Collecting on a Good Deal with Vancouver Storage Units

Vancouver is known by many to be a city of eclectic taste and interests, and with a population of 170 thousand people, that usually makes sense. The city itself is reflective of the diversity of its residents too, which is represented in the artwork, architecture, and even the most popular types of restaurants. Regardless the style, there are always people eager to store their interests and unique tastes in their storage units, and Iron Gate Storage is here to assist them.

Our premium Vancouver storage units near you are popular hubs for the wide array of interests in which Vancouver residents engage. Read on to discover the most common types of collections residents will keep in our facility to see how storage may also be a good idea for you!

Wine Collections

There are avid wine collectors throughout Vancouver. The city’s history is steeped in wine, and avid wine enthusiasts today continue to carry on that tradition. Wine collectors all around Vancouver love to collect different types of wine at different ages, as these become just as much trophies as they are delicious drinks. In order to preserve a good wine collection, the wine should be kept in a generally dark, warm place so the bottles remain intact and the wine can ferment. This is why so many Vancouver wine collectors turn to our storage units. Our units are temperature-controlled as they provide this dark environment and offer an added layer of protection so the glass bottles don’t break.

Comic Book Collections

In the Vancouver-Portland area, there are several comic cons that a person can attend to express their interest in sci-fi, fantasy, anime, and the unknown. Comic books are an obsession for many of the people who attend these conventions, and the value of their comics only increases with time. Vancouver residents with large comic book collections commonly come to us to store their collections because of how fragile comic books are and how susceptible they are to damage. There is no threat of damage to these books when they are kept in a Vancouver storage unit, and a lot of space is saved in the home.


Car collections of all types become a pastime of many Vancouver citizens. Anything from car models to toy cars to actual automobiles can be kept in a unit. Car collectors choose to do this because it reduced clutter in the home, provides a safe place for their vehicles when they are not on display, and keeps them in pristine condition. Car collections are among some of the most popular types of collection storage, and there are limitless possibilities about how to use them for these items and more.

Collect Your Vancouver Storage Unit

Storage units are the best way to secure your collections and keep them safe. If you have any collections of items we mentioned or any other type of collection (clothes, coins, movies, books, etc.), make sure to collect on a good deal and rent one of our storage units today.

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