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Vancouver Storage Units for Our Seniors

There are many seniors citizens in Vancouver. Vancouver is a great place to retire as the weather is mild through most of the year, and many families who have established themselves in the area have family members that reach senior ages after living a long life in the city. With such a full life of experiences and memories, it should be no surprise that the elderly population accumulates so many items from heirlooms and photos to clothing and furniture over the years.

Iron Gate Storage is here to assist the elderly population and their families with storage units for their belongings. If one of our honored seniors ever falls ill or needs assisted living, consider storing the following items to make their transition a little easier.

Hobbies and Pastimes

Many times elderly people accumulate many games, including several packs of cards, cribbage boards, jigsaw puzzles, among other things. Elderly family members who fall ill or need to be put on hospice care generally leave their items behind, including many of these games. Those who move into an assisted living or care center usually encounter the same thing, as their living space becomes substantially smaller. With recreational and pastime activities being left behind, these make great storage items to place in a Vancouver storage unit until they are needed again.


The elderly may get to a point where they have accumulated a few vehicles, but as time draws on, they either only need one or none if they receive home health services or are in a nursing home. Those families who have extra vehicles like to turn to our storage units to keep their automobiles while they are not being used. They like the ease of access our storage affords them while not needing to worry about the integrity of their car.


One of the coolest collections elderly people garner is that of books. These books serve as symbols of years of knowledge, and they become very valuable over time. Elderly seniors with large book collections may consider storing their books in a storage unit as it can protect the integrity of these precious items. Books kept in storage are less likely to be damaged by the weather or be exposed to water or other moisture that could ruin the pages. For optimal book storage, consider smaller boxes and only place a few books in each book at a time. This keeps boxes light enough to be stacked and keeps them from crushing the boxes on the bottom.

Storing More

Whether a senior family member is sick or moving into a nursing home, you always have a place to keep their possessions safe and to reduce space. Whether you are storing books and games or need a place to put a little extra furniture during a move, remember to contact us to help. Call our self-storage facility today to reserve a unit.

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Cleaning Up (And Clearing Out) After Halloween

Every year, Americans spend billion of dollars on Halloween supplies, including all the costumes and decorations for kids and adults alike, as well as providing for trick-or-treaters, parties, and neighborhood celebrations, like haunted houses. As an obviously fast-growing consumer holiday, it is inevitable that the supplies are going to build up, and may not be relevant again to you and your family until next Halloween.

Given how expensive costumes and other supplies for this “holiday” are, it doesn’t make sense to simply throw them out or give them away, especially since kids sometimes like to wear their costumes for days (or even weeks) after Halloween is over. And for parents who spent hours putting together the right costume for their child, holding onto that costume can also sometimes mean holding onto the memories of that year, or passing that costume onto a sibling in the future.

Storing Costumes

While packing up Halloween decorations to prepare them for storage may seem straightforward, costumes need to be stored in an appropriate manner so as to be usable in the future. It is important that they are first cleaned appropriately (sometimes this requires dry cleaning to ensure that all stains are removed) and stored in a plastic container or garment bag instead of anything that can trap moisture and end up causing damage, such as a trash bag. If one or more parts of the costume needs to retain a particular shape, you can use Styrofoam or bubble wrap to hold it in place.

Storing Decorations

Just as with costumes, it is important to ensure that any and all decorations going into storage are also as dry as possible first. In addition, do yourself a favor and be sure to label everything so that it is all easy to access next year. Some people also find it helpful to section out the decorations into different categories and store those as one instead of just throwing everything into bins randomly. Fragile items (i.e. glass) should be stored at the top of bins instead of at the bottom.

Storage Units Are Versatile

It might be wise to color-coordinate as you pack away your Halloween materials in case you want to store other holiday decorations in your unit as well. The problem with relying on basements or attics for storage is that moisture and/or too much sunlight can become an issue.

Iron Gate Storage in Vancouver Is Here To Help

Iron Gate Storage is a local small business that specializes in storage and truck rentals for our local communities, business, and government customers. Our mission is to make storage and moving easy and convenient for everyone. Contact us today to find out how we can help you safely store your Halloween supplies until you need them again next year.

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Planning an Estate Sale with the Help of a Vancouver Storage Unit

The last thing anyone wants to do after someone they love passes away is take a journey through the belongings that person has collected over their lifetime. Unfortunately, it is something that must be done and someone has to do it. With a little help from a Vancouver storage unit and our tips here, you can plan and host an estate sale seamlessly.

Make a List of Inventory

Go through everything in the estate to get an idea of what you will be working with. Often the junk drawers and miscellaneous items are the most daunting items to deal with. Organize like items together to keep things sorted and placed where you know where they are.

Consult with Interested Parties

Make sure to consult with anyone who may be an interested party. It is difficult to know if a piece of jewelry was a gift from a daughter of the decedent or a Tupperware set originally belonged to the decedent’s sister. There might be other keepsakes in the estate that you would otherwise know nothing about. Not only will this cut down on the amount of stuff you need to get rid of, it will also cut out any potential drama and avoid stepping on the toes of someone else in the family.

Group Items for the Sale

People who frequent estate sales prefer to skim over the items for sale, rather than dig through them. If you group similar items together, you will appeal to buyers who are searching for specific items, making items sell faster. Additionally, leftovers will be easier to sort through and donate.

Keep Pricing Reasonable

In estate sales, the saying is “priced to sell.” Sure, you don’t want to give things away so that the estate benefits as much as possible financially. However, you don’t want to be left with a bunch of items that do not sell, either. If items need repairs or are outdated, do not hesitate to be negotiable to get rid of the items. Most estate sale buyers are looking for incredible deals, so you need to make sure you price things to sell – and sell quickly.

You have a few goals when you host an estate sale. The first is to make a profit for the estate, which is typically split between the next of kin of the decedent. The next is to sell as many of the items in the estate sale as possible. After that, you must decide what you need to do after the estate sale. That means that if you can get rid of something during the estate sale, do it. The last thing you want to do after the estate sale is spend significant amounts of time dealing with leftovers from the sale.

Iron Gate Storage in Vancouver

Sometimes, estates cannot be handled as quickly as we would like. If for some reason, the items in the house cannot be sold until after the home is sold, many people will choose to rent a Vancouver storage unit and store the items until they are released to be sold in an estate sale. Feel free to contact us here at Iron Gate Storage in Vancouver if you have been left with the task of handling an estate. We are here to make things as easy as possible for you during this difficult time.

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Make the Best of Your Vancouver Storage Unit

For some people, organizing your Vancouver storage unit is common sense. However, if you take a look at many people’s garages or basements, you will immediately realize that most of us do not keep our storage areas even remotely organized. The best way to take advantage of a Vancouver storage unit does not mean piling it to the ceiling with as much stuff as you can jam in it. On the contrary, just like a garage, basement, closet, or any other storage area, you want to create an area that allows you to easily access and find whatever you need.

For a lot of people, this is easier said than done, especially when working with an area that often provides more vertical space than horizontal space. However, when you take advantage of every bit of space your Vancouver storage unit offers, you will be able to better organize it, as well as be able to find your stuff when you need it.

Consider these Tips

Here are some tips to ensure you make the best of your self-storage:

  • Never use cardboard boxes to store your belongings. Our Vancouver self-storage units may be safe from the elements of weather like rain, wind, snow, and sun, but that does not mean that you should rely on cardboard, which is flimsy, at best, to contain your property. Invest in plastic storage containers that are clear so you can see what you have packed in each box, no matter how low it is in the pile.
  • Be sure to label your storage containers. Create master lists for containers that have many smaller items in them. Specify what is in the containers, rather than labeling the box “bathroom stuff.” That way, you know exactly what is inside. Four containers of “bathroom stuff” could get confusing. Put each master list in an envelope and affix the envelopes to each containers.
  • Try to create space around each stack of containers so that you can maneuver around them and access whatever you need, when you need it. Create hallways or corridors, so to speak, between the piles of containers, so you can move them around, if needed. Keep the containers that you will need to access the most near the front of the storage unit for quick and easy access.
  • Use any organizational tools that you may need. For example, you can hang hooks and pegboards or use clothing or bike racks to properly store your items. Vancouver storage units have quite a bit of vertical space; you should find ways to take advantage of every bit of the space you have.

Getting a Vancouver Storage Unit at Iron Gate Storage

When it comes to organizing and storing your items in a Vancouver storage unit, there is nothing wrong with getting creative! In fact, we find that the more creative renters take advantage of the space in their storage units the best, so feel free to take advantage of every inch of your storage unit here at Iron Gate Storage in Vancouver. Your storage unit is a like a blank canvas – it is not only flexible, but it can also be designed to fit your storage needs perfectly, as well.

Iron Gate Storage
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Downtown/Westside Storage Units: Organizing & Funeral Planning

When a loved one passes away, just dealing with the emotional aspects is hard enough. But, when you are left in charge of arranging the funeral, the financial decision-making, and all of the necessary paperwork that comes along with it, the entire grieving process becomes more complicated. It may not seem like an important thing in the scope of everything swirling around you, but getting a Downtown/Westside storage unit could greatly reduce your burden for the time being.

Planning and Organizing

Being left with this daunting project and the emotional weight of the loss is more than most people can handle. This is especially true if your loved one did not create a will or leave plans behind to guide you. Unfortunately, this happens quite often. Not only do you have to work quickly, efficiently, and under pressure to get plans squared away for the family, as well as deal with your grief and emotions, you also have to find a place to put all of your loved one’s belongings as the estate is being sorted out.

We want to help you through this unfortunate and stressful time by offering some tips for organizing a funeral. In addition to our tips below, you can read these tips from to ensure your funeral planning goes as smoothly as possible.

Create a Budget

Although some people have money they have put aside to pay for their funeral expenses, this is not the case for most individuals. Talk with family members about contributing to a funeral expense account and figure out how much you can spend. Remember that you do not have to spend a fortune on a loved one’s funeral to prove how much you loved them. In fact, a small, but elegantly beautiful gathering of friends and family can be just as commemorative as a large and elaborate funeral.  

Get a Storage Unit

If kin of your loved one can amicably split up the property and items in the estate or your loved one left behind a will or instructions pertaining to their belongings, your job will be much easier. If there is not a will nor instructions that explain what should be done with your loved one’s estate, you are going to be stuck with an enormous burden of figuring out how everything will be divvied up. You will have to sort through and list everything in the estate, from property to jewelry to items with little to no value. With that said, a Downtown/Westside storage unit could be the best way for you to organize everything.

How to Go About Organizing After the Funeral

In order to ensure that you do not overwhelm yourself, start in one room and work through the belongings one room at a time. As you box items up make a list and label the boxes. Not only will you have a detailed list of everything by doing this, you will also be able to easily access any items that you may be looking for in the future. Do not stress yourself – you will have time to dig through and organize everything, even if the house is being sold and divided. Ask friends or family to help you haul the packed boxes to your Vancouver storage unit.

What Size Storage Will You Need for Your Downtown/Westside Unit?

Estimate the size storage unit you will need by using our handy size guide or, if you have a list of items you want to store, you can try out our user-friendly space estimator to figure out what you will need. We are here to help you decide what size Vancouver storage unit fits your needs if our tools do not do the job. Contact us at Iron Gate Storage today to find out more about your storage options.

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15 Things You Cannot Do in a Storage Unit

Storage units are extremely versatile nowadays. There are businesses being run out of them, art exhibits being shown in them and products being showcased in them. But there are just a few things that cannot be done in the units in Beaverton.

15 No-No’s When It Comes to Your Beaverton Storage Unit

Some things are prohibited by law, and some are prohibited by the management:

  1. You cannot live in your storage unit. Most storage facilities have a prohibition against living in a storage in the lease that you sign. In some states and localities there is a also a law against doing so.
  1. Storage units are a great place to do hobbies and crafts, but you cannot have a hobby or craft in them that involves the use of flammable substances. These include paint thinners, so artists must eschew oil painting and stick to using acrylics or watercolors in their storage unit studios.
  1. You cannot create fireworks in your storage unit because explosives are prohibited. Nor can you make bombs for you and your radical buddies to use.
  1. No kerosene heaters can be used in the storage unit as kerosene is flammable.
  1. Nail polish and nail polish removers are flammable, so it is a good idea to paint your toenails elsewhere.
  1. While some storage facilities will allow you to store your guns, you must find another pace to store your ammunition.
  1. Aerosol cans are a problem in storage units due to the heat in the summer, so use your spray deodorant elsewhere.
  1. Many pharmaceutical sales reps store their samples in climate-controlled units. But no medical equipment or supplies that involve radioactive materials are allowed to be stored in them. X-ray machines must be stored elsewhere.
  1. If you are a burglar, you must not store the merchandise you have stolen in a storage unit.
  1. No illegal drugs can be stored in a storage unit, and no meth labs can be established in them.
  1. No firearms that are illegal for use in the United States may be stored in a storage unit.
  1. You may not house, raise or breed any animal in a storage unit.
  1. A storage unit is not a good location for a rave night spot.
  1. Nor is a storage unit a good place for grandpa in his casket, because you cannot afford the burial fee.
  1. Last, but certainly not least, a storage unit is not a good place for food, so a hot dog stand is completely out of the question.

When you store your things with us at Beaverton, we will help you decide what can and cannot be in your unit.

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Innovative Storage Ideas

Storage units at Pearson Airport are a wonderful place to take things all boxed up, but they are also a great place to store things you need to access frequently. While boxing things up is one way to go, having your storage unit set up for quick retrieval is also helpful.

Nifty Storage Ideas and Where to Find Them

Organization is the key to getting the best use out of your storage unit when you have things there that you need to access frequently.

  1. Cabinets and drawers

Contico and Suncast make an assortment of what they call freestanding garage cabinets with various arrangements of shelving in them. They are available at, and they make a wonderful place to store things you need to access frequently. Because the cabinets close, they prevent dust, insects or small creatures like mice from bothering what is inside them. offers a Rubbermaid version of freestanding cabinets that is plastic with lockable doors. The gray cabinet has four fixed shelves that can hold up to 138 pounds each. Assembly is required. also offers Suncast and Rubbermaid cabinets. has plastic storage drawer carts, many with wheels on them. The carts range in height and width, but they all have plastic see-through drawers for storing a wide variety of things. The drawers feature drawer stops and a locking design to keep the contents from spilling out when the cart is moved.

  1. Shelving

Plastic and metal shelving are widely available, and both make box storage much easier than simply stacking boxes on top of one another in your Pearson Airport or other Vancouver storage unit.

Plastic shelving is a lightweight and fairly sturdy type of shelving. It can hold lighter-weight boxes and items. For heavier boxes, the metal shelving is sturdier and can hold weightier things.,,, and all offer plastic shelving.

Wire shelving and industrial shelving are available at The wire shelving comes in either chrome or black and many sizes. There are even rolling shelves available. Shelving can be slanted, adjustable, made for corners, or garments. Metal shelving is also available at, and

  1. Storage boxes

The sturdy, clear plastic totes made by Sterilite are a great way to store items. They come in a variety of sizes and designs, but the main attraction is your ability to see exactly what is in each container you put on the shelving. and several other places carry them.

Many believe that for every minute we spend organizing things, we earn an hour. If that is truly the case, then organizing our storage unit at Pearson Airport or one of the other Vancouver locations might just earn us a good 8 hours to spend having fun.

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Add Value to Old Clothes Using Self Storage Units in Beaverton

At some point in your life, you may feel a pressing need to reinvent yourself by upgrading your style and adding a bit of sugar, spice and glamour to your wardrobe. Luckily, you can fulfill this dream even when you’re pinching pennies. By renting self storage units in Beaverton, you could actually work with what you already have to come up with an enviable wardrobe that you could improve season after season. Here are three basic ways to achieve this goal without spending a dime out of your own pocket on new apparel and accessories.

Learn How to Modify Your Clothes. Trends come and go, but the true classics will stay in fashion forever. This is why you should raid your closet periodically to find and reinterpret timeless pieces that you could wear for years in a row. For instance, you could transform a chic, versatile camel coat into a long vest by removing its sleeves, or you could modernize a pair of mom jeans by adding unusual details, such as gemstones, leather patches and zippers. The possibilities are endless. Choose to rent a self storage unit and use the extra space to deposit old clothes. Buy essential tools and equipment (needles, buttons, sewing machine, scissors and so on) that you may require to modify clothes, and use your unit as a workshop where you could bring old clothes back to life through minor adjustments.

Host a Clothing Swap Inside Your Beaverton Self Storage Unit. Clothing swaps offer you the perfect opportunity to get rid of clothes that no longer fit or represent you, and replace them with new pieces that would deserve to occupy a spot inside your bedroom closet. Use your Beaverton self storage unit as a meeting place, where you could host fun swap parties, reconnect with old friends and start trading.

Prepare Yourself and Your Wardrobe for a Rapid and Profitable Yard Sale. If you don’t feel comfortable exchanging clothes with your friends, maybe you would appreciate the idea of selling some of your rarely used items via a quick, painless yard sale. If so, note that you could use your Beaverton self storage unit to sort and label your sellable goods. In a spacious rented room, you could even come up with the most attractive and effective display ideas, and meet potential clients who may be interested in buying some of your things. Profit from all these amazing opportunities to perfect your wardrobe and make money for new acquisitions. Reserve your self storage unit in Beaverton with Iron Gate Storage and benefit from a mix of modern features and special prices.

Iron Gate Storage
4050 SW 160th Ave
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Storage Units in Orchards Help Organize Your Bedroom Closet

Designing a beautiful and practical bedroom closet is a fairly straightforward process, considering the fact that homeowners have access to various types of affordable, freestanding furniture pieces that they could combine in countless different ways to achieve stunning, tailor-made designs. On the other hand, keeping a bedroom closet properly organized is a real challenge, especially with people who own an ample collection of shoes, clothes and accessories. If you are looking forward to improving the appeal and functionality of your closet, consider renting a storage unit in Orchards and apply the following tips to achieve the best results.

Sort and Reorganize Your Clothes and Accessories Based on Frequency of Use. Most people organize their clothing items and accessories by color, category or style. Choose a different path to prevent clutter and stay organized season after season: sort and rearrange your things based on how often you get to use them. Keep most-used products at eye-level; put the less-used ones below, and stack least used personal effects up high.

Mix and Match Storage Units Based on the Your Specific Needs. Once you’re done, consider reconfiguring your closet by adding affordable, eye-catchy storage solutions tailored to the nature, size and shape of the items that you wish to deposit. For example, folded things should be kept in drawers; suits and dresses require hangers, while jewelry, ties, socks and other small contents should be stored in boxes or any other type of labeled containers.

Create Your Offsite Closet by Bringing Hangers and Wall Racks inside a Storage Unit. Maybe you dislike the idea of overcrowding your space by designing and installing a new closet inside your bedroom; or perhaps you are looking for an affordable offsite storage solution for the shoes, embellishments and accessories that you no longer use, but don’t feel ready to abandon.

If so, rent a storage unit in Orchards and customize it to meet your specific storage needs. Personalize and add your very own storage solution based on hangers, shelves and racks to organize your boxed items with ease, and explore a more efficient method to deposit rarely used contents outside your home. Spend less on the perfect unit by reserving a room online with Iron Gate Storage, and benefit from a generous pack of features and amenities that will make it easier for you to create, curate and maintain an enviable wardrobe.

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Storage Units in Mill Plain Protect Your Old Flea Market Finds

Many people choose to spend hours scouring local flea markets for high-value antiques that they could sell or use to accessorize their houses or apartments. While each treasure hunt is unique and incredibly rewarding, this leisure activity compels buyers to come up with extensive storage solutions to prevent clutter inside their homes. If you’re facing this challenge, here are two ways in which you could make use of your flea market finds and good storage units in Mill Plain to keep your indoors looking airy, comfortable and beautiful.

Decorate Your Space with Your Favorite Finds. Start by incorporating your best-loved items into your home décor. Recycle and repurpose goods the old-school way, using basic tools. For instance, an old chair can be turned into a stunning side table using a staple gun and a colorful, luxurious fabric. Proper organizing is the key to success, especially when you have to display and take care of ample collections of small antiques that could get lost very easily. Display the little things in niches, on shelves, and give them more stature by putting them on tall pedestals. Don’t hesitate to unleash your creativity, think outside the box and picture new ways in which you could use old products. For example, a dresser with one or more missing drawers may still have enough practical and aesthetic value for an inspired buyer, who could turn this furniture piece into a whimsical, elegant bureau for a chic boudoir.

Leave the Rest in Storage. Some collectors are interested in key piece that they could display inside their homes, while others are looking for artworks that they could sell at a profit to their refined clientele seeking unique designs. If you’re looking for the perfect space where you could stash a part of your collection of antiques, consider renting storage units in Mill Plain to deposit and protect your most valuable flea market finds. Aside from keeping security threats at bay and allowing you to prevent clutter at home, climate-controlled rooms also prevent damages and losses caused by improper storage conditions, including excessive humidity and extremely low or high temperatures.

When it comes to storing and curating a collection of flea market finds, the possibilities are virtually endless. Explore the most inspired options by renting storage units in Mill Plain. Extra space available at competitive prices will offer you the perfect opportunity to maximize space inside your house and keep rooms tidy without neglecting or abandoning the passion and art of collecting.

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