Oh, Baby! Beaverton Storage Units Saving Parents Money

As expectant parents, there are plenty of items your new baby will need. In addition to food and diapers, babies need clothing, a crib, a car seat, high chairs, bassinets, and other types of baby gear. At Iron Gate Storage, our Beaverton storage units can help parents save money by allowing them to store and reuse items that are used only for a brief period in your child’s life. Rather than taking up space in your home or your garage, a storage unit in Beaverton provides the convenience of a safe, clean, and cost-efficient location that is easily accessible until the next child comes along.   

Keeping Baby Clothes and Gear in A Beaverton Storage Unit

Providing all the items your baby will need during their first year is expensive. According to, paying for just the basic supplies can cost new parents as much as $8,000 or more. The upside is that nearly half of this is for one-time costs. These supplies can be easily kept in a Beaverton storage unit once they are no longer needed and used again in the future. Types of items you may wish to consider storing include:  

  • Baby clothes, which children quickly grow out of during the first year;
  • Infant car seats and carriers;
  • Baby strollers, backpacks, and sling carriers;
  • Diaper bags and portable playpens for when visiting friends;
  • Playmats and activity centers;
  • Walkers, swings, and doorway jumpers;
  • Baby monitors and changing tables;
  • Bottles, brushes, breastfeeding pumps;
  • Bibs, blankets, and cloth diapers.

Additional items such as cribs, baby bedding, and other furniture can be easily added to your storage unit once they are outgrown. Even if you do not intend to have more children, keeping these items secure and free from damage in our Beaverton storage unit facility ensures they will be safe for use by friends and family members in the future.

Preparing Baby Items for Placement in A Beaverton Storage Unit

Before placing items in our Beaverton storage unit, you want to make sure that everything is clean, dry, and packed properly. You can clean wood furniture and plastic playpens or walkers with mild cleaners, being careful to remove any dried-on materials. For cleaning and packing baby clothes, blankets, and delicate items, follow these tips from The Spruce:

  • For baby clothes that are stained, pre-treat overnight, wash using detergent and a color-safe additive, then tumble dry;
  • For hand knitted blankets and delicate fabrics, hand wash and lay flat to dry;
  • Take baby bedding and jackets to the dry cleaners, being careful to point out any stains;
  • When packing, wrap each item with tissue to avoid creasing.

At Iron Gate Storage, our Beaverton storage unit facility offers boxes in all sizes, bubble wrap, wrapping paper, and moving pads for your convenience. Located at 4050 SW 160th Avenue, we offer a secure, gated entrance, on-site management, and units on the ground floor for easy, drive up access. Our units are clean, cost effective, and catered to suit your needs; call or visit our facility today to discuss which of our units might be right for you.

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