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Tips For Storing Retail Inventory in Cascade Park

Small and mid-sized retail companies can benefit greatly from self-storage. A self-storage unit can be an excellent way to manage the excess inventory that has been piling up. Further, self-storage is convenient, cost-effective, and, when used correctly, a good method of keeping a retail business organized. If you are considering keeping retail inventory in a storage unit at Cascade Park in Vancouver, please consider the four following tips.

Select a Location Near Your Business

One of the primary benefits of using a self-storage unit for your extra retail inventory is the convenience that it provides. Self-storage can allow you to maintain full control over your inventory while allowing for quick access to your items. In order to best utilize this benefit, you should select a storage unit that is located in close proximity to your retail business. For example, the Cascade Park location of Iron Gate Storage is located just off of Interstate 205. A location like this always allows for quick and easy access to needed inventory.

Leave Enough Space to Walk Through Your Unit

This is an important tip for storing retail inventory. You must avoid the temptation to over-pack your storage unit. If you find that you need additional space, it is well worth your money to rent a second or third unit. Leaving room for you to walk around will save you a substantial amount of time. Ultimately, your storage unit is for business purposes. When it comes to business, your time is your money. Further, you will likely want to rotate your retail inventory, especially if you are accessing your inventory regularly. By not over-packing your storage unit, you will make the process of inventory rotation much more efficient.

Create and Maintain a Comprehensive Inventory List

Everyone benefits from a well organized storage unit, but proper organization is particularly important for business owners. If you are storing a large amount of retail inventory in your unit, things can quickly become hard to manage. However, you can easily rectify that potential problem if you know exactly what is in your unit. The last thing any business owner wants is to lose any inventory. You need to know when to order more of an item and when you already have enough. It is important to create and maintain a detailed inventory list so you always know exactly what you have and exactly where you can find it. By taking some simple organization steps upfront, you can save yourself significant time, energy and headaches in the future.  

Pack Your Items Carefully

Finally, you should take great care when packing and storing your inventory. After all, damaged or misplaced inventory will hit your bottom line. When things are packed carefully, it will dramatically cut down on the risk that your goods will becomes lost or broken.

Contact Iron Gate Storage at Cascade Park in Vancouver

A self-storage unit can be the ideal spot to keep excess retail inventory. If you need storage space in the Vancouver, Washington region, please do not hesitate to contact the dedicated professionals at Iron Gate Storage today. Our team is committed to helping you find the storage solution that best suits your needs.

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Vancouver Storage Units: Keeping Appliances in Good Condition

Appliances can take up a lot of space in a home that you simply do not have. Many homeowners and business owners in the Vancouver area find that they need storage space for spare appliances, which is an especially common issue during moves or renovations. A storage rental unit provides a great solution for both temporary and longer-term appliance storage needs. It is also important to recognize that appliances are valuable, and thus they need to be handled with care during the entire storage process.

Eight Tips to Protect Your Large Appliances

  1. Appliances should be extensively cleaned before being being placed into a storage unit. A dirty appliance risks damage. This is especially an issue with kitchen appliances, as an untreated and used kitchen appliance can attract pests.
  2. You should ensure that your appliances are free from any water. Sitting water can cause major damage to large electronic appliances. Further, moisture will facilitate the growth of mildew and mold. The last thing you want is to take an appliance out of storage only to discover that it is covered in mold. To further reduce the risk of mold, the doors of appliances should be carefully removed before long-term storage.
  3. All appliances should be covered with a very light cloth. This serves a dual purpose: it will allow the appliance to remain free from dust and it will also ensure that it is adequately ventilated.
  4. When packing appliances, it is critical that fragile appliances and appliance parts are carefully stored in plastic or bubble wrap. Additionally, moisture resistant padding should be placed on the floor of the unit to reduce the risk of damage.
  5. You will want to be sure you select the correct unit for your appliance. For example, large appliances with electronics may need to be stored in a climate controlled unit.
  6. Once you are prepared to move your appliances, you should know where you are going to put them. It is generally best to keep large appliances near the back of your unit, though this will depend on when you expect to need them.
  7. You should not store anything else on top of an appliance. It can sometimes be tempting to use an appliance within your storage unit as a shelf, but this is not a good idea. If you are putting weight on the top of an appliance, there is a risk of damage. If you need additional storage space, there may be ways to rearrange your unit to create it, or it may be best to rent an additional small storage unit.
  8. Finally, as a general reminder, you should only move large appliances when you have the proper equipment and manpower. Moving a large appliance is inherently risky. Without proper care your appliance could sustain major damage. Even worse, you or someone else has the potential to be seriously injured.

Contact Irongate Storage Today

Our team of dedicated professionals can help you find the right solution to your storage problem. Whether you are moving, renovating or simply need a space for a large appliance for the time being, we are ready to help. Irongate Storage has many great locations throughout the area, including Cascade Park, which is located just off of Interstate 205.

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How Businesses Use Storage Units in Mill Plain

Storage units in Mill Plain are ideal solutions for many business needs. Storage facilities are no longer just for storage; they offer a full range of services to businesses that help the businesses operate in a more cost effective manner.

A storage facility is a wonderful solution for many types of businesses

Whether a business needs storage because it is expanding too quickly, or it needs to cut back its current space because it is streamlining or outsourcing some of its operations, a storage unit is the answer to where to put the extra things.

In fact, some businesses have found Vancouver storage units like in Mill Plain to be such a great logistical solution that they have indeed cut back on their office space to house just the employees and have moved everything not needed on a daily basis to one or more storage units for easy access.

Businesses utilize the services of a storage facility for many reasons:

  • To free up space in their offices that has been used to store files that must, according to government regulations or accounting purposes, be kept for a certain period of time.
  • To warehouse certain items
  • As a distribution center
  • As an archival repository for files and paperwork
  • As a place to keep extra supplies so the business can save money by ordering in bulk
  • To store extra office furniture and equipment
  • As a place for a retail business to store seasonal stock and extra stock
  • To store seasonal decorations
  • As a place for sales reps to store samples
  • To store display or exhibit equipment in between shows
  • As a place to start a business.

Secure, individually alarmed units are a great place to store sensitive information to keep it from being compromised. Depending on the weather, a climate controlled storage unit in Mill Plain can also be a great place to hold a training session for prospective employees, recruits, and current employees.

Some businesses have even set up an exercise room for their employees in a storage unit. With several pieces of exercise equipment, a mini refrigerator for water bottles, and a towel service, a storage unit makes a great exercise room that is available to a business’ employees before, during and after work.

Non-profit organizations also find storage units a great place to store items from their various charitable activities and fund raising events.

Storage facilities offer wonderful services to businesses

Businesses utilize their storage units the same way individuals do. Features of Mill Plain that are appealing to businesses include:

  • The use of a move-in truck from the facility
  • A web-based payment gate for easy payment of the rental fee
  • Units with alarms and round the clock video monitoring
  • Acceptance of deliveries
  • Climate controlled units
  • An option for a month-to-month or a long term lease
  • Special promotions that help with costs
  • Storage shelves for document and record storage.

If your business is in the Mill Plain area, give us a call. We also have Vancouver storage units that might be closer to your business.

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Business Uses for a Storage Unit

Businesses find having a storage unit in Orchards to be very handy for a variety of reasons. Rental can be month-to-month, which comes in handy for temporary rental space. This means a business does not have to commit to an extended lease for space that will not be utilized the full length of the lease.

Other uses businesses have for a storage unit in Orchards

Whether a business uses storage units in Orchards or one of the many other Vancouver storage units we have available, there are several advantages:

  1. Businesses can free up office space. Commercial real estate can be a bit pricey, but a storage unit is much less expensive. Most offices have old files, extra furniture, and equipment that could easily be stored in Orchards to allow for more space. Space becomes quite important when a business is expanding. A unit is a great place to store extra supplies, allowing companies to buy at reduced bulk pricing.
  1. Freeing up floor space is helpful also. Retail businesses especially need extra floor space when they have products that they buy in case lots that their shelving will not hold. Furniture retailers love having extra space for their shipments. Our round the clock security is very appealing to businesses. Many businesses find that they save money by storing their inventory with us instead of searching for a large facility to accommodate their inventory.
  1. File storage gets rid of boxes of files, and puts them in a secure location. The government requires that businesses keep certain documents for a specified length of time, after which they may be shredded or otherwise destroyed. A storage unit provides a secure storage area for all those boxes taking up space in closets and offices.
  1. Shipping can be handled from a storage unit. Some companies move their shipping department into a unit as they grow and before they are ready to take on a much larger lease to accommodate their growth. With our boxes, strapping tape, and Wi-Fi, there is nothing more that shippers need other than a laptop and printer to generate shipping labels.
  1. Extra equipment storage is boon to businesses also. Contractors, plumbers, and other professional workers frequently store their extra equipment with us. Some even run their businesses out of a storage unit, having their employees stop by to pick up the equipment needed for jobs in the morning, and drop it off later in the day.

Cleaning services have also found having a unit to house their cleaning supplies and equipment an excellent option rather than having to rent office space somewhere.

  1. Pharmaceutical sales reps and many other types of sales reps store their samples in our climate controlled units.
  1. Many auction related businesses also store their inventory in a unit rather than in their homes.
  1. Businesses sometimes use a unit as a showroom.

Whatever your business needs are, we are here to help you with an Orchards storage unit or one of our other Vancouver storage units.

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Unusual Uses for Storage Units

Storage units have become more and more popular around the globe due to people downsizing their homes and putting part of their things in storage. Businesses as well have turned to storage facilities like Beaverton in their attempts to run a more cost effective operation.

With attics, basements and spare rooms being converted into home offices, bedrooms and rec rooms, the item formerly stored in these areas need a place to be housed. We tend to think of units in terms of these more normal uses. However, creative people have found innovative ways to use storage facilities nowadays.

Creative ways to use a storage unit in Beaverton

  1. Home away from home

While living in a storage unit is strictly prohibited, it has been known to happen when people hit hard times. The creative way one woman used so that other tenants could not tell she was living there was to use a cardboard façade that created the illusion the unit was full of boxes.

With space at a premium in some homes, people have been known to decorate a storage unit as if it were a spare living room or a rec room, and invite friends over to watch TV, play games, or for dinner. A convection oven, a casserole, a salad, paper plates and plastic utensils, and voila – dinner is served.

  1. Small business uses

Many small businesses are getting their start in a storage unit. Some use it as their warehouse, their shipping department, a showroom, and extra stockroom, or a manufacturing setting. Interior decorators and staging companies use a unit to store designs and the furniture used to stage houses.

Plumbers, electricians, and many other professionals use a unit to store their equipment and supplies. They just run by their storage unit, pick up what they need for the jobs for the day, and head out to fix things for customers.

EBay sellers use units to house the items they are listing for sale. This allows them to enlarge their businesses by moving them out of their homes.

  1. Practice, practice, practice

This is what a musician in New York City answered when he was asked how to get to Carnegie Hall. A storage unit is the answer to where to go to practice if you are in a band, doing martial arts, or learning any skill you can suitably learn in a storage facility.

  1. A gym

When your house does not have room for exercise equipment, rent a unit and work out there. Rental fees are like much less than a gym membership. Another advantage is that you know no one else will be using your favorite piece of equipment when you are ready for it like they might be in a gym.

  1. Art Gallery

Manhattan Mini Storage allowed one of their tenants to open an art gallery in a storage unit. Raphael Cohen, an artist in New York could not afford the expensive rental rates in New Your City, so he rented a unit to display his paintings, and even holds a yearly show there.

There are definitely things that cannot be done in a storage facility so be sure to ask the manager before you commit to making your storage unit in Beaverton into a creative endeavor.

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Starting a Business in a Storage Unit

While a storage unit in Vancouver might be the last place you would think of in which to start a business, it is fast becoming the best place for a business startup. Pearson Airport’s climate controlled storage units are the ideal place to locate a new business. They are much more cost effective than leasing office space elsewhere.

Business that can easily utilize storage units in Pearson Airport for a startup

Most eBay sellers who turn eBay selling into a business start out of their homes. Before long, though, their homes become overloaded with items for sale, leaving them little room to live. A climate controlled storage unit makes perfect sense for a place to move a thriving eBay business. The only items not recommended for storage and sale from the storage location are computers and other sensitive electronic equipment.

Climate controlled units keep temperatures above freezing and below 90 degrees. Heaters can keep a unit warm in winter and ventless air conditioning units can keep it cool in the summer, so it is perfect place to grow an eBay business.

Crafters and other manufacturing startups find storage units a great place to begin also. With mobile internet, cell phones, excellent security, and electrical outlets for office equipment, Vancouver storage units offer a competitive space for new businesses.

Other benefits of starting a business in Pearson Airport storage

One of the best benefits of beginning a business in a storage facility is that there is a month-to-month lease with no long term commitment just in case the business either takes off so fast and outgrows its space or heads in the other direction. This gives business a way to test the waters to see if their product or service will sell.

Artists have used storage facilities as galleries. Pharmaceutical sales reps and other sales reps use storage facilities as a convenient place to store their samples. They have been used by nonprofit organizations to hold flea market sales.

The fact that a friendly, helpful staff is on duty weekdays to accept packages and to facilitate shipping pickups is also a great benefit to small business startups. Many business people rent climate controlled units to put a second office, a place where they can go and not be disturbed when they have time-sensitive work or secure work that needs to be done. Some businesses even choose to locate their entire shipping department with us.

Lest we forget, one of the important business benefits is a place to store and retrieve documents, so a document intensive small business can have both an office and a handy nearby storage unit in the same storage facility.

The ways a startup small business can utilize the storage units in Pearson Airport or the other Vancouver storage units are only limited by the small business owner’s imagination. We are also the answer for accountants, plumbers, cleaning companies, and used automotive parts sales businesses. Why rent premium commercial real estate when we have the space you need!

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How to Pack Your Things for Storage

Most of us will someday need to rent storage space. Whether we are moving, need extra space at home, or want to start a new business, a rental storage unit in Mill Plain is the perfect answer to the need for extra space.

How to get the best usage out of your storage unit in Mill Plain

Packing up boxes of items for storage in your rental storage unit may take a little bit longer doing it as we suggest, but it will save you time, headaches, and frustration later when you want to find what you have packed.

  1. As you pack, create a list of everything that goes in each box by dictating into your phone or pad.

Almost everyone has a Smart Phone nowadays. Our first suggestion is that you get a good list app for your Smart Phone. A list app that comes highly recommended on the internet is Wunderlist.

This is a shared list that runs on iPhone, iPad, Android, Android tablet, Windows phone, Mac OS X, and Windows 7 and 8, so it is quite capable of creating your list and moving it to your computer as needed.

Once you have created your list for each box, upload it to your computer, save it, and print out several copies. Store one copy in your storage unit, one at home, and give each member of your family who has items store in the unit a copy of the list.

  1. Most Vancouver storage units are eight feet tall. The best use of your space in the storage unit will be to stack boxes all around the inside walls of your storage unit. Stack the heaviest boxes on the bottom and lighter ones on top.

When you stack a column of boxes, check the column for stability before moving on to the next one. Filling up all the spaces in each box as you are packing them helps them to be more stable when you are stacking them. Turn all box numbers to face the aisle so you can use your list to find things.

If there are things you know you will want to get to often, put those boxes in the front part of the unit to make them more accessible. Leave an aisle all around in front of the boxes, and begin placing things in the center of the unit.

  1. Conserve space where you can in the storage unit. If you are storing furniture, remove legs and store them separately. When you store furniture, it is a good idea to do a floor plan before you take your things to the storage unit. That way, you can definitely maximize your space. It is good to store furniture and appliances on pallets to keep them directly off the floor. Blankets or furniture pads also need to be put below furniture that is tipped up sideways to keep it from getting scratched.

Here’s hoping these tips will help you enjoy your storage unit in Mill Plain and other Vancouver storage units.

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7 Ways Businesses Use Storage Facilities

Businesses are finding storage facilities a convenient, secure, and comparatively inexpensive way to maintain a competitive edge as well as to expand their business. Almost any materials used by businesses can be stored until needed in a storage facility.

Beaverton – Iron Gate Storage is a perfect example of a storage facility that can house a business’s materials and equipment. From electronic equipment to data files, storage units in Beaverton will house it all.

Storage units offer businesses many ways to expand, cut costs, or store materials

There are few materials that cannot be stored in storage units. Here are some great ideas of how to use a storage unit to enhance your business:

  1. Business startups have a tough time finding affordable rental space. A climate controlled storage unit makes a very cost effective place to start a new business. If the business is service oriented, the equipment can be stored in a non-climate controlled unit and the office work can take place in a climate controlled unit.
  1. Online retail stores are an excellent way to begin a new business, but the problem of where to keep your inventory can quickly grow to be an issue. A storage unit can house inventory and provide a shipping department for you as your business grows. Most storage facilities have daily UPS and/or FedEx delivery and pickup.
  1. Spare parts for equipment can easily accumulate and overrun your business. If your business is equipment-intensive, it is important to keep on hand parts that frequently wear out. Having a part handy shortens down time for the equipment, and makes the business more efficient.
  1. File storage and storage of items that are not needed on a daily basis is another popular business use of storage units. Getting old files out of the way frees up space in an office and allows the most cost effective use of the space.
  1. Seasonal stock, decorations, and equipment find a wonderful home in storage units, getting them out of the way of day-to-day business.
  1. Sales reps’ samples, display and exhibit equipment can be housed in storage units until needed.
  1. Buying bulk office supplies is more cost effective than buying individual items, and they can be stored in a storage unit right along with data files and equipment. Larger businesses may prefer to have a unit just for office supplies.

Many storage facilities now offer business services such as mail boxes, meeting rooms, and even restroom or bath facilities, and many will go out of their way to assist the businesses who rent from them.


4 Ways Storage Facilities Can Help Sales Reps

What makes a good sales rep? An article by Mario Feghali on lists 16 traits of successful sales reps. These traits include: understanding the products, continued learning, understanding the goals of their business clients and customers, building their reputation, and knowing what is needed by the clients.

Storage facilities can help sales reps manifest these traits

In order for sales reps to be successful, they have to listen to their customers and give them what they want. Storage facilities can help with this process by helping the sales reps utilize the above traits to make successful sales:

  1. For sales reps, understanding the products they carry involves having a place to store samples of the products, literature on the products, demonstration kits, exhibits, and displays. Climate controlled storage units like the ones at Orchards – Iron Gate Storage are the perfect place to house all the literature, samples and other paraphernalia that sales reps need to take to their customers.
  1. These units also offer sales reps a place to maintain a library of information about the products they carry so they can always have the most up to date knowledge about their products and their competitors. Continuing product education is the best way for sales reps to maintain a competitive edge in the sales game.
  1. A climate controlled unit also offers sales reps an opportunity to have a desk, a chair, and the technological resources to be able to research current and prospective customers to determine their needs. The more sales reps know about their current and prospective clients and customers, the better they can meet their needs.
  1. Benjamin Franklin once said, “it takes many good acts to build up a reputation and only one bad act to destroy it.” Sales reps’ reputations are based on their integrity, honesty, knowledge of their products, ability to listen to their customers, and their willingness to go the extra mile for their customers.

Their reputation is also based on their having all of the samples, literature, and other items their customers need to make an informed buying decision. Storage units offer sales reps the means to have everything they need to assist their customers in one easy-to-reach place. In this way good sales reps not only know what their customers need, they have it ready to take to them.

Vancouver’s climate controlled storage units are a boon for sales reps to the various industries. Pharmaceutical sales reps in particular enjoy their benefits tremendously, as their samples definitely have to be climate controlled.

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Start Your Business in a Storage Facility

You have a terrific idea for a business and a little startup capital, but not enough money to rent an office for your business. Consider starting your business in a storage facility unit. Many of them have amenities such as Wi-Fi and business centers and almost all of them have electrical outlets.

Grow your business in a storage facility

While a storage unit may not seem like the ideal place to put your new business, some of the Vancouver Storage units have many advantages for startup businesses:

  1. Some storage facilities offer a conference/meeting room that can be used by their business customers. This is an ideal place to meet with prospective customers, do employee training, hold seminars on your brand, put on an invitation-only exhibition to gain new customers, and work on major projects too large for your storage unit.
  1. Security is a special bonus at storage facilities. Your business files and equipment will be protected by surveillance cameras, alarms, gated access, and a property that is fenced. Your employees will have access to your unit whenever they need access during normal business hours.
  1. A month-to-month lease is a great thing for a startup business, as unfortunately there are some business startups that just don’t make it. With a month-to-month lease, the business is not tied up in a yearlong lease trying to stay afloat longer than necessary.
  1. Conversely, if a startup business blossoms, there are always large units to rent, and additional units available. Some businesses get so comfortable in storage facilities that they don’t even want to move to other locations when their businesses grow.
  1. Storage facilities that work with businesses will often accept packages, correspondence and deliveries, leaving the business owner free to pursue the acquisition of new business. This keeps businesses from having to rent mailboxes at a post office or UPS store, saving on expenses.
  1. Businesses that design and build custom bathrooms, fireplaces, and do other home improvement remodeling can use a storage unit as their showroom.
  1. Interior decorators who work out of their homes often use storage facilities to display samples and sample books showing furniture so they do not have to carry around the heavy books. Their customers can come to the storage facility and choose all amenities they want in their homes.
  1. Craigslist and eBay sellers use storage units to warehouse what they sell.

The ways Pearson Airport units can help businesses are only limited by the business owner’s needs and imagination.

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