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Oh, Baby! Beaverton Storage Units Saving Parents Money

As expectant parents, there are plenty of items your new baby will need. In addition to food and diapers, babies need clothing, a crib, a car seat, high chairs, bassinets, and other types of baby gear. At Iron Gate Storage, our Beaverton storage units can help parents save money by allowing them to store and reuse items that are used only for a brief period in your child’s life. Rather than taking up space in your home or your garage, a storage unit in Beaverton provides the convenience of a safe, clean, and cost-efficient location that is easily accessible until the next child comes along.   

Keeping Baby Clothes and Gear in A Beaverton Storage Unit

Providing all the items your baby will need during their first year is expensive. According to, paying for just the basic supplies can cost new parents as much as $8,000 or more. The upside is that nearly half of this is for one-time costs. These supplies can be easily kept in a Beaverton storage unit once they are no longer needed and used again in the future. Types of items you may wish to consider storing include:  

  • Baby clothes, which children quickly grow out of during the first year;
  • Infant car seats and carriers;
  • Baby strollers, backpacks, and sling carriers;
  • Diaper bags and portable playpens for when visiting friends;
  • Playmats and activity centers;
  • Walkers, swings, and doorway jumpers;
  • Baby monitors and changing tables;
  • Bottles, brushes, breastfeeding pumps;
  • Bibs, blankets, and cloth diapers.

Additional items such as cribs, baby bedding, and other furniture can be easily added to your storage unit once they are outgrown. Even if you do not intend to have more children, keeping these items secure and free from damage in our Beaverton storage unit facility ensures they will be safe for use by friends and family members in the future.

Preparing Baby Items for Placement in A Beaverton Storage Unit

Before placing items in our Beaverton storage unit, you want to make sure that everything is clean, dry, and packed properly. You can clean wood furniture and plastic playpens or walkers with mild cleaners, being careful to remove any dried-on materials. For cleaning and packing baby clothes, blankets, and delicate items, follow these tips from The Spruce:

  • For baby clothes that are stained, pre-treat overnight, wash using detergent and a color-safe additive, then tumble dry;
  • For hand knitted blankets and delicate fabrics, hand wash and lay flat to dry;
  • Take baby bedding and jackets to the dry cleaners, being careful to point out any stains;
  • When packing, wrap each item with tissue to avoid creasing.

At Iron Gate Storage, our Beaverton storage unit facility offers boxes in all sizes, bubble wrap, wrapping paper, and moving pads for your convenience. Located at 4050 SW 160th Avenue, we offer a secure, gated entrance, on-site management, and units on the ground floor for easy, drive up access. Our units are clean, cost effective, and catered to suit your needs; call or visit our facility today to discuss which of our units might be right for you.

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Recreational Storage with Beaverton Storage Units

There are a lot of things to do in Beaverton, Oregon. The city caters to the many different people that comprise its population of 95 thousand through many business opportunities, education, and the most important: recreation. Residents of Beaverton are never short on things they can do, from enjoying hiking trails to rafting the Willamette River. Iron Gate Storage supports the community by offering premium storage units in Beaverton that accommodate your items, including everything you use for pastime recreational pursuits. Find out the most commonly stored recreational items others have kept in their storage units to get a better idea how we can help you.


On of the most popular uses of our storage facility is the use of our RV storage. Those who own an RV know how much fun it can be until it comes to parking it or trying to find a space to keep it safe. The vehicle’s sheer size makes parking an RV at your home a difficult pursuit, especially if your driveway space is limited. Most residential neighborhoods in Beaverton also have laws prohibiting an RV from being parked on the street for prolonged periods of time. RVs can also fall victim to vandalism when they are kept in neighborhoods. At Iron Gate Storage, we eliminate these problems by giving you an affordable place to store your RVs for an extended period of time. Our specific RV storage spaces make getting your RV off the street an easy pursuit, and you reduce the risk of break ins or vandalism to your RV because of our secured facility, equipped with video monitoring and excellent security measures.


Beaverton belongs to a large biking community. The city is organized easily for bikers to commute to and from work, and on the outskirts of the city, you can even enjoy beautiful biking trails. With biking as one of the most popular pursuits in the area, many enthusiasts will rent a storage unit from us in part to have a place where they can store their spare bikes and biking equipment. Different bikes for different occasions – such as road bikes, electric bikes, mountain bikes, trick bikes, and more – can take up a lot of space in a garage or shed. This doesn’t also account for everything else bikes require, such as spare tires, wheels, repair kits, or pumps. Using a storage unit exclusively for your biking equipment will greatly reduce the amount of items you have to look after in your home but will still give you easy access to them anytime.

Other Recreational Belongings

Beaverton residents will commonly keep their ATVs, golf carts, or other recreational vehicles in a storage unit to easily access for a weekend of fun. These are big items that take up a lot of space in the home, which makes our units a respite from clutter and a lack of space. Many people will also access their storage units for items such as backpacks, sleeping bags, jet skis, kayaks, or any other recreational item that makes life in Beaverton fun.

Iron Gate Storage in Beaverton

Don’t hesitate to store your belongings with us. Whether you are a looking for a space to store your recreational possessions or need some extra space for boxes after a move or other significant life change, give our Beaverton facility a call and secure your own storage unit today.

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How Outdoor Enthusiasts Can Use a Beaverton Storage Unit

Oregon is one of the best states in the entire country for outdoor enthusiasts. There is almost no limit to the activities that are offered within our region. From watersports in the summer to skiing and snowboarding in the winter to hiking and camping throughout the year; Oregon offers something for everyone. Of course, as every outdoor lover knows, enjoying nature’s beauty can involve a lot of equipment. For many people in Oregon, there is simply not enough space at home to keep all of this gear. Fortunately, this is where a Beaverton self storage unit can provide a simple and cost effective solution.

What Can You Keep in Your Beaverton Storage Unit?

A storage unit is a great place to keep a wide array of different outdoor items. In our Beaverton storage units, outdoor lovers may choose to store:

  • Tents;
  • Coolers;
  • Boots;
  • Camping supplies;
  • Snowboards;
  • Skis;
  • Hiking equipment
  • Rock climbing gear;
  • Tarps;
  • Surfboard;
  • Kayaks;
  • Canoes;
  • Oars;
  • Life jackets;
  • Tools; and
  • Much more

Three Expert Tips for Storing Outdoor Equipment  

1. Know How Much Space You Need


The first step to selecting a storage unit is to figure out exactly how much space you need. This can be a challenging process for first time storage renters. Determining how much storage space is required is not an intuitive process. In fact, far more stuff fits into a storage unit than most people realize. This is especially true with proper planning and organization. To select the right sized unit, the best thing you can do is to create a list of what you want to store. Then, you should get that list into the hands of one of our experienced storage managers. Our team can help review your list and find the perfect spot for you.


2. Use Labelled Boxes


Anything that can fit in a box should be stored in a box. The bottom line is that small and mid-sized items need to be put into boxes or bins for their own protection When these items are kept out in the open, they risk becoming lost or damaged. Additionally, by using boxes, you will be able to keep your unit well organized. As a last point, you need to make sure that you label all of your boxes. By doing this, you will be able to know what is inside a box without actually opening it. This will save you a lot of time in the long run.


3. Keep an Inventory List


Finally, you should always keep an updated inventory list of all of the items that are currently within your unit. Ideally, your list should also direct you to the precise location of each item. Do not assume that you will be able to remember what is in your unit. As time passess, remembering each thing becomes far more difficult than it initially seems.

Do You Need Storage Assistance in Beaverton?

The experienced storage professionals at Iron Gate Storage are standing by, eager to help. If you are an outdoor enthusiast looking for storage space in Beaverton, please contact our team today. We can help you find the self storage rental unit that best suits your individual needs. Our team is looking forward to hearing from you!

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4 Tips for Storing Fragile Items in Beaverton

When you rent a storage unit, you are looking for temporary space for your items. Of course, if something is worth storing, that means you will want it again at a later date. If something breaks or is damaged during the storage process, the purpose of renting and paying for the storage unit has been defeated. The last thing anyone wants to deal with is broken items. Fortunately, with proper planning and care, you can be confident that even your most fragile belongings will be adequately protected in storage. Before moving anything breakable into a Beaverton self storage unit, please consider our top four fragile items storage safety tips.

1. Plan Ahead

When it comes to packing fragile items, you should never rush. Remember this rule: Rushing is when things get broken. We always recommend setting aside plenty of time to get the job done right. Further, you should set aside a designated space in your home to ensure that everything is packed properly.

2. Wrap Fragile Good in Protective Material

Fragile items should be always be packed in the proper protective material. For certain items, this could be something as simple as a newspaper. For example, if you have a stack of several dozens ordinary dishes, wrapping each one individually in leftover newspaper works just fine. However, for very fragile or valuable items, it is highly recommended that you obtain a stronger protective material. High quality bubble wrap or foam wrap can help ensure the protection of very fragile items.  

3. Clearly Label Boxes as ‘Fragile’

Small and mid-sized fragile items should be stored within boxes. This is important for two reasons 1) the box will provide an extra layer of protection 2) using boxes will help keep your storage unit well organized. When putting a fragile item inside a box, please always remember to label the box. If a box is not labelled, or if the label is too small or difficult to read, you may forget about the breakable good. Imagine this nightmare: You spent all day packing up fragile items very carefully, then you forgot which box was which and dropped a stack of glasses off of the side of the truck. This can be avoided with proper labelling.

4. Load and Unload Items Very Carefully

Finally, it is also important to ensure that you take great care with fragile items when they are in transit. Ultimately, this is when your belongings face the highest risk of damage. Once again, proper planning can make all of the difference. You do not want to be rushed. Take your time and treat your fragile belongings with the proper care that they deserve.

Contact Iron Gate Storage in Beaverton Today

If you are looking for storage space in Beaverton, the dedicated professionals at Iron Gate Storage can help. We offer well-maintained storage units at a reasonable price. Our experienced storage professionals can also help you find the best way to move and pack your items. If you have any questions about storage, please do not hesitate to contact our team today. We can’t wait to assist you!

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Beaverton Storage Units Decluttering Your Children’s Playroom

When it has gotten out of hand, cleaning and decluttering your children’s playroom is a daunting project, no matter which way you look at it. Any parent who has been through it would probably warn you that you are in for a few surprises – from the moldy quarter of a sandwich that somehow made it behind the bookshelf to the dirty socks that were stuffed in the bottom of one of the toy boxes. You may find that you need a Beaverton storage unit once the project is all said and done.

Before we get that far, however, here are a few cleaning and decluttering tips to get you started:

Trash First

Unless you are Mary Poppins, there is a chance that there is trash in your children’s playroom. That should be the first thing you focus on – getting the trash out and into the trash can. That step alone will make you feel like you are making progress.

Toy Boxes and Containers

The next step is to go through each and every toy box container, one by one. This is absolutely daunting, of course, but it must be done. Toss out games that are missing pieces and toys that are broken. It might bother you to toss these things in the moment, but when it comes time to play a game that has all of its parts and pieces, you will be glad you did it.

Place aside any toys and games that your children have outgrown for a little later.

Reorganize & Clean

Once you have rid the room of all of the trash, the broken toys, the games that are missing pieces, and other unusable items, you can perform the finishing touches of vacuuming, dusting, and spot upholstery cleaning. After you have cleaned the room to your standards, place the furniture and toy containers where you want them to remain.

Do You Need a Beaverton Storage Unit?

Remember that pile of items your children have outgrown? It’s time to revisit it. If you have multiple children – and especially if you plan to have more children in the future – you may want to consider storing those items in a Beaverton storage unit. Storing them in a storage unit will not only keep them safe from accidentally being broken by children who are too big to be using them anymore, but it will also ensure they are kept nice, new, and secure.

Vancouver Storage Units

At Iron Gate Storage, we take pride in keeping people’s personal belongings safe and secure at our self-storage facility. Whether you need to store your grandmother’s precious antiques or your children’s outgrown toys and games for the next child, you can count on Iron Gate Storage for all of your self-storage needs in Beaverton. Contact us today to discuss your storage options or any storage issues and concerns you have.

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Beaverton Furniture Storage Basics for Antiques

You are not alone if you love antiques! They are often stored in Beaverton storage units until old owners can find new owners or the new owners can decide what exactly they want to do with them. Certain types of antiques, such as furniture, may require a Beaverton storage unit that is climate controlled. It is also vital to understand furniture storage basics if you are planning to self-store antiques and other delicate items to maintain their pristine or nearly-pristine condition.

Check out our tips below!

Furniture Storage Basics  

Whether you are an antique boutique owner or a collector in Beaverton, you more than likely know how crucial it is to protect the condition of your items. A minor scratch or a chip can not only ruin the physical appearance of an item, it can also reduce the value of the item, as well. When storing your antiques, you should always disassemble them completely. This not only makes more room for storage, but it also helps you to store it more careful, and possibly even wrap some of the smaller pieces. If you plan to leave an item assembled while storing it – for instance, a dresser or a table – be sure to prop it on wooden pallets to allow ventilation around the piece of furniture.

Upholstered Antique Furniture

Upholstered chairs and mattresses should be completely dry before storing them in your Beaverton storage unit. It is always a good idea to protect your upholstered antiques with antibacterial cleaner for fabrics and then let them dry before storing them. Couches, leather furniture, and mattresses should be cared for in the following ways if you are planning on storing them:

  • Leather antiques should be polished and waxed to ensure that moisture is kept out of them. Refrain from stacking other items on leather items;
  • Chairs and couches made from fabric always benefit from being stored elevated – use wooden pallets to encourage airflow; and
  • Clean mattresses before storing and store in plastic cover.

Wooden Furniture

Just like the upholstered furniture, a proper cleaning, finish, and cover is helpful to keep wooden furniture at its best while it is stored in a Beaverton storage unit. When you are transporting wooden furniture, be sure to cover it to prevent any dings or scratches. Use the proper oil to polish your wooden furniture to keep the wood moisturized while it is being stored. Also:

  • Use quilts to cover tables for an extra layer of protection and strengthen glass table tops with painter’s tape; and
  • Cover desks with fabric coverings to ensure they are protected from other furniture you are storing in the unit. Take out any drawers and use towels in between them when you stack them

Beaverton Storage Units: Your Storage Solutions

Your antiques will love you if you practice these basic tips for storing antique furniture. Do you need a Beaverton storage unit for your antique furniture? Contact Iron Gate Storage today for assistance.

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Moving Locally? Tips from Beaverton Storage Units

Moving locally, as opposed to moving long-distance, can be just as strenuous on your finances and your time. The key to a successful local move, just like a long-distance move, is to start early and plan ahead. With that said, here are some tips for moving locally from your neighborhood Beaverton storage unit facility.

Local Move Tip #1

Start Preparing Early. Many people believe that an in-town or local move is somehow easier than a long-distance move. However, you still have to make all of the same preparations, including hiring movers or a moving truck, packing up everything you own, loading it into trucks, and unloading, unpacking and organizing on the other end.

By starting to prepare early, you can be assured that you will be able to hire the moving company that you want to choose, rather than the one that has availability left; or rent the right sized rental truck; or get the right sized storage unit for your excess stuff. If you wait too long, you may not get what you want.

Local Move Tip #2

Organize & Declutter. If you have hired movers to help you with your local move, keep in mind that they more than likely charge by the hour. By organizing and decluttering before your move, you will certainly cut down the bill from the moving company. If you are planning on moving things in a rented truck on your own, you can reduce a lot of what you will need to haul on moving day.

Local Move Tip #3

Don’t Be Shy – Ask For Help! Whether you need help with organizing and decluttering or with choosing the right sized storage unit for your excess belongings, do not be shy when it comes to asking for help. People often like to assist others who are in need of help. Post on Facebook asking for help or mention it to friends and family. You may be surprised at how many people show up to assist you when you ask. We all need help here and there and quite a few people function on the belief that if they help someone, they will receive help if they ever need it in the future.

Local Move Tip #4

Leave the Home Impeccable. This is important whether you are moving out of a home you owned or a home that you rented. If you owned the home, you want to leave the place impeccable for the new owners who just paid you the amount you were satisfied with at closing. If you rented the home, you will be more likely to get your entire security deposit returned to you if the place is left spotless, and you will also be ensuring that you get a good reference in the future.

Beaverton Storage Units

At Iron Gate Storage in Beaverton, we routinely help people who are moving and hear tons of moving-related tips. We hope these tips help you as you make it through the experience of a local move.

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Beaverton Storage Units: Relocating for Short-Term Work

Traveling out of town for temporary work assignments is part of some people’s normal lives. Whether you are a traveling nurse, a soldier preparing to travel overseas, or heading out of town for extra training, your career may require you to leave your hometown for several months at a time here and there. Certainly, you cannot always tote all of your belongings along every time you have to leave town for a few months, but it may not make sense to pay for your apartment during that length of time just to provide a home for your stuff, either.

Solving the Temporary Problem of Securing Your Belongings

That’s where a Beaverton storage unit comes into play. It will be much cheaper, especially when you look at the long-term. Sure, you will save money immediately because you do not have to pay rent, utilities, and everything else that comes with having an apartment; but as time goes on, that savings multiplies and stacks up. Additionally, you will not have to worry about someone breaking into your apartment while you are gone and stealing your stuff. In fact, your belongings will be completely safe if you store them in a storage unit at a facility that is well-secured.

Short-Term Lease

One of the best things about using storage units is that you do not have to sign long-term leases that obligate you for a year, or even six months at a time. In fact, you can rent storage units on a month-to-month basis. With that said, if you plan accordingly with your traveling schedule, you can rent a storage unit while you are planning to be out of town and only rent a month-to-month leased apartment when you plan to be in town for a while. Why pay for an apartment year-round when you only need it six months out of the year?

Do You Need Your Car?

If you are in the military and being sent overseas, you probably will not be needing your vehicle, unless you plan to have it shipped overseas with you. You may not need it if you are flying to another state for training, either. Since most people do not have their car shipped overseas when they are deployed and often rent cars when they are out of town, they have to figure out what they are going to do with their vehicle.

Fortunately, cars are commonly stored at storage facilities when the owners will not be needing them for periods of time to ensure that they are not vandalized or stolen. Another plus-side of storing your car at a storage facility is the fact that it will be kept inside, like it is being garaged, so there will be no weather wear and tear on it when you get back home.  

Beaverton Storage Units for You

At Iron Gate Storage in Beaverton, we are dedicated to keeping your belongings safe for you when you have to go out of town for work. Check out our handy size guide and space calculator to figure out what size storage you will need. If you have any questions, we are here to help.

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Beaverton Storage Units for Home-Sporting Equipment

As the summer winds down and the kids gear up to go back to school, the time comes to start packing away all of the summertime sporting equipment for the winter. Before you pack it all away, however, you should take the time to evaluate everything and determine which items should be tossed away and which ones are still in decent condition. This way, you can maximize your storage space and when springtime rolls back around again, you will know that everything you packed away is in good shape.

Where’s the Best Place to Store Your Off-Season Sporting Equipment?

While it may seem quick and easy to throw your sporting equipment into the basement, attic, or garage, a Beaverton storage unit might make more sense for these items. After all, you can probably find better ways to use your garage – like a place to park the car to keep it out of the wintertime inclement weather. With that said, here are some tips about inspecting and packing away your sporting equipment.

  • Sports Balls – Obviously, there is no reason to continue to hold onto deflated basketball, football, and soccer balls. Of course, you could use the pump to fix them, but some of them may beyond salvageable, depending on their level of use. Toss the ones that have seen better days and only hold onto the balls that are in good shape. If one of the deflated balls happens to carry sentimental value (maybe it was your son’s first touchdown football), you may want to pack it away somewhere special where it won’t be played with anymore. Get a large plastic container or a bag to pack and keep all of your balls together.
  • Basketball Hoop – A portable basketball hoop is a landmark in most people’s driveways. If you have one, evaluate the level of rust that it has accumulated over time. Ultimately, if your basketball hoop is deteriorating beyond repair, consider tossing it and getting a new one next season if it gets enough use to make the investment. If the basketball hoop is still in good condition, however, you can maintain that level of care and reduce the chance of rusting by storing it in a storage unit for the winter.
  • Fishing Equipment and Tennis Racquets – Smaller sporting equipment pieces, such as your fishing equipment and tennis racquets, will require a more scrutinizing eye to evaluate. Obviously, you do not want to throw away a nice fishing rod just because the line is broken – that is easily fixable with a new line. You can restring a tennis racquet, as well. New line or string would certainly be less expensive than buying a new fishing rod or tennis racquet. However, if the items are rusty because they were left out in the rain too many times, you may want to toss out and start over next season.

Which Beaverton Storage Unit is Good for You?

Most people will only need a 5×5 sized storage unit to store sporting equipment for the winter. If you have more sporting goods than most normal families, you can try out our space estimator or feel free to contact us at Iron Gate Storage in Beaverton, Oregon to inquire about our units. We are more than happy to help you figure out what you need.

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Beaverton Storage Units: Turning Spare Rooms into an Office

After your college daughter heads to college with all her belongings, it seems silly to keep her bedroom the same when you can make it into a convenient and efficient home office space. Of course, you probably do not want to get rid of her precious furniture and other treasured belongings. Chances are, she is going to be shocked you changed her bedroom when she left let alone if you were to get rid of all of her stuff. That probably will not go over well. What can you do with all of her stuff, then, and get that home office you have been dreaming of?

Why not get a Beaverton storage unit to keep all of your daughter’s belongings safe and sound? It provides you the extra space you need to start working on creating a comfortable working environment for your home office. The entire process may sound like a terrifying feat, but is it easier – and even more fun – than it seems. Here’s what to do:

Grab Boxes

First, grab some boxes and pack up all of your daughter’s smaller belongings. Label them as you pack them so that you and your daughter know what you have packed inside each one. Make sure you also wash her bedding, sheets, and any pillows she did not take to college and pack them appropriately, as well. (If you have held onto the original packaging for her bedding, that would work, too!)

Once this is done, it’s time to look for a storage facility to put her stuff in. You will probably want one that is close to your house in case she wants to access her belongings when she comes home from college.  (The time that you took to label all of her boxes will help out when she is looking for something she needs.)

Storage Space Size

Our storage size guide will help you decide which size unit you will need for all of your daughter’s items. In most cases, a 5’x10’ sized storage unit will hold an entire bedroom full of furniture and boxes. This sized unit happens to be very economical, as well, so it will not break your budget. And your daughter’s items will be safe and secure.


You may want to consider storing your daughter’s belongings in a climate controlled storage unit. This will ensure that her furniture will not crack during cold weather and warp when the weather gets hot and humid. Obviously, you want her furniture and all of her other items to remain in the same condition they were when you first stored them.

Once you have found the right storage unit for your daughter’s belongings, you can transfer it to the storage at your leisure. The best way to pack a smaller unit is to put the furniture in first and then stack the boxes on top of the furniture.
Now that you have done all of the hard work, the fun can start! It is time to repaint, furnish, and decorate your new home office. If you have any questions during this process, Iron Gate Storage in Beaverton is here for all of your storage needs.

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