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Tips and Tricks for Packing Items In Vancouver Storage Units


At Iron Gate Storage, renting one of our Vancouver storage units is easy and cost effective. For less than the cost of the square footage it typically takes to store items in your home, you can keep these items handy and ready for use when you need them at our clean, centrally located storage facility.

With a variety of different sizes from which to choose, our friendly staff and on-site management team can advise on the storage unit that best suits your purposes. Whether you are storing furniture, sporting goods, out-of-season clothing, books, or family mementos, the following are tips and tricks designed to help you pack and get the most out of your space.

Vancouver Storage Units Make Organizing Easy

Instead of dealing with clutter in your attic, closets, or garage, Vancouver storage units can help free up valuable space and simplify the process of organizing your home. When selecting objects to put into storage, follow this organizing strategy from All You:

  • Clear space in the kitchen: Storage space is usually at a premium in kitchen cabinets. Try removing everything from shelving and sorting out what you use every day. While packing specialty items, such as holiday and formal occasion serving dishes, china, and glassware, keep your essentials in bubble wrap or packing paper to store in your Vancouver storage unit.
  • Cut down on closet chaos: Vancouver storage units are excellent for reclaiming valuable closet space. Go through and remove any clothing items that do not fit or are out of style. Decide what you want to donate and what is worth saving. Gather these items along with all out-of-season clothing, and pack them in boxes for safekeeping prior to placing in storage.
  • Reclaim home office/guest room space: If you have been using your guest room or home office to keep old books, extra linens, or excess office supplies, it is time to reclaim this your space by using one of our storage units instead.
  • Declutter common areas: Do a final sweep throughout all common areas of your home and collect anything cluttering up your living space. Excess furniture, lamps, artwork, and other items can all be kept in your Vancouver storage unit until you or a family member needs them.

Tips for Maximizing Space In Vancouver Storage Units

Once everything is packed, you can maximize your Vancouver storage unit space with these tips from Apartment Therapy:

  • Use old wooden pallets to keep fragile items from sitting on the floor.
  • Use shelving and stack boxes to get the most out of vertical space.
  • Clearly and carefully label each item according to the contents and the area of your home in which it belongs.
  • Think out of the box and experiment with bulky items, such as couches, coffee tables, and mattresses. Instead of laying them flat, you may be able to save space by standing them on end.

Our friendly, professional staff is available to help you choose which of our Vancouver storage units best suits your needs. Call or stop by our 1200 West Fourth Plain Street facility today.