the storage units are placed. Another thing you want to see is a fence that surrounds the perimeter of the property. Some quick things to remember to check include:
    • Security cameras;
    • Security guards;
    • On-site management;
    • Adequate lighting (for those night-time jaunts to grab something out of your unit); and
    • Fence around perimeter.
  2. Locks – Typically, the person renting the storage unit is required to purchase a lock for the unit. Sure, you can purchase a cheap lock, but why do that when you can put the most powerful lock on your valuable belongings? Some of the best are not only tricky to pick, but also difficult to cut. Round, disc detainer padlocks are excellent choices for securing your storage unit.
  3. Value Items First – While you may want to keep your most valuable items close to the door so that you can just reach in and get them when you come back, savvy storage renters know to keep their most valuable items in the back of the storage unit. That way, in case a thief were to make it through the security and your lock, they would also have to dig to the back of your storage to find anything of value.

Getting a Vancouver Storage Unit

At Iron Gate Storage in Vancouver, we are invested in keeping your valuable belongings safe and secure. Contact us to discuss our security measures and how we can help you get moved into your new storage unit today.

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Clever Concepts: Business Relocation & Vancouver Storage Units

While a residential move is often overwhelming, moving a business takes special care and effort. Anyone who moves their business can only hope that the relocation goes quickly and smoothly so they can continue to make a profit and serve customers without any bumps in the road. These simple, yet clever ideas can help to ensure that your business move is as efficient and affordable as possible.

Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize

If you plan to keep your company open and serve customers through the duration of the move, you will need to prioritize which items you want and need to relocate first. While it may seem like you should move the things that you use the most, like office furniture and computers, it makes more sense to move the items that you do not use often, such as seasonal decorations, excess office supplies, old files and file cabinets, office furniture that you are not using, and non-essential fixtures like plants and lamps.

Because these items do not affect your day-to-day business operations, you should move and situate them first. If your office uses free-standing cubicles, move and situate those next, along with anything else you can do without for a day or two. At this point, your new office will be nearly moved and organized. The last items that you should move are the things that are used every day, such as the computers, desks, and chairs.

Use Your Storage Space

More and more business owners are realizing that Vancouver storage units can be an asset to a business. Not only are they convenient, but they also free up usable space in your office and make it more functional. Additionally, storage units keep your company’s assets safe until you need them.

When searching for a storage facility, take into consideration the following conveniences and features:

  • Security;
  • Password protected entry;
  • Climate controlled units; and
  • Affordable rates.

Renting a storage unit is like renting extra space that you can utilize to keep all of your non-essential business items secure until you need them again. That is why many business owners see storage units as assets for their companies.

Announce the Move to Your Customers and Vendors

Your customers and vendors should be told well in advance of a business move where to find your business when they need you. Send out emails or postcards, and post signs on the windows and doors of the old office in advance announcing the move and the new address.

Hire Movers

You cannot expect your employees to pack and move the office and keep daily business running at the same time. By doing this, your employees could easily incur overtime and become overwhelmed. Additionally, professional movers are trained to pack and unload your office items efficiently and carefully and are licensed and bonded in case anything is broken during the move. Invest in a moving company to do the moving for your business and you will most likely spend less and be less stressed in the long run.  

Vancouver Storage Unit

At Iron Gate Storage in Vancouver, we have every size storage unit you could need for your company’s belongings and we pride ourselves on maintaining a safe storage facility for our customers. Contact us today to discuss your business needs.

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Vancouver Storage Units: Make Your Move More Eco-Friendly

Moving can drastically increase the size of our carbon footprint quickly and within a short period of time. We can, however, do things to decrease our carbon footprints when we move, so don’t fret. Rent yourself a Vancouver storage unit to help yourself get more organized or to buy yourself more time, and read on to find out how to make your move more eco-friendly.   

Your Closet

It is tempting to start bagging up clothes and shoes you haven’t worn and throw them out, but throwing them in the trash means that they will end up in a landfill, which makes an impact on our carbon footprint. Take the time to sort through your closet and donate clothes that are in decent shape to a non-profit organization or a shelter. Find a location where Nike accepts old sneakers for their Reuse a Shoe program and drop off all of your old sneakers to them. Look around for different resources or do a search on the internet for places that will reuse the things you no longer want.  

Green Your Moving Supplies

Boxes are one of the most used packing materials. There are a few ways to reduce our carbon footprint here. You can reuse boxes from a store or other establishment. To be sure, many people walk into retail stores and ask if they have any used boxes they can have. Ask your mover if they provide reused plastic containers and biodegradable materials that replace things like bubble wrap. Get creative by using your bedding and towels to pack your glassware and other fragile items.           

Reducing Amount of Fuel Used

By following the first two tips here, you will already have a good start on this “green” tip. Reducing the amount of clothing and shoes you are moving already eliminates some of the fuel you would have used to move your stuff. Be creative and think about ways you can reduce the amount of fuel you will be using during your move and you will definitely decrease your carbon footprint.      

Get a Vancouver Storage Unit

If you have things you are not sure whether you want to keep or not, or you simply don’t have enough space at your new place for everything you own, you may want to get a storage unit until your move is over and you can make better decisions regarding your “undecided” items. Are you in a crunch at moving time? Do you feel like there is not enough time in a day to make decisions? A storage will give you more time to figure out what you want to donate and what you want to keep, further reducing your carbon footprint.

At Iron Gate Storage in Vancouver, we love the fact you are interested in making your move more eco-friendly. Stop in and visit us if you need to rent a storage unit, or if you need any other related assistance.

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Moving Locally? Tips from Beaverton Storage Units

Moving locally, as opposed to moving long-distance, can be just as strenuous on your finances and your time. The key to a successful local move, just like a long-distance move, is to start early and plan ahead. With that said, here are some tips for moving locally from your neighborhood Beaverton storage unit facility.

Local Move Tip #1

Start Preparing Early. Many people believe that an in-town or local move is somehow easier than a long-distance move. However, you still have to make all of the same preparations, including hiring movers or a moving truck, packing up everything you own, loading it into trucks, and unloading, unpacking and organizing on the other end.

By starting to prepare early, you can be assured that you will be able to hire the moving company that you want to choose, rather than the one that has availability left; or rent the right sized rental truck; or get the right sized storage unit for your excess stuff. If you wait too long, you may not get what you want.

Local Move Tip #2

Organize & Declutter. If you have hired movers to help you with your local move, keep in mind that they more than likely charge by the hour. By organizing and decluttering before your move, you will certainly cut down the bill from the moving company. If you are planning on moving things in a rented truck on your own, you can reduce a lot of what you will need to haul on moving day.

Local Move Tip #3

Don’t Be Shy – Ask For Help! Whether you need help with organizing and decluttering or with choosing the right sized storage unit for your excess belongings, do not be shy when it comes to asking for help. People often like to assist others who are in need of help. Post on Facebook asking for help or mention it to friends and family. You may be surprised at how many people show up to assist you when you ask. We all need help here and there and quite a few people function on the belief that if they help someone, they will receive help if they ever need it in the future.

Local Move Tip #4

Leave the Home Impeccable. This is important whether you are moving out of a home you owned or a home that you rented. If you owned the home, you want to leave the place impeccable for the new owners who just paid you the amount you were satisfied with at closing. If you rented the home, you will be more likely to get your entire security deposit returned to you if the place is left spotless, and you will also be ensuring that you get a good reference in the future.

Beaverton Storage Units

At Iron Gate Storage in Beaverton, we routinely help people who are moving and hear tons of moving-related tips. We hope these tips help you as you make it through the experience of a local move.

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5 Tips for Storing Wood Furniture in a Vancouver Storage Unit

Many people throughout the Vancouver region have wood furniture pieces that they do not currently have space for. A storage unit can be a perfect solution for dealing with your lack of extra space. Of course, wood furniture items are also often antiques, and as such they can be quite  valuable. Additionally, these items are usually very delicate. It is critical that they are are treated with care and stored in the right type of environment.

1. Clean Your Furniture

Before putting your furniture into a Downtown/Westside storage unit, you need to ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned. This is important for a couple of reasons. First, it will save you a lot of headaches in the future. When it comes time to take your item out of storage, you will want a clean item. Even more important, dirty furniture items risks damage. Any debris that is left on a wood furniture piece for a long period of time may cause the item to rot.

2. Treat the Wood

Many wood furniture pieces should be treated before being placed into a storage unit. While this is not necessary in every case, it is worth considering. Treating wood will help preserve its structural integrity. By doing this, you could dramatically extend the life of your furniture piece.

3. Protect Your Furniture from Moisture

Moisture is the number one threat to wooden products. If your wood furniture is exposed to even a small amount of water, for any extended period of time, very serious damage could result. You need to protect your belongings. Make sure that your wood furniture piece is completely dry before you put it into storage. When you do put it into your unit, it is best to cover your item with a light cloth. A light cloth will allow your item to breathe while also providing it with adequate protection.

4. Use a Climate Controlled Unit

Many items do better in a climate controlled unit. Anything made of wood or paper should be stored in this type of unit. A climate regulated storage unit will keep both the temperature and the humidity within a set range. This is important because extreme temperatures and high humidity can damage wood products. The climate controlled units at Iron Gate Storage are competitively priced and will provide your valuable furniture pieces with the protective environment that they require.

5. Disassemble the Furniture

Whenever possible, it is best to disassemble large furniture pieces before putting them into a storage unit. By doing this, you will be able to maximize the space available within your unit. Remember to be very careful when taking wooden furniture apart. Take the time to note how the item will go back together. Further, be sure that you do not misplace any of the small pieces.

Do You Need Storage Space in Vancouver?

The experienced storage professionals at Iron Gate Storage can help. We have many conveniently located self storage locations throughout the region, including at Downtown/Westside. If you are looking to store wood furniture, or any other items, please do not hesitate to contact our team today to learn more about what we can do for you.  

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Orchards Storage Units: Choosing the Right Storage Facility

Preparing to move creates plenty of stress and confusion. You already have enough decisions to make without adding anything else on your plate. So, when you realize that you are going to need an Orchards storage unit during your move, it’s nice to know that your choices are simple and few. Here are some pointers to help you get started.

Temporary or Long-Term?

Knowing whether you will need a storage unit temporarily, for just the amount of time it takes you to move out of one home and get settled into the new home, or if you will want to keep the storage for the long-term, will help you decide which items should go to the storage and which ones should go straight to the new home. Of course, you can always change your mind if you think you need a storage unit for a shorter amount of time and end up needing it for much longer, because you do not have to sign a lease. Storage units are rented on a month-to-month basis; you can keep yours as long as you need it.

What Size Do You Need?

Once you decide whether you are planning to use the storage unit temporarily or for the long-run, you will probably have a good idea which belongings you will be storing in it. At this point, you will need to determine what size unit you will need. We have created a couple of tools for our customers to help them figure out what sized unit they will need. Check out our handy size guide and our space estimator to get a good idea of what size unit you should rent.  


There are certainly other aspects of a storage unit that you want to look into besides the length of time you will need it and the size unit you will need. For instance, you will probably want to ask the storage facility how secure their storage units and facility are. Do they have security cameras rolling 24/7? Do they have a gate around the entire storage facility? What do you need them to have to feel like your belongings are secure? Do you need a climate-controlled unit? Would it be convenient if they offered moving trucks on-site?

Use a Master List

Okay, you have settled on a storage facility and the storage unit that you are going to rent. Now, you need to make a master list of everything that you plan to put into the storage unit. As daunting as packing and moving is, there is a good chance you are going to forget that you put certain smaller items in storage. A master list is easy to reference back to and it can be easily modified when you take things out of storage by just crossing the items off the list.

Taking Advantage of a Vancouver Storage Unit at Orchards

At Iron Gate Storage in Vancouver, we want your move to be as smooth and stress-free as possible. If there is anything we can do to make your move or your storage rental easier, feel free to contact us and let us know.

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Vancouver Pearson Airport Storage Units Helping Online Businesses

There are many different unique challenges involved with running an online business. Though, if you are selling items online, you will also face a very traditional challenge: Where do you put all that inventory? All business owners know that excess inventory can quickly pile up. This is where a Vancouver storage unit at Pearson Airport comes in. A storage unit can give your business the space it desperately needs at a reasonable price.

Five Important Storage Tips for Online Businesses

1. Know How Much Space You Need

Before selecting your storage unit, you should carefully consider how much space you actually need. After all, no one wants to overpay for space they will never actually use. Alternatively, you do not want the hassle of being forced to move all of your items into a larger space either. You need to get the unit size right the first time. An experienced storage professional can help you do this. If you bring a detailed list of your items to a manager at Iron Gate Storage, he or she can help determine exactly how much space you will require.

2. Consider a Climate Controlled Unit

Climate control will keep the temperatures and humidity level of the storage unit within an acceptable range. Many items risk damage if they encounter extreme temperatures or high humidity. While a climate controlled unit is slightly more expensive, it is well worth it in many cases. Be sure to ask a storage professional if your items would be better offer with climate control.

3. Create a Detailed Inventory List

Online business owners need to know exactly what they are putting into their storage unit. Further, they should know exactly where in the unit each item is located. Do not assume that you will be able to remember this information. Take the time to write it down. This will save yourself a lot of wasted time and headaches in the future.

4. Do Not Overfill a Storage Unit

One of the biggest storage-related mistakes people make is over-stuffing their unit. While it can certainly be tempting to try to squeeze everything into one small space, you will come to regret this. Overfilling your unit will significantly increase the chances that your items will get lost or damaged. Further, it will force you to spend a considerable amount of time locating items. It is always better to simply rent a second small storage unit.

5. Pack Everything Extremely Carefully

Finally, the importance of packing and handling all of your items carefully needs to be highlighted. Any item that is lost or damaged will cost your business money. By taking proactive steps to ensure that items are handled with care, you will significantly reduce the chances that any product will suffer damage during the storage process.

Contact Iron Gate Storage Today

Whether you are managing a mid-sized company or simply making some extra money on the side, we have storage space that can help your online business. To learn more about what the passionate professionals at Iron Gate Storage can do for you, please do not hesitate contact our team today.

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Spruce Up Your Home Office with a Mill Plain Storage Unit

Increasingly, many people throughout the country are working from home. In fact, according to Gallup’s telecommuting survey, 37 percent of Americans now work from home on a regular basis. Additionally, the Gallup survey found that 22 percent of Americans work from home at least half of the time. Home offices are just as common in the Vancouver region. While working from home is a great option for many people, it does also present some unique challenges. Just like a traditional office, a home office can quickly become a cluttered mess. Fortunately, there is an easy and cost effective solution to this problem: a Mill Plain storage unit can help you keep your home office well organized.

Treat Your Home Office Well

Ultimately, your home office should be a place that encourages productivity. An organized office can go a long way towards achieving this goal. It is well worth it to take the time to set your home office up right. Some useful tips that will help you keep your home office in great condition include:


  • Always keep your desk clear: Many studies have shown that a clean and accessible desk promotes productivity.
  • Be wary of using ‘catch-all’ junk drawers: All too often people put things into these drawers and never see them again.
  • Be sure to install the proper lighting: Poor lighting will do long-term damage to your eyesight.  
  • Take the time to keep your papers under control: Documents and files can quickly stack up and become a huge mess.

A Storage Unit Can Be a Great Place to Keep Files and Documents

When it comes to maintaining a home office, documents and files present one of the biggest challenges. Even people who telecommute often end up with many boxes of important hard copy files. These papers can take up a tremendous amount of space. For most people, there is simply not enough room to keep all of these boxes within a home office. There is where a small self storage unit can be an excellent organizational tool. If you are considering putting paper documents into storage, you need to take the time to do it the right way. Specifically, please consider the following list of our five most important tips:

  1. Take a comprehensive inventory of your files: You need to know exactly what you are putting into your storage unit.
  2. Always use strong and reliable boxes: You should never store loose documents.
  3. Fill every box: Half full boxes tend to shift around and cause a mess.
  4. Make sure that each box is thoroughly labelled: Proper labelling will save you a lot of time in the future.
  5. Use a climate controlled unit: This type of unit will protect your important files from the risk of damage.

Do You Need Storage Space in Vancouver?

We can help. At Iron Gate Storage, our team of dedicated professionals has extensive experience helping our clients find their ideal storage solutions. If you are looking to spruce up your home office, or have any other storage-related questions, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We look forward to helping you.

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Apartment Dwellers & Cascade Park Vancouver Storage Units

Increasingly, many Americans of all backgrounds are choosing to move into apartments. The apartment lifestyle has become popular both with young people who are starting off their careers and baby boomers who are looking to downsize. There are many advantages that come with living in an apartment. Of course, the limited space does also present some challenges. One common questions that arises: Where will I put all my stuff? Here, a self storage unit can provide a cost effective solution. By renting self storage space in Cascade Park, you can be sure that you will keep your apartment well-organized and free from clutter.

Did You Recently Move Into an Apartment?

You are not alone. Many individuals and families throughout the Vancouver region are in a similar situation. You may be:

  • A young professional coming directly out of college or graduate school;
  • A young adult relocating to a new city or new neighborhood;
  • A recently married couple moving into their first apartment or condo; or
  • A baby boomer whose children have recently left the house.

Regardless of how you found yourself in your new apartment, there is a good chance that you will need some additional storage space. Exactly how much space you will need can vary greatly depending on your individual circumstances. Many people have a difficult time determining just how much space they actually need. Fortunately, an experienced storage professional can help you assess your situation and determine what size unit will work best for you.

Putting Storage Unit Size into Perspective

In order to understand how much space you will need, you first must get a handle on how exactly how much stuff can fit into a storage unit. After all, assessing storage space is not necessarily intuitive. Far more stuff can fit into a storage unit than many people realize. Consider some of the storage unit sizes available in Cascade Park:


  • 5X5: This unit is the size of a small closet. Generally it can fit a few furniture items, several  boxes and a mattress.
  • 5X10: This type of unit is the size of a large walk-in closet. In it, you can usually fit most of the items found in a small apartment.
  • 10X20: This larger style of unit can typically fit all of the items included in a small house.


What Other Features Does Iron Gate Storage Have to Offer?

At our Cascade park location, our facility offers:

  • Easy access, as we are located right next to Interstate 205;
  • A free rental truck to help you when you move in;
  • Well secured units, including surveillance cameras and unit alarms;
  • Space for your RV or boat;
  • A well managed and clean facility; and
  • A reasonable price.

Contact Our Team Today

At Iron Gate Storage, our dedicated professionals have extensive experience helping our clients find solutions that meet their storage needs. If you are looking for storage space to supplement your new apartment, our Cascade Park location may be ideal for your you. Please do not hesitate to contact our team today with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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