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Vancouver Storage Units Unravel – Getting Boxes to Move?

You are planning to move. If you have ever moved before, you know that it takes a large amount of cardboard to transport all of your belongings from the old home to the new one. Whether you are getting a Vancouver storage unit or moving directly from one home to the next, with no pit-stops, you probably want to have a good idea of how many boxes you will need to get from point A (old home) to point B (new home).

How Do You Get Your Boxes?

Many tenants have gone above and beyond trying to save money on buying cardboard boxes to move with, only to turn around and end up buying the boxes at our Vancouver storage unit facility when they struck out. Some may have gone from commercial trash can to commercial trash can, peeking in to try to find the sized boxes they needed. Others might have asked businesses if they could pick up boxes on their regular delivery day. Then, there are others who may have done a ton of running around, only to find out that buying the boxes they needed was the only way they were going to get those that were in good enough shape to keep their belongings safe and sound.

Double Up Boxes

Have you ever tried doubling up boxes for fragile items? Obviously, you cannot pack the same sized box into another box. Instead, you can pack bubble wrap or paper inside of the bigger box to line the outside of the smaller box that will fit inside. Pack bubble wrap or paper tightly around the smaller box to ensure that it will not shake around or move while you are transporting the box to your new home. Mark FRAGILE on the outside of the box to remind you that the box has fragile items inside of it. Essentially, the reason you would do this is to cushion the box in the event someone drops it on moving day.

Better Safe than Sorry!

It is better to have more boxes than you need. Of course, you may feel like you spent money you did not need to spend on boxes, but that is usually better than getting to moving day and realizing at the last minute that you need five more boxes for your trinkets and other smaller items. As such, overestimate the amount of boxes you will need and you will not have any issues arise on moving day.

Vancouver Storage on 57th

Contact us at Iron Gate Storage in Vancouver to discuss your storage needs. We are here to help you experience a smooth moving day, so if there is anything we can do to help, feel free to contact us and let us know.

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Vancouver Storage Units: Helping You Stage Your Home for Sale

Selling your home on your own sometimes requires certain strategies that real estate agents use to get the maximum amount you are asking for and sell as quickly as possible. One of those strategies is called “staging your home.” If you have ever seen pictures of rooms in magazines or even bought a home that was set up picture-perfectly, or even rented an apartment many years ago that had an apartment that the managers showed prospective renters, then you have likely seen a staged apartment. This entails making a house look as perfect as possible.

Staging a home takes a lot of work. It also takes moving excess items out of the view of prospective buyers. This can be done much easier if you rent a Vancouver storage unit. You are going to be moving out all of your items anyway once your home has sold, so why not start by cleaning out the clutter and staging your home?

Here are some quick tips for staging your home to get the most out of the sale and sell your home quickly:

Clean out the Clutter

As we already mentioned, staging your home requires getting rid of any clutter in your home. Where do you start? It is better to clear nearly everything out and get all of the way down to bare essentials, rather than try to make certain aspects work in a room. After all, what do you see when you look at magazine pictures?

Typically, less is best. Your main goal is to make each room look as large as possible, while also making each room appear inviting. What feels natural to you may not be the same to a buyer, so keep it simple and get rid of everything else.

Keep Neutral Furniture Pieces and Get Rid of Niche Pieces

You might be a huge fan of wicker furniture, but your buyer might hate it. Or, it might just make it difficult for your buyer to picture what else they would put in a room. You are better off taking out any niche pieces and leaving only your most neutral furniture in each room. This may seem boring, but it will definitely help you make the sale.

Lighten it Up

People, in general, are attracted to light. Natural light is the best, so open up those curtains or hang sheers in windows, rather than your personalized curtains. In fact, pack any personalized curtains away. Let the light shine into every room that you can and make sure that any room that does not have much natural lighting is lit well with stronger light bulbs, even if you prefer dimmer ones. Light makes a home seem roomier and breathable, so make the most out of each room with light.

Our Vancouver Storage Solutions

Of course, now you need a place to put all of the items that you have taken out of each room to stage them. Pack all of your belongings away in an organized manner and give us a call at Iron Gate Storage in Vancouver. Stop in and let us know how you staged your home to sell. We would love to hear your ideas!

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Beaverton Storage Units Decluttering Your Children’s Playroom

When it has gotten out of hand, cleaning and decluttering your children’s playroom is a daunting project, no matter which way you look at it. Any parent who has been through it would probably warn you that you are in for a few surprises – from the moldy quarter of a sandwich that somehow made it behind the bookshelf to the dirty socks that were stuffed in the bottom of one of the toy boxes. You may find that you need a Beaverton storage unit once the project is all said and done.

Before we get that far, however, here are a few cleaning and decluttering tips to get you started:

Trash First

Unless you are Mary Poppins, there is a chance that there is trash in your children’s playroom. That should be the first thing you focus on – getting the trash out and into the trash can. That step alone will make you feel like you are making progress.

Toy Boxes and Containers

The next step is to go through each and every toy box container, one by one. This is absolutely daunting, of course, but it must be done. Toss out games that are missing pieces and toys that are broken. It might bother you to toss these things in the moment, but when it comes time to play a game that has all of its parts and pieces, you will be glad you did it.

Place aside any toys and games that your children have outgrown for a little later.

Reorganize & Clean

Once you have rid the room of all of the trash, the broken toys, the games that are missing pieces, and other unusable items, you can perform the finishing touches of vacuuming, dusting, and spot upholstery cleaning. After you have cleaned the room to your standards, place the furniture and toy containers where you want them to remain.

Do You Need a Beaverton Storage Unit?

Remember that pile of items your children have outgrown? It’s time to revisit it. If you have multiple children – and especially if you plan to have more children in the future – you may want to consider storing those items in a Beaverton storage unit. Storing them in a storage unit will not only keep them safe from accidentally being broken by children who are too big to be using them anymore, but it will also ensure they are kept nice, new, and secure.

Vancouver Storage Units

At Iron Gate Storage, we take pride in keeping people’s personal belongings safe and secure at our self-storage facility. Whether you need to store your grandmother’s precious antiques or your children’s outgrown toys and games for the next child, you can count on Iron Gate Storage for all of your self-storage needs in Beaverton. Contact us today to discuss your storage options or any storage issues and concerns you have.

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Using Home Organizers in Your Orchards Storage Unit

Many people think that they can only use boxes and containers – and sometimes even garbage bags – to pack their belongings in their Orchards storage unit. However, organizing your storage unit so you can access whatever you need whenever you need it is a crucial part of utilizing a storage unit. There are so many great home organizers that can be used in your Orchards storage unit, it would almost be a crime if you weren’t to use them to help you keep your storage unit nice and neat. Sometimes, you just have to take the time to think outside of the box.

Here are some ideas:


Since there is typically more vertical space in a storage unit than floor space, you should take as much advantage of the vertical space as possible. One way to do this is with shelves. Whether you repurpose something such as a bookshelf or create shelves from items you no longer need at the house, they will certainly help you take advantage of the vertical space you should be using. You can’t alter the storage units by installing shelves, but you can definitely create more room by utilizing space up to the roof.


Imagine all of things you can do with hooks in your storage unit. Rather than packing them together and leaving them to chance of scraping against each other, you can hang your expensive tools on hooks. They will also be easily accessible if you need them while they are stored. You may need quick access to your expensive ties as well, so just hang them on hooks in your storage unit and you can grab them next time you come by to store more items or to get something out of your storage.

Hat Boxes

It may feel wrong for some to pack jewelry and makeup in plain, brown cardboard boxes. Not only that, all of those boxes make it difficult to figure out exactly where these items are. If you pack them in hat boxes, not only will you feel better about how they are packaged in your storage, you will also be able to find them easier. In addition, you can put hat boxes on the shelves you are using.

Bicycle & Clothing Racks

Bicycle and clothing racks offer more ways to utilize that vertical space in your storage unit. You can use them the same way you would in your garage or closet, again, as long as you don’t alter the unit. Remember, if you are going to use clothing racks in your storage unit to only store freshly washed clothing, and do not use improper hangers to keep your clothes hung for long periods of time. You do not want your clothes to be misshapen when you come back to get them out of your Orchards storage unit.

Iron Gate Storage in Orchards

Come visit us at Iron Gate Storage, where we like to think outside of the box and come up with helpful storage ideas for you. If you have any questions about storing your items, feel free to contact us to discuss any of your storage concerns.

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Storing Baby Related Items in Downtown Vancouver

Having a new baby is a very exciting time for any family. Of course, with a baby also comes the need for a ton of new stuff. Not only will you need to baby-proof your home, but you will need purchase baby supplies such as clothing, toys and new furniture items. All too quickly, your new baby will grow out of these items. This leads to a conundrum for many parents: Should you just get rid of all that baby stuff? You can sell it or give it away to a friend. However, in many cases, that is not a desirable option. You may want to keep all of that baby stuff for the future, but it will take up a lot of space in your house. Fortunately, this is where Downtown/Westside Vancouver storage unit can offer a cost effective solution. By keeping your baby items in a storage unit, you can save them for the future without cluttering up your home.

Storing Baby Clothes

It is amazing how quickly young children grow out of clothes. In fact, a new baby will need bigger clothes every few months. Many parents want to save all of those unneeded baby clothes. This is particularly useful for couples who anticipate having another child in the future. In those cases, baby clothing can be reused, saving a lot of money. A storage unit is the perfect place to keep all of those outgrown baby clothes that are beginning to pile up. When storing baby clothes, or any other type of clothing, please consider the following storage four tips:

  • Only store clean clothing;
  • Make sure clothing is dry and protect all clothing from moisture within the storage unit;
  • Store clothing in well-labelled boxes or bins; and
  • Consider using a climate-controlled storage unit, as this is where clothing will store best.

Storing Infant-Related Furniture

Infants also require specialized furniture. Much like clothing, babies will quickly grow out of this furniture. Some examples of commonly used baby furniture includes:

  • Cribs;
  • Bassinets;
  • Changing tables;
  • Playpens;
  • Booster seats; and
  • Nursery chairs.

All of these items can take up a considerable amount of space in your home. Most likely you will not want to keep a changing table or crib in your house or apartment after it is no longer in use. Still, you might not wish to get rid of these furniture pieces yet either. A Vancouver storage unit is the perfect place to keep infant-related furniture pieces. As in your home, these items can take up a lot space in storage. Therefore, when possible, it is usually best to disassemble the infant furniture before placing it into storage. This will allow you hold a lot more in your storage unit. Please be very careful when taking apartment any furniture items and take care to ensure that you do not lose any small pieces.   

Contact Iron Gate Storage Today

Whether you are looking to store baby clothes, a crib, toys or any other items, our team is ready to help. At Iron Gate Storage, we offer competitively priced storage units throughout the Vancouver region. Please do not hesitate to contact our storage professionals today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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Saving Local Business Owners Money: Vancouver Storage Units

Is there clutter building up around your office? Do you sometimes have trouble finding things you need? Have you ever thrown something away only to wish that you had held onto it? If you are like most business owners, the answer to all of three of these questions is ‘yes’. That is why so many business owners can benefit from renting storage space. In many cases, renting a storage unit could actually even save your business money over the long run. At Iron Gate Storage, we serve many businesses, both large and small, throughout the Vancouver region. Many companies find that one of our Pearson Airport storage units is the best solution to their storage problems.

What Sets Our US Apart

1. Twenty-Four-Hour Access for Business Owners

Business owners need as much flexibility as is possible. After all, you never know what type of challenge will arise or what project will come up next. We help business keep that much needed flexibility by offering all  business owners twenty four hour access to their storage units. No matter what type of unexpected event occurs, you will be able to respond by getting into your unit.

2. We Offer a Wide Variety of Different Types of Units

We also offer a wide variety of different types and sizes of storage units at Pearson Airport. Do not be worried; we will have space that meets your unique needs. Additionally, we also offer units that are climate controlled. For some business owners, climate controlled storage space is a must. Finally, our facility also offers storage parking space for vehicles and small trailers.

3. Top-Notch Security

When selecting a storage facility, adequate security should be one of your biggest considerations. At Iron Gate Storage, we take security measures extremely seriously. Our Pearson Airport storage facility is equipped with many top-notch security features, including:

  • A fully secured entrance/exit gate;
  • A pin code access system;
  • Proper lighting in all sections of the facility;
  • All day video surveillance;
  • Individually alarmed storage units; and
  • Experienced on-site storage managers who always keep a close watch on the property.

4. A Free Move-in Truck

As an added bonus, if you are a business owner renting a space that is 7.5X10 or larger, we will offer you a free move-in truck for your convenience. Of course, access to these trucks is based on availability. Still, if you reach out to us today, we will do everything we can to assist you with your move-in.

Do You Need Vancouver Storage Assistance?

If you are a business owner in the Vancouver, Washington region, a storage unit may be able to save you space, time and money. To learn more about our Pearson Airport storage units, or storage in general, please contact the dedicated professionals at Iron Gate Storage today. Our team is looking forward to hearing from you!

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3 Signs that You Need a Vancouver Storage Unit at Mill Plain

Many people throughout the Vancouver region are in desperate need of additional storage space. At the same time, no one wants to spend extra money. This leads many people to put off renting a storage unit for far too long. The bottom line is that if you are running out of space, you should take action and rent a storage unit now. The long-term advantages will far outweigh the costs. In fact, in some cases, renting a storage unit could even save you some money in the future. This is because it could stop things from getting broken, lost or thrown away. The following is a list of three warning signs that strongly suggest that it is time for you to get yourself some extra storage space.

  1. Your Garage is Cluttered Mess

The garage often becomes the first dumping ground for all of the extra things we have around the house. Over time, this often results in garages becoming so full of items that there is barely room to get inside. In some cases, people even run out of room to fit a vehicle. You should avoid ending up in this predicament. By overfilling your garage, you will have a very difficult time finding the things you need. Further, your belongings risk becoming lost or damaged. Ultimately, when your garage is completely full, it is time to rent storage space.

  1. Your Closets are All Full

Similarly, you should take a look at your closets. Are they well organized? Can you easily find everything you need? For many people, the answer to both questions is ‘no’. Messy closets can quickly spiral out of control. If your closets are all completely full, you likely have things inside that you will not need in the near future. Still, you might not want to throw these things away. This is where a storage unit can help.

  1. You Wish You Still Had Things You Threw Away

Finally, another warning sign that you need a storage unit is when you throw away things only to find out in the future that you actually needed them all along. Some people are pack-rats by nature; they save almost everything. Others are exactly the opposite. They get rid of clutter at the first opportunity. Unfortunately, this can lead to the frustrating realization that you tossed out something that you very much need. This will result in you spending time and money getting a replacement item. Who wants to deal with that hassle? A storage unit can be the perfect way to eliminate this problem.

Do You Need Storage Space in Vancouver?

The experienced storage professionals at Iron Gate Storage can help. Our Mill Plain storage facility offers many different sized units at very competitive rates. To learn more about what we can do for you, please do not hesitate to give our team a call today. We are looking forward to assisting you!

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Pet Owner Benefits of Renting Vancouver Storage Units

In Vancouver, we love our pets. According to data provided by, more than 62 percent of the households in the state of Washington own at least one pet. To put this number into perspective, that is the 6th highest pet ownership rate for any state in the country. Pets are more than just animals; they are members of the family. Of course, our furry friends can bring with them quite a lot of a clutter. Fortunately, a Cascade Park storage unit offers a simple and cost effective solution to all of your pet-related storage problems.

Storing Pet Supplies

Whether you own a cat, a dog or any other creature, you will likely also have a large amount of pet supplies. Of course, you will want to keep many of these supplies at your home because you will need to use them on a day-to-day basis. Still, you likely also have pet supplies that you use very infrequently. You may even have supplies that you do not need for the time being. These seldomly used or unused items can take up a considerable amount of space. For many people throughout Vancouver, space in the home is at a premium. You may have no room to store all of those pet supplies inside of your home or apartment. Some examples of pet supplies that are often stored in our Cascade park units include:

  • Kennels;
  • Travel crates;
  • Collapse dog runs;
  • Infrequently used pet cleaning products;
  • Unused cages;
  • Unused fish tanks;
  • Litter boxes; and
  • Extra toys.

Warning: Do Not Store Pet Food

Pet food can also take up a lot of space, particularly if you buy it in bulk. However, it is not a good idea to keep pet food in a storage unit. Unfortunately, pet food is likely to attract unwanted pests. These pests can infest your unit and they will soil and damage other items within your unit.

Storage Can Also Help You Pet-Proof Your Home

If you have recently added a new pet to the family, or if you expect to in the future, a storage unit can be a great place to keep items that might not work for the time being. For example, many people have valuable wooden furniture that they do not want in the home with a new puppy. Your new dog may need some time to be trained not to bite before he or she can be around these items. You do not want to risk damage. Similarly, you may have a nice carpet that you want out of your home while you are house-training your new pet. Ultimately, a storage space gives you the flexibility to adjust to life with your new animal friend. It will give a chance to make your home a better environment for you and your new pet without forcing you to get rid of any of your belongings.

Contact Iron Gate Storage Today

We have many well-maintained storage facilities throughout the region, including at Cascade Park. If you have any questions or concerns about storing pet supplies in the Vancouver, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Our team looks forward to hearing from you!

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Make the Best of Your Vancouver Storage Unit

For some people, organizing your Vancouver storage unit is common sense. However, if you take a look at many people’s garages or basements, you will immediately realize that most of us do not keep our storage areas even remotely organized. The best way to take advantage of a Vancouver storage unit does not mean piling it to the ceiling with as much stuff as you can jam in it. On the contrary, just like a garage, basement, closet, or any other storage area, you want to create an area that allows you to easily access and find whatever you need.

For a lot of people, this is easier said than done, especially when working with an area that often provides more vertical space than horizontal space. However, when you take advantage of every bit of space your Vancouver storage unit offers, you will be able to better organize it, as well as be able to find your stuff when you need it.

Consider these Tips

Here are some tips to ensure you make the best of your self-storage:

  • Never use cardboard boxes to store your belongings. Our Vancouver self-storage units may be safe from the elements of weather like rain, wind, snow, and sun, but that does not mean that you should rely on cardboard, which is flimsy, at best, to contain your property. Invest in plastic storage containers that are clear so you can see what you have packed in each box, no matter how low it is in the pile.
  • Be sure to label your storage containers. Create master lists for containers that have many smaller items in them. Specify what is in the containers, rather than labeling the box “bathroom stuff.” That way, you know exactly what is inside. Four containers of “bathroom stuff” could get confusing. Put each master list in an envelope and affix the envelopes to each containers.
  • Try to create space around each stack of containers so that you can maneuver around them and access whatever you need, when you need it. Create hallways or corridors, so to speak, between the piles of containers, so you can move them around, if needed. Keep the containers that you will need to access the most near the front of the storage unit for quick and easy access.
  • Use any organizational tools that you may need. For example, you can hang hooks and pegboards or use clothing or bike racks to properly store your items. Vancouver storage units have quite a bit of vertical space; you should find ways to take advantage of every bit of the space you have.

Getting a Vancouver Storage Unit at Iron Gate Storage

When it comes to organizing and storing your items in a Vancouver storage unit, there is nothing wrong with getting creative! In fact, we find that the more creative renters take advantage of the space in their storage units the best, so feel free to take advantage of every inch of your storage unit here at Iron Gate Storage in Vancouver. Your storage unit is a like a blank canvas – it is not only flexible, but it can also be designed to fit your storage needs perfectly, as well.

Iron Gate Storage
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Make Room for Winter with a Vancouver Storage Unit

As winter sneaks up on us, there is some quick planning we all should be thinking about before the first snowflake flies. We are all aware of how quickly the temperatures will drop, and the fact that there is no reason to keep our tank tops and shorts, because we won’t be wearing them again for at least another six months. Furthermore, winter clothing is bulky and takes up much more space than our summer wardrobes do, so why not clear out the summer stuff and make room for our warmer threads and take advantage of a Vancouver storage unit?

You can essentially make your Vancouver storage unit into a walk-in-closet, if that is how you like your items organized and stored. You can even store other off-season items in the storage unit, as well. Then, when it is time to pull the summer stuff back out, you can do the seasonal switch and move your bulky winter wardrobe into your storage unit. Before you start packing your summer stuff away, take the following tips into consideration.

Packing Up Your Summer Wardrobe

Be sure that clothes are cleaned thoroughly before packing them away for storage. Grab some clear plastic bins with lids that attach and seal tightly to organize all of your clothes. As you are packing up each bin, gather items that are alike and pack them together. For instance, pack all of your t-shirts in one bin. Arrange the items in the bins with clothing you will need first. For example, when the spring comes back around, you will need sweaters and light jackets first, so pack them in the top of a bin.

As you are packing the bins into the storage unit, be sure to keep this same theme in mind, packing what you will need first toward the front of the storage unit. Label your bins so that you can easily find whatever you may be looking for in the future when you need it. You can even purchase clothing racks to hang the items you don’t want to fold and put into bins and stand them up in your storage unit for easy hanging. Just be sure to avoid wooden and wire hangers, as the padded and plastic hangers will maintain the shape of your clothing best. When you are packing the bins into the storage unit, be sure to leave space so that you can maneuver around and find whatever you need.

Avoid Trash Bags and Cardboard Boxes

Most people will try to avoid spending the money to properly store their clothing, because purchasing plastic bins for everything can add up. Many will use plastic bags, like trash bags, and cardboard boxes, but there are chemicals in plastic bags and cardboard boxes that will seep into your clothes and even react with the fabric of your clothing over time, causing your clothing to smell awful and turn a yellow hue. Plastic bags can trap moisture and prevent air flow, and when moisture is trapped without air flow, mold and mildew are inevitable.

Get Yourself and Irongate Storage Unit in Vancouver

Iron Gate Storage in Vancouver offers the best solution when you are dealing with closet disorganization and overflow. Make your closet cleaner and ease into your mornings better by packing away your summer belongings into one of our clean, safe, and affordable Vancouver storage units.

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