Garage, Attic, or Vancouver Storage Unit?

Even if your home has an attic or garage, there are certain types of items you should keep in a Vancouver storage unit instead. Attics and crawl spaces accumulate dust and are hard to access, while items kept in garages can get damaged or stolen. At Iron Gate Storage, we offer clean, easily accessible units in a facility that is both affordable and more secure than most homes. Featuring on-site management, individual alarm codes, and 24-hour video recording, we also offer the use of a free 15-foot truck to help make your move in easier.    

Vancouver Storage Unit vs. Garage

Using a garage for storage rather than a Vancouver storage unit exposes your belongings to dirt and debris, as well as to theft. While some areas of Vancouver are safer than others, NeighborhoodScout reports that over 5,000 property crimes occur in our area each year.

You can avoid these problems by selecting a storage unit in Vancouver in a size that fits your needs and budget. We offer safe, secure indoor units perfect for holding the following types of items:

  • Old furniture
  • Household goods and decor
  • Toolboxes and home improvement supplies
  • Outdoor furnishings and lawn or pool maintenance equipment
  • Seasonal items and decorations
  • Sports and recreational equipment

If you do not have a garage or have concerns about safety, our Vancouver storage unit facility also offers outdoor units that are perfect for storing campers, jet skis, motorcycles, cars, pickup trucks, work vans, and trailers.

From Attic to Storage Unit

If you have been storing items in your attic or in crawl spaces around your home, you may be subjecting them to damage caused by mold, mildew, and pests. A Vancouver storage unit is a budget friendly solution to this problem, offering clean, safe units in a variety of sizes, making your items more easily accessible when you need them. According to the experts at Attic Care USA, mold is one of the most common problems people experience in attic spaces. It can affect items commonly stored in these spaces, such as:

  • Holiday décor;
  • Old or off seasons clothes, shoes, and jackets;
  • Bills, warranties, past tax returns, and home office receipts;
  • Antiques and other collectible items.

Damage from mold can render these items unusable and could potentially cause the spread of mold spores in your home. In addition, boxes, paper, and packing materials provide excellent nesting materials for rats, bats, and other types of rodents. These problems can all be avoided by using a Vancouver storage unit instead.

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For all your storage needs, contact Iron Gate Storage at our Vancouver storage unit facility, which is conveniently located at 2225 E. 5th Street, on the Northeast corner of Pearson Field Airport. Our office is open between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and our helpful staff will be happy to help select the unit that is right for you.

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