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Spring Cleaning in the Fall: Using an Orchards Storage Unit

With the fall rushing quickly toward us, we are all starting to – reluctantly – think about back-to-school preparation. Most of us are trying to get back into a normal routine after the lazy, yet often fun-in-the-sun filled, days of summer. Of course, many of us typically think of spring as the right time to get everything clean, and we may even get the storage spaces organized. However, if you do your spring cleaning in the fall, as you are preparing for the back-to-school hustle, you will find that it makes everything so much smoother and easier.

Good Intentions & Hoarding Problems

Most good intentions regarding getting organized before school starts end up being just temporary fixes to the real problem. We tend to organize our living spaces by shifting our unnecessary belongings to areas of the house that are not being used. Areas like basements and garages are the typical dumping grounds for everything that we use only seasonally – or may never use at all.  Unless we organize completely and properly, our good intentions will eventually be undermined.

Organizing Correctly

Rather than continuing these bad habits that eventually lead to being back in the same spot you started at, you can declutter and make your house more spacious and organized. This is especially true if you have children. Items that you thought you stored away in the garage will soon enough pop back up and be in your living room, haunting you.

Ultimately, you should focus on keeping only the things that you use in your house. Everything else – summertime seasonal items, summer clothes, that sewing machine that you promised yourself you would use one day – should be packed in your storage unit. As you go through your items, ask yourself if you are going to use the item within the next three months. If not, pack it into your storage unit. Remember to label all of your boxes so you can find stuff when you need it and feel free to check out our size guide if you are not sure what size storage unit you will need.

How Your Storage Unit Will Change Your Life

Once you have accomplished your fall “spring cleaning,” and all of your excess belongings have been hauled off to your storage unit, you will start to notice your life change. With the clutter gone and items organized and in their places, getting up in the morning and getting the kids ready for school should be a breeze. Their closets and drawers will not be stuffed with excess clothes that are out of season and there will be no way for them to pull out their summer clothes just to play with them if they are packed away in a storage unit.   

Tips for Back-to-School Success

Here are a few more tips for back-to-school success:

  • Create a School Gear Area – Every day, you and the kids need to grab certain specific things, like backpacks, shoes, books, your purse, and your keys. Make a space in your house using decorative hooks and cubbies where this stuff is kept to reduce the morning hustle even more.
  • Post a Calendar The best place for this is usually on the refrigerator, but if you have a kitchen wall that can be used, post a calendar and a daily list of to-dos or tasks that need to be accomplished, both for you and your kids. This will help establish more organized routines each day.
  • Clean up Behind Yourself – It is even better to teach your children to clean up after themselves. But, we all know that children mimic our behaviors. If you are cooking in the kitchen, clean up spills and messes as they occur.
  • Prepare/plan meals in advance – One way to make your weeks much easier is to plan your meals in advance. By doing this, you can create your grocery shopping list according to the meals you plan to make. Then, pre-cook your meals over the weekend and freeze them. Another way to make a quick and easy meal is to pop some meat and veggies in a crock pot in the morning and let it simmer while you are at work and the kids are at school. It will be ready to eat and smelling amazing when you come home.  

Getting an Orchards Storage Unit

At Iron Gate Storage, we want you to have a great start for back-to-school this fall. Let us know how we can help you with your storage needs.  

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Vancouver Storage Units: Need a Climate-Controlled Unit?

If you want to store items that have monetary or sentimental value, such as valuable furniture or family heirlooms, you may want to consider a climate-controlled storage unit. Summertime brings in the heat into Vancouver, making some days nearly unbearable from June through August. In the wintertime, however, the weather conditions become unbearable in opposite ways, when the temperatures drop down around zero.

With weather that can be so extreme on both ends of the temperature gauge, climate-controlled Vancouver storage units will protect your precious belongings from climate-related catastrophes.

Climate Control, In a Nutshell

Vancouver storage units that are climate-controlled remain at a consistent and moderate temperature all year long. Humidity is also kept at the same level year-round to ensure furniture does not warp or crack, whether it is summer or winter. The walls of climate-controlled units are also insulated to keep the interior the same climate and free of moisture that could jeopardize your precious valuables and furniture you inherited or worked so hard to earn.

Items That Are Climate-Sensitive

While this is not a complete list, it should help you to determine whether or not you are storing items that will be sensitive to heat, cold, or humidity. If you are planning to store any of the following climate-sensitive items, you may want to consider a climate-controlled storage unit:

  • Collectibles – antiques, artwork, such as paintings, drawings, posters, classic cars, wine
  • Electronics – Audio equipment, cameras, computers, stereos
  • Household and Personal Items – appliances, books, clothing, family heirlooms, history records
  • Media – cassettes, CDs, negatives, photos, photo albums
  • Sensitive Materials – glass, leather, metal, plastic

Other Climate Control Benefits

Besides the fact that you do not have to worry about your climate-sensitive items that are made of wood, plastic, or paper warping in the warmer weather or cracking in the colder weather, there are other crucial benefits of climate control, as well. If you are worried about the higher cost of climate-controlled storage units, you should really weigh the benefits first. Ultimately, the cost of storing your valuable items in a climate-controlled storage unit is much less than having to purchase everything new all over again when you need it.

Additionally, your belongings are kept safe and secure in a Vancouver storage unit, so you can feel at ease that nothing will happen to the items of monetary or sentimental value that you are storing, especially if you are planning to store them for a significant amount of time. Finally, as you are sifting through the boxes in your storage unit, trying to find something you packed away, you will enjoy a comfortable environment while you are searching.

Vancouver Storage Units at Your Service

We are here to help you decide whether or not a climate-controlled Vancouver storage unit fits your needs. If you need assistance with determining exactly what your needs are, we can help you with that, too. Contact us at Iron Gate Storage in Vancouver today to find out your storage options.

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Organize Your Move with a Vancouver Storage Unit

When you are preparing to move, one of the best ways to get organized is with a Vancouver storage unit. Using a storage unit in conjunction with your move will keep you organized and make your move go much more smoothly. Start by choosing a storage unit that is sized to fit your needs. There are various sized units available to chose from. Selecting a unit that is slightly larger than you think you need, for example, can keep everything separated and leave space to walk between boxes.

Rent Your Storage Space

The first step in the moving process is to rent a storage unit. Decide on the size and type of unit that best suits your requirements. Some units are climate-controlled. Climate-controlled units are ideal for items that should not be exposed to temperature extremes. For example, musical instruments are best stored in a climate-controlled storage unit. Climate controlled spaces are also good when you need to spend time organizing the boxes and items in your unit.

Start Packing

It is a good idea to begin packing a couple of months before your move. When possible, try to use similarly sized boxes since these are easiest to move and stack. You can purchase boxes and packing materials directly from the storage facility. Start by packing small items that you won’t need for a few months. Instances include photos, out-of-season clothing, decorations, kitchen items, and plenty of other things that can be easily packed and stored. Getting some of the clutter out of the way will help you prepare for a more organized move.

Take Boxes to Storage

Whenever you have a couple of boxes packed you can take them over to your storage unit. Be sure to mark each box with the contents and the room of the home where the items belong. This will help you sort things out later. Continue taking things over to your storage unit whenever you can.

Small Furniture

As your moving date approaches, you may want to start bringing some other items to your storage facility. Take small tables, chairs, lamps, and other items that fit in your vehicle. You can also start bringing outdoor furniture, seasonal items, and sports equipment to the unit. Remember that if you need something before the move you can easily get it out of storage. If you utilize your storage unit properly, you will be left with a much more manageable move.

After the Move

Once your move is complete you can take your time bringing boxes to your new home from the storage unit. You will be able to grab just a couple of boxes at a time if you like, so you will be able to get them unpacked in your spare time. You’ll be able to keep your new home clutter-free while you organize all of your belongings.
Are you searching for a storage unit in Vancouver? Contact Iron Gate Storage in Vancouver to take care of all your storage needs.

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2 Reasons Why Pearson Airport Storage Unit Auctions Are So Popular

Storage auctions are all the rage right now. There are even reality TV shows documenting what can be obtained at one of these auctions. Have you ever wondered just what a Pearson Airport storage unit auction is and why they’re so popular?

What Is a Storage Unit Auction?

Storage auctions are put on by the storage facility. Generally what has happened, according to Casey Anderson of Demand Media, is that the person renting the unit has failed to pay their monthly fee for a period of time. There are a number of reasons why this might happen – death, loss of income, or loss of a desire to care for the items within the unit.

To avoid too much of a financial loss, storage facilities will announce an auction. If the owner of the property doesn’t pay their bill within a certain period of time, the property falls under the ownership of the storage facility.

Once the date of the auction is announced, people will come to the storage unit and bid on the items within it. The money earned from the auction is then used to pay the past due amount. Any excess/profit should be delivered to the original owner or the items within the unit.

Once the auction begins, the bidders will assess the contents from outside the unit. They are not allowed to touch any of the items within the unit. The assessment time lasts just a few moments before the auction begins. It is preferred that bidders pay in cash, but some facilities allow credit, debit or check payments. The winner of the bid has 24-48 hours to come back and haul away their purchase items.

Storage Units in Pearson Airport: 2 Reasons Why Storage Auctions Are Popular

Storage unit auctions have become more popular than ever, both in the eyes of the storage facility owners and the bidders. Here’s why.

  1. The storage facility has a way to protect itself. Most owners of storage units in Pearson Airport view a storage auction as the last option. They don’t want people to lose their valuables, but they also have to protect themselves when people stop, or are unwilling to continue, paying.
  2. Bidders can get a good deal on some really great items. Some bidders have gotten valuable antiques, electronic appliances and other usually pricey items for a really good price. Many bidders turn around and sell the products they’ve purchased at a profit.

Utilizing a Vancouver Storage Unit of Your Own

Whether you need to store your personal items, or those you’ve won in a storage auction, in a Vancouver storage unit, we can accommodate your needs. Contact us today to discuss the amount of storage you need and what it costs to rent a storage unit in Pearson Airport.

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How Storage Auctions Work

Storage units are a wonderful place to store the things that clutter up your home, extra things for which you have no immediate need, seasonal wardrobes and seasonal sports equipment like baseball bats or skis. For a reasonable monthly fee, you can rent a storage unit near Pearson Airport will keep your things safe and protected. However, should payments on the unit become delinquent, the rental contract says that the storage facility can auction off the items in those units.

Prior to a Storage Unit Auction

Most companies will make several attempts to collect their rental fees before moving forward with a storage unit auction. These contacts will be by phone, text, email, and registered mail. There are many things that could cause a storage unit renter to become delinquent, even something as simple as forgetting to pay the monthly rent. Pearson Airport and other Vancouver storage facilities strive to make every effort to locate a renter before placing a lien against his or her things.

Generally after 30 days, most storage companies can get a lien and schedule an auction. Once the property is auctioned off, the contents of the entire storage unit belong to the highest bidder at the auction, with the delinquent renter of the unit having no further legal rights to the property.

Before the auction begins, the bidders are generally allowed to look into the storage unit from the entrance of the unit. Prospective bidders are advised of the rules of the auction, and after each prospective bidder has had a glimpse of the unit’s contents, the auction begins. Bidders can only bid on the entire contents of a storage unit.

The Auction and After the Auction

Once bidding in the auction is completed for a storage unit, the bid winner has little time to pay. Either payments required right after the bidding closes, or by a certain time the next day. Payments are most often requested to be in cash; although, some companies will accept checks from bidders they know. Some states require that the storage facility charge sales tax on the total of the bid. As soon as payment is made, the winning bidder has a short amount of time to clear the contents out of the unit.

Dispelling Storage Auction Myths

Due to the popular show about storage auctions on the A&E channel, many myths have arisen about storage auctions:

  1. Every unit contains valuable stuff. The reality is that some units do contain things that bring far more money than what the high bidder pays for the items in the unit. But there are many more units that are simply filled with junk that the high bidder is stuck trying to unload. Many times savvy storage auction bidders can tell by looking which they will find.
  2. Managers at the storage facility take the best stuff out of the unit. There are very few managers who do this, and they certainly do not work for Pearson Airport or any of our other Vancouver facilities.
  3. Bidders must be present in order to bid. With today’s technology, many storage facility auctions are held online. This gives prospective bidders a chance to look into a unit via the photographs provided, and search the web for the value of items they see.
  4. Everything in the unit belongs to the highest bidder. Technically everything does belong to the highest bidder, but most storage facilities ask that memorabilia be left with the manager in case the delinquent tenant wants it back.

At Pearson Airport, we have great renters and few auctions. We have outstanding customer service and fair rental pricing and agreements.

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History of Storage Units

Beginning in China many years ago, people stored items in clay pots. Communities dug storage areas underground to house the pots. The storage facility was guarded, and care was taken to ensure that no one but the owner of each clay pot had access to it. This is much like what happens at Downtown/Westside and the other Vancouver storage sites.

Legend has it that during the Neolithic period over 4,000 years ago, a wealthy individual named Xiang Lau in Xi’an, China had an impressive collection of enemy bones, clay pots and semi-precious stones. His collection began to overflow his cave and before long his mate asked him to move it out of their home (does this sound familiar?).

Being the enterprising merchant that he was, Xiang Lau began creating large clay pots in which to store his bones and stones. He then dug underground pits into which he lowered the clay pots, and hired guards that he paid in food and water to ensure the safety of his collection.

Word got around about Xiang Lau’s creative storage idea, and he soon was renting out both clay pots and storage space for other collectors to store their bones and stones. A business was born, despite how creative it was, apparently the whole idea did not catch on in other places. Many people did not want to be separated from the bones of their enemies as they conferred status that was difficult to share with others without being able to play show and tell with the bones when family and friends came calling.

It was many years later when the storage facility concept showed up in Great Britain. In the 1850’s, banks would store valuables for their clients who were traveling within the country, to other countries, or overseas. Bank vaults soon became overloaded with valuables as the elite jaunted around the countryside, so they created warehouses to hold their customers’ furniture and other things.

Martin and John Bekins, who founded Bekins Van Lines in 1891, built the first containerized storage warehouse where people could store their belongings in Los Angeles in 1906. The warehouse was made of concrete and steel, and was used to store records for companies as well as personal storage for their customers.

The first facility that came close to the Downtown/Westside or Vancouver storage businesses of today was opened by the Collum family in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The first facility to use the now-familiar garage door concept arose in Texas in 1964, built by Bob Munn and his stepfather, Russ Williams, in Odessa. It had the catchy name of “A-1 U-Store-It U-Lock-It U-Carry-the-Key.”

When you store your things with Downtown/Westside storage facility or one of our other Vancouver sites, you can definitely store it, lock it, and carry the key.

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Top Reasons for Using a Storage Unit

According to statistics compiled by, 8.96% of the households in the US currently are renting storage units at any one time. There are over 58,000 storage facilities in America, several of which have exceptional units in Vancouver.

Reasons for using storage facilities vary

The one reason people most often rent storage units like the ones at Downtown/Westside – Iron Gate Storage is to store things that no longer fit in their homes. Other top reasons include:

  • Decluttering a house to get it ready for sale

Real estate agents do not like to show a house that has a lot of knick-knacks in it and clutter all around. People in the market for a home want to be able to envision their things in the homes they view rather than be overwhelmed by the owner’s things.

  • Storing valuable antiques and other inherited items

Quite often people inherit valuable treasures or items with a lot of sentimental value from their relatives who have passed away that do not fit in with their current décor.

Antique furniture is especially difficult to integrate with more modern décor, so most people chose to store it until it can be passed on to other relatives or their children. A sofa that has been in one’s family or many, many years and is intact is a real heirloom worth preserving. Storage units offer a wonderful way to preserve antiques and other family treasures.

  • Life changes often necessitate storing things

When two adults who each have households marry, oftentimes there is too much furniture and other stuff to fit into the marital home. Putting these things in storage until the newlywed couple can decide what to do with them makes good sense.

Divorce is another situation in which storage units can come in handy. Whether it is division of marital property, or one or both spouses storing household goods prior to moving into a permanent home, storage units can be quite useful.

Executors of estates also store furniture and other goods from the estates in storage units until they can successfully dispose of them. This give estate executors an opportunity to dispose of real estate without having to sort through and dispose of household goods beforehand.

  • Home renovations often require extra storage space

Freeing up space in the home by moving things out to a storage unit makes home renovations go much more smoothly. When furniture and other items are out of the way, it is easier to paint, re-carpet, and do other major renovations.

There are a host of other reasons why people find storage units so helpful, but these are the top ones.

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3 Reasons Why Frequent Travelers Should Rent Self-Storage in Westside

Packing small may just be the key to a pleasant travel experience for adventurers who dislike the idea of putting down roots in one place. But how exactly could you pack light when there are so many things that you have to carry around with you? At the same time, what should you do with your valuables while travelling, considering that your hotel safe offers you very limited space? In this context, self storage in Westside Vancouver is one of the best alternatives that you could explore. Here are three reasons why more than a few travelers choose to leave their nonessentials and extremely valuable possessions inside a storage unit before going on a trip.

It’s Always Easier (and Cheaper) to Pack Light. Those who pack light create the perfect conditions for a more enjoyable and considerably less stressful trip. Think about the fact that you could buy or rent most of the things that are cheap or perfectly disposable as soon as you reach your destination; you don’t have to stuff them inside your suitcase. Always ask yourself: “Will I really need and use this?” before packing.

You Won’t Have to Worry about Losing or Misplacing Your Valuables. By leaving some of your household contents inside your self storage unit, you can rest assured knowing that you won’t risk losing or misplacing the items that you are deeply fond of. Recent studies show that the average person manages to misplace around 9 different items per day. When travelling, the numbers could be higher and the risk of losing valuable stuff may be even greater, given that you won’t be familiar with your new environment and you will have to focus on a several new responsibilities and face different challenges, like not losing the plane or finding your way to the hotel.

You Manage to Eliminate All Safety and Security-Related Concerns. Last but not least, by keeping your things inside your self storage unit, you could offset security risks. A modern room with climate control will keep your personal effects looking and running like new for many years to come, while the smart security solutions implemented by your storage facility will help you prevent theft and unauthorized access in an effective way. Therefore, do not hesitate to rent the extra space that you need from Iron Gate Storage, and make the most of dry, clean, secure rooms that will preserve the original attributes of your goods and keep them out of harm’s way while you travel the world.

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How to Store Old Furniture Safely inside an Orchards Self Storage

Carefully curated vintage furniture pieces in mint condition will always be in high demand, due to their extraordinary craftsmanship, quality materials, agelessly beautiful design and bright, bold colors. If you’re planning on reusing or selling old furniture for a profit, consider depositing the most valuable and desirable pieces inside a self storage unit in Orchards. Here are a few tips on how to benefit from an absolutely perfect self storage experience in your city.

  1. Spend a Little More on Modern Units with Climate Control. Climate control is one of the most important features that you should have in mind when it comes to evaluating your options in terms of self storage in Orchards. Don’t hesitate to spend a few more dollars on a climate-controlled unit that will preserve an optimal temperature and level of humidity, recreating the most suitable storage conditions for your furniture. This way, you will avoid damages that could lower the resale value of your goods.
  2. Clean and Prepare All Your Furniture Pieces for Storage. Next, wipe down every single piece of furniture with a dry cloth and use the cleaning agents that are fully compatible with the materials comprised by your furniture (glass, wood, metal, and so on). Let the surfaces dry naturally, and then store them in a dry, clean, well-ventilated area.
  3. Protect and Strategically Store Your Collectibles. It is always recommended to create an additional layer of protection for some of your most vulnerable collectibles by adding the most adequate packaging materials. For instance, you could use bubble wrap to cover and protect breakables, including mirrors, lamps, frames, and glass tables. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to avoid plastic packaging materials that could trap moisture inside your containers and lead to foul odors or a potential mold problem. Plastic can suffocate various fabric and wood causing condensation, so try to cover fragile furniture pieces with blankets, sheets or cotton covers to prevent dust accumulations while letting your stored items breathe.

Get the best unit from Iron Gate Storage, use the rented space to deposit your best-loved valuables, and benefit from a rewarding Orchards self storage experience that could help you preserve and even enhance the value of your prized possessions.

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3 Reasons To Store Your Tools inside a Self Storage Unit in Mill Plain

As an enthusiastic do-it-yourselfer, you like to think that you could easily complete any home improvement project, regardless of its nature and complexity. You are always prepared for such assignments, and count on a generous collection of tools that would make any professional handyman envious. Nonetheless, you realize that the tools and equipment that you deposit onsite occupy a lot of space, so you’re considering the possibility of sending these items to the nearest self storage facility. Before actually taking this step, keep reading to discover three good reasons that would justify this move.

  1. You Don’t Get to Use Most of Your Tools Very Often. Most of the tools comprised by your impressive collection are actually designed for seasonal use. Let’s face it: your landscaping and construction tools barely get to see the light of day. Given that you use most of your supplies and equipment very seldom, contemplate the idea of leaving them in storage. This way, you’ll retrieve them only if and when you’ll actually need them around the house.
  2. Your Unorganized Tools Impact the Looks and Functionality of Your Indoor Spaces. Did you know that 25% of all American families that own a two-vehicle garage don’t have enough physical space to park one car indoors? If you are one of those people who stuff their garages with tons of tools, old or unused appliances, decorations, and other similar goods, break this bad habit and eliminate clutter by boxing up these nonessentials and shipping them to a Mill Plain self storage facility.
  3. It is Always Best to Store Your Tools inside Your Offsite Workshop. Aside from keeping your property clean and clutter-free, self storage in Mill Plain also gives you the opportunity to keep your tools in a secure, comfortable environment where you could work on your favorite DIY projects. Rent the best unit with Iron Gate Storage, turn it into a modern workshop, and make use of your complete collection of tools without wasting valuable space inside your home or generating new clutter issues.
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