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The Number One Reason to Consider Beaverton Storage Units

While storage units in Beaverton have been around for a long time, there are still many people who don’t see the advantage in renting one. They think they can just get rid of excess belongings or keep their things safe in their garage or attic. It doesn’t make sense to them to spend money to keep some valuables offsite in a storage unit.

We’re all for the idea of saving money, but there are some very good reasons why renting Beaverton storage units can be of benefit to you if you might be one of the storage unit skeptics.

The #1 Reason to Rent Beaverton Storage Units

There are many reasons why people rent storage units in Beaverton. Today, though, we want to consider with you the best reason why you should consider renting Beaverton storage units.

The number one reason is protection. Now, at first glance, a skeptic might raise an eyebrow and think that their belongings are safer at home than they are in some storage units in Beaverton. Granted no one can claim that storage units are the end-all when it comes to protecting your valuables, there are some cases in which a person’s possessions will be safer in Beaverton storage units than in a home.

You can think of it this way: why do you keep money in a bank? Isn’t there the possibility that a bank could be robbed or go under? Of course there is always this possibility, but for the most part keeping your money in a bank is a safer option than keeping it under the mattress in your home.

The same can be true of your belongings. If you’re moving, remodeling, or just need some extra space to hold all of your stuff, storage units in Beaverton are a great option. Whether you need to house them in storage temporarily or permanently, Beaverton storage units can fit just about every need. They allow you to keep things safe and secure without cluttering your daily space or occupying your time during home projects. You’re items are less likely even to experience damage than they might incur in your attic, basement, or garage.

Your Beaverton Storage Units Professionals—We Care For You

Not all storage facilities are created equal. Just as you wouldn’t keep your money in a bank with a bad reputation, you wouldn’t want to keep your belongings in any Beaverton storage units’ facility with a bad rap.

Look carefully at the reputation of facilities you’re considering. Find the best one you can afford. Make sure they have protection plans implemented, like security features and damage control options.

With the right facility, you can have peace of mind when renting storage units in Beaverton. We pride ourselves on our safety measures and always have our client’s best interests in mind when implementing changes. We invite you to contact Iron Gate Storage for more information.

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Ensure the Safety of Your Storage Units in Vancouver

One of the number one concerns Vancouver storage unit renters have is making sure their belongings are safe. There are a number of safety provisions available through some storage facilities for just that reason, including gates with coded entry, security guards, and security cameras. Even these provisions, however, don’t ensure that your belongings are 100% safe. To set your mind at ease, there might be something that can alleviate some of their concern: insurance.

The #1 Way to Ensure Your Belongings Stay Safe in a Vancouver Storage Unit

Insurance won’t prevent accidents, natural disasters, or theft, but it will help take a bit of the sting out of losing your valued property if anything were to happen. Insurance should definitely be considered as a way to ensure that your belongings, or at least their value, are protected.

When considering to rent storage units in Vancouver, you’ll want to find out if insurance is provided through the storage facility or if you will need to purchase insurance independently.

Here are some steps to take to get more information about insuring your Vancouver storage unit.

  1. Ask the storage facility if they provide insurance coverage. As a way to protect themselves from liability, many facilities will require that your belongings are insured. Some facilities offer insurance coverage as an added monthly fee. According to, you should consider double-checking how much coverage the storage facility offers. Many facilities only insure up to $5000 in the case of damage or theft. A lot of renters store items much a much higher value than that of $5000, so if you need better coverage, think about get outside renter’s insurance.
  2. Call your homeowner’s insurance company. Some homeowner’s insurance policies offer coverage for your belongings even if they are stored offsite, like at a Vancouver storage unit.
  3. Shop around for the best deal. If your homeowner’s policy doesn’t cover items stored at a Vancouver storage unit facility, shop around for the best deal. Your current insurance company may want more business from you, and they could possibly offer you a special deal. If they don’t though, just remember that if you take the time to shop around, you can still find a great deal on renter’s insurance for the items in your Vancouver storage unit.

Get Your Appraisal Done Before You Rent Storage Units in Vancouver

Most of us don’t like to spend more time on a project than is absolutely necessary. Ensuring that your valuables remain safe and secure in a Vancouver storage facility is one of those things you want to take some time to carefully plan out.

Get the items you want to store in a Vancouver storage unit appraised, then purchase an insurance plan that will cover that amount. You will be glad you took the extra time to do this project correctly. It will give you peace of mind at the very least.

For more information on our Vancouver storage units and insurance options, call or email Iron Gate Storage. We’re happy to answer all of your questions.

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Beaverton Storage Units: 2 Ways to Think Outside the Box—Part I

There are a lot of us who have extracurricular activities outside of our day job. We might travel on the weekends to race cars, play music or show a vintage car at an auto showcase. Having these kinds of hobbies requires a lot of equipment, which requires a lot of space.

If you have these kinds, or similar kinds, of hobbies where are you storing all of your equipment? Have you considered Beaverton storage units?

2 Ways to Think Outside the Box When It Comes to Beaverton Storage Units

For many people, the idea of a storage unit in Beaverton conjures up images of mementos from our life that we don’t want to get rid of but that we don’t have space for in our homes.

Beaverton storage units can be used for so much more, though, if you think outside of the box.

Whether you’re a musician, artist, vintage car lover or anyone else who has a hobby or business that requires a lot of equipment, you could definitely use a storage unit.

We are going to discuss two ways to think outside of the box when it comes to Beaverton storage units:

  1. Car Lovers.
  2. Artists and Musicians.

Beaverton Storage Units and Outside the Box Thinking for Car Lovers

Whether your passion is old style automobiles or car racing, you need space. A Beaverton storage unit is a great option. Instead of storing everything in your garage or on your property, keep it safe in a storage unit.

Beaverton storage units are big enough to store your favorite cars, all of the parts you’ve ordered for them and all of your tools. There are even storage units available that can house your RVs or trailers used to haul classic cars and racing cars.

Storage units in Beaverton allow you to keep all of your auto paraphernalia in one place. This allows you to keep all of your cars and their accessories safe, in good condition and well organized. Keeping your hobby equipment at your home can be a pain sometimes because it’s easy to lose items or have them misplaced by a family member.

Utilizing storage units in Beaverton will help you avoid losing something of value. Plus, because of the security features of these units—locks, security guards, gates and surveillance cameras—your cars, tools and accessories will probably be safer than they would be at your home.

Beaverton Storage Units: Great for Every Kind of Hobbyist

How can artists and musicians benefit from storage units? We will discuss that in our next post. For now, anyone out there who is a racer or vintage car lover should give us a call. We would love to tell you how you can safely and securely store your prized possessions in one of our larger storage units.

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How To Decide Which Items To Store In Mill Plain

It seems pretty simple: what is junk. Junk is different from person to person, and from item to item. People can be very sensitive about what others define as junk, when it is their stuff. Whatever your individual preference, having a self-storage unit for your junk and not-so-junky-junk matters. Mill Plain, Vancouver’s, Iron Gate Storage facility wants to provide you with the appropriate room for your odds and ends.

Own Your Choices

What you desire to keep and do away with is completely your choice. Not everyone can hire an interior designer or assistant to help them decipher what classifies an item as rubbish, and even those that can struggle with sorting what should be thrown away from useful possessions. Value is in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes, what seems useless becomes much more purposeful over time. In the meantime, self-storage can confine your riff-raff so that it is not dominating your living space. When you make the decision to keep an item- treat it like you own it. In other words, do not make it the stepchild of belongings; give it the proper tenderness and care in the comfort of a suitable environment.

Mind over Matter

Whatever you do, try not to let your mind get in the way of what truly matters. Reality and honesty with yourself will aid you in determining rubbish from assets. If the item is worthy of savoring to you, then it matters. A fun and less stressful approach would be to rate your items from “gently used” to “a little broken-down but salvageable” and “I cannot tell what that is anymore.” The last category is a clear indicator that something should likely be tossed out.

The Ironclad Promise

At Iron Gate, we promise not to pass judgment on the contents of your self-storage. Customer happiness drives our business, and we want to ensure that you feel comfortable about the service and experience you receive from our professional managers. Make Iron Gate Storage in Mill Plain the settling spot for your belongings. Visit our site and learn more about the various features our facility has to offer you.

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Safeguarding Valuables: Storage Security and Convenience at Pearson Airport

The worst news a self-storage customer can receive is that their storage has been broken into. Consumers need to be aware of what their storage facility offers for safety and security. Safeguarding valuables should be a top priority of a reputable storage company. Iron Gate Storage at Pearson Airport, Vancouver, does not cut corners in providing customers with coverage plans and facility security and convenient access that gives clients the comfort they desire when leaving their valuables behind.

Confidence in Protection

Recognize when a facility values security by knowing which questions to ask. The following questions can provide insight on facility security: 1.) In what type of community is the facility located, 2.) What type of security is offered on the property, and 3.) Which types of coverage plans are available to protect my belongings? Iron Gate Storage team of professional managers are ready to answer all of your questions and provide you with information about why choosing their facility over the competitors is a win for customers. In the self-storage industry, a company that takes pride in having a reputation of security and convenience is not only credible in the industry, but a valuable asset to the community.

Environment is Essential

A harmful environment can damage or ruin your belongings. Climate controlled units are essential. The last thing anyone wants is to open their storage unit to foul smells from mold and sweat, and deteriorated or stained property caused by fluctuating temperature. Weather in Vancouver can vary; therefore, self-storage purchasers need a storage space that provides controlled temperatures to protect your valuables from potential harm. Moreover, the property upkeep and sealant protection of your storage capacity can prevent rodents, condensation from rain or snow, and an infection of bugs from entering your space. Iron Gate works to keep their property in top condition, so that your storehouse will maintain the same standard of cleanliness and care as it did the day you moved into it. Browse our page for more information about our services and do not hesitate to call or come by, so that we can assist you in safeguarding your valuables for the long haul.

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4 Reasons Pearson Airport Vancouver Storage is Perfect for Businesses and Individuals

Self storage facilities serve many purposes for both businesses and individuals. Sometimes a business or individual simply needs extra space. Other times, storage units are used to file away important but seldom-used documents. This makes it imperative for storage facilities to have excellent security options. The Pearson Airport Vancouver Self Storage facility not only offers high quality security, but provides many convenient and useful options for customers.

Why Trust Pearson Airport Self Storage?

According to Elizabeth Ferrin of Self-Storage Now, facilities that invest in fences, gates, lights, video surveillance, and other such precautions are far less attractive to criminals. With such security measures in place, criminals are more likely to bypass the facility in search of one lacking these security basics. In addition to security, Pearson Airport Self Storage also aims for easy accessibility for businesses and individuals.

4 Reasons You Should Choose Pearson Airport Self Storage for You or Your Business

1. The Electronic Gate with Required PIN Code to Enter and Exit. This is the first line of defense for storage security. The Pearson Airport facility, already well lit, requires and PIN code from every customer before he or she may enter or leave. Resident managers routinely patrol the property, ensuring the safety of your unit.

2. 24-hour Video Surveillance and Alarmed Storage Units. Though this Vancouver self storage facility puts forth a strong initial defense, it enforces that defense with 24-hour video surveillance and alarmed storage units. As reported by Van Darden of, a storage facility in San Antonio, Texas was robbed in early May of 2015. Though the suspect remains uncaught, the facility’s 24-hour surveillance captured the woman on video, significantly increasing the chances that the stolen property will be recovered.

3. It’s cheaper to Store Infrequently Used Items than to Rent More Office Space. Brian Patrick Eha of provides the national average rate for office space in the U.S. ($23.23 per square foot). Oftentimes, businesses acquire paperwork and items that are infrequently used. With the price of office space so steep, storing such items in this Vancouver self storage facility may provide a significantly cheaper option for businesses.

4. 24-Hour Access to Storage Units for Business Owners. Pearson Airport also provides the convenience of 24-hour access for business owners. In addition to this, professional managers with years of experience are always willing to help and can even accept deliveries and sign for packages. Businesses don’t rest simply because you don’t have access to infrequently used – but necessary – documents. The Pearson Airport facility works with businesses to ensure smooth operations.

Security and Convenience

All of Iron Gate Storage’s Vancouver self storage facilities offer similar conveniences and safety features. To see if the Pearson Airport location is the best choice for you, visit the website for more information.

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3 Renting Pitfalls Downtown-Westside Storage Can Help You Avoid

Research your options when choosing a storage facility. What type of security does the facility implement? Are you looking for long-term or short-term storage? How much space will you need? Educate yourself on the benefits of a great facility verses a subpar (but potentially extremely cheap) facility. With a friendly, educated staff, the Downtown-Westside Vancouver self-storage facility aims to make the process simple while providing an extremely secure location for your valuables.

Why Doing Your Research is Important
According to, via Good Morning America, surveillance and padlocks aren’t always enough to deter thieves. People keep everything from personal treasures to important business and identification documents in their storage units. Carol Lajoie of San Francisco, California believed insurance and a pad lock would be enough to keep her possessions safe. Instead, thieves made off with $10,000 worth of family items. Her insurance only covered $1,000.

3 Aspects to Consider before Choosing a Vancouver Self-Storage Facility

  1. What Kind of Space do You Need? Are you storing furniture, boxes of old documents and memorabilia, or do you have a recreational vehicle that needs a winter home? A great feature offered by Iron Gate Storage – particularly if you’re storing furniture – is the Space Estimator. Don’t put yourself in a position where you’ve paid for a storage unit only to find that it is too small or too large for your personal needs.
  2. Check Reviews Rather Than Getting Hooked on Location. Alan Henry of warns customers against getting attached to a particular location. Sure, it may be close and convenient, but what are the security features? Does the facility you’re looking at provide an electronic gate with a PIN for entering and exiting? How about alarmed units? Aside from visiting a facility, researching your Vancouver self-storage options is as simple as a Google search for reviews. Check out these two reviews for Iron Gate Storage.
  3. Is the Storage Facility Well Maintained? According to Zachary Goldfarb, a staff reporter with The Wall Street Journal, rental contracts with self-storage facilities usually include a clause exempting the facility for damages caused by mold or weather. Presumably, you moved your items into a storage unit to reduce clutter in your home, and you’re relying on that unit to keep those items safe. Downtown-Westside Storage, as with all of Iron Gate Storage’s facilities, provides a clean environment so you know your personal treasures are out of harm’s way.

Know What You’re Signing Up For
With so many storage facility options out there, making a choice can easily become overwhelming. Everyone wants to keep their items and documents secure. To learn more about how Downtown-Westside Storage in Vancouver can aid you with this; visit the website.

Brought to you by Iron Gate Storage in Vancouver, WA.

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Moving house

Using Storage Units While at the Pearson Airport

Located in Vancouver, Washington, the Pearson Field Airport is a very important asset to the state. The airport is actually one of the oldest operating ones in the country. It has several historical sites all across the field, including Clark College and Fort Vancouver. The Pearson Field Airport generates at least 27 million dollars a year in revenue. Having an Iron Gate Storage facility on the northeastern top of the airport is the perfect idea for all of your storage needs.

Personal and Business Storage
The Iron Gate Storage facility at the Pearson Field Airport has units available for both personal and business use. When using it from a business perspective, the business owner can have twenty-four hour access to their units. This means that the owners can store items that they don’t use very often and still have access to them the moment it is necessary. Heated storage units are also available for people to rent.

Security for Your Storage
The facility has an electronic gate that surrounds it; the owners of the storage units must enter a pin code in order to access their items. The facility is well lit, which can help to deter anyone from lurking around the units. All of the individual storage units are equipped with alarms, and there is 24 hour video recording throughout the property.

Helpful Facility Products
If necessary, you can acquire the Iron Gate Storage facility’s free move in truck. The truck is available to for you to be assisted with moving your items; it is a fifteen foot long box truck, which is perfect for anyone’s items. The facility also sells boxes, bubble wrap, and tape dispensers, along with other items which are great to help with your moving needs.

Storage for Any Need
The facility can be used whether you are living in the area, or if you are simply visiting. The units are great to store extra items while you are moving to a new place, or if you have to leave for a few months at a time. Iron Gate Storage in the Pearson Field Airport area is a great option for anyone.

Brought to you by Iron Gate Storage in Vancouver, WA.

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Additional Services and Perks That You Can Profit from While Renting Pearson Airport Vancouver Storage Space

If you’re a frequent flyer and wish to find the best place where you could deposit some of your goods in Vancouver Washington, consider renting a space provided by a facility located in the vicinity of the Pearson Airport. Pearson Field Airport is recognized as one of the oldest and most prominent operating airfields in the U.S. Dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, Pearson Field has created 600 jobs in this area. It stretches on 140 acres and still records more than 140 aircraft operations a day. Here are the three main services and perks that you should expect to profit from when it comes to renting storage space in this area.

  1. Cleanliness, Spaciousness, Solid Security Measures and Great Discounts. When you have to select a storage unit, why choose between quality and affordability when you can have both in the same package? Iron Gate Storage enables you to rent the cleanest, most spacious and secure storage space in Vancouver, Washington. Individually alarmed units with 24-hour video surveillance will help you breathe at ease knowing that you have left your goods in a perfectly safe and secure facility. If this doesn’t convince you, then you should know that this offer may also allow you to unlock a 10% discount on moving supplies and 50% off storage rentals.
  2. A Little Bit of Help That You May Need while Moving and Organizing Your Goods. When you’re always coming and going and your life is an eternal rush, the last thing that you want to do is to waste time moving and storing your goods. To make things a whole lot easier for you, Iron Gate Storage lets you rely on a free truck to transport your personal possessions.
  3. The Chance to Store Your Goods in the Vicinity of the Pearson Airport. If convenience is one of your top priorities when it comes to choosing a storage unit, opt for a facility situated on East 5th Street. Excellent storage options provided by Iron Gate Storage are located on the North East side of the airport. On the south side of this location you can find several supermarkets and restaurants, including Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and The Fred Meyer. Great schools are only a short drive a way, so you can rest assured knowing that you could find and rent the best storage space close to various points of interest in no time.

Brought to you by Iron Gate Storage in Vancouver, WA.

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Home Office Desk Items

Learn How Beaverton Storage Units Help Your Home Business

Working from home has become the norm in many places and a lot of people who do so have built very successful home based businesses that sustain their lives in comfort. Beaverton storage units can help you maintain your home business as well as help it grow by giving you a place to store overflowing stock, keep extra manufacturing or computer equipment, or even store advertising and marketing materials so they’re available as needed and nothing clutters up your home office.

Your Business Matters

As a home based business owner, it’s likely that you conduct meetings or other business from your home office and that means you want it to look as professional as possible. This is a little difficult when you have piles of papers or stock all over the place.

  • Keep samples of your marketing materials and stock items in your home office and store the rest in an external unit. This way, you’ll always have what you need on hand and you can show your colleagues and investors what you’re all about with the samples you keep at home.
  • Marketing materials may include large posters, fliers, booklets, brochures, or promotional items you give to clients and anyone else who’s interested.
  • These items are usually ordered in bulk and can take up a lot of space and that’s where external storage can be very beneficial. Store what you don’t use on a regular basis and take from your bulk in storage when necessary.
  • Storing things away from your home also gives you control over the space as you can choose a temperature controlled unit or one with extra security. Your items will be safer and their integrity well preserved so you’ll never have to order more due to damage.

Inventory Made Easy

Storing things for your home business at home can get chaotic. Beaverton storage units give you a single space to keep everything so you’re not searching the closets in every room for what you need. You’ll have everything available when it’s necessary and you can more easily inventory items when you have everything in the same place. This also helps your business because you’ll never lose things that are important. Your storage units can be like small satellite offices without having to rent large office space that could cost a lot more. Not only will you be able to store overflowing stock and marketing materials but also file storage and things you may need to maintain financial records adequately.

Reserve your unit today with on quick call!

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