Avid Collector? Vancouver Storage Units Offer Solutions

If you are an avid collector, you may have closets, crawl spaces, or whole rooms in your home filled with packed boxes or items on display. In addition to taking up space, keeping potentially valuable items out and unprotected increases the risk of damage or loss. At Iron Gate Storage, our Vancouver storage units offer a clean, cost-efficient space to maintain the value of your collectibles. With the benefit of individual alarm codes and on-site security, you can trust that your items will be kept safe and easily accessible for when you want to inventory or add to your collection.

Keeping Collectibles In A Vancouver Storage Unit

Whether you have an established collection or are considering taking up collecting as a hobby, our Vancouver storage facility can help. Our units come in a variety of sizes to fit any budget. You can customize your unit to fit your needs, using temporary shelving, clear display boxes, and filing cabinets to organize and inventory the items you accumulate. Depending on what you collect, a storage unit in Vancouver can end up paying for itself, if you opt to sell the items you collect at antiques and collectible shows or via the internet. According to eBay, collectible items that are most in demand include:

  • Coins, which include both domestic and foreign currency;
  • Books, particularly first edition or out of print copies;
  • Vintage electronics, such as old telephones and record players;
  • Baseball cards, which can be sold as singles or in bulk;
  • Dolls and action figures, which increase in value if there are in the original box;
  • Antiques, which include glass, china, linens, and home décor items;
  • Stamps, which are enjoyed by over 2.5 million people throughout the world.  

Vancouver Storage Units Keep Collectible Safe

To maintain and get the most value out of your collection, it is important to store items properly. At our Vancouver storage facility, we provide the ideal environment, clean and secure, where you can drive up and unload your items directly. We offer all the supplies you need to pack items securely, including boxes in a variety of sizes, bubble wrap and wrapping paper, as well as moving pads to prevent scratches and breakage. The Spruce offers these tips on preparing collectibles for storage:

  • Make sure items are clean, dry, and dust free;
  • Store books upright, with pages unfolded, and in boxes to avoid fading;
  • Wrap china, glass, figures, and other delicate items in bubble wrap and label to avoid wrapping and unwrapping;
  • Avoid excessive handling of books, paper, fabrics, and metals, which can cause damage due to the oils on your skin;
  • As you collect items, be sure to note where and when you got them and their approximate age at the time of your purchase.

Visit Iron Gate Storage at Our Vancouver Storage Unit Facility

To find out more about our services and the types of storage units in Vancouver we offer, call or visit our facility. We are located at 802 NE 112th Avenue in Vancouver, WA. Our friendly staff and on-site management will be happy to provide a tour of our facility.

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