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Vancouver Storage Units: Store Books, Documents, and Family Photos


Are you a bookworm but running out of space in your at home library? A keeper of family photos and documents that help trace your family tree? Keeping delicate leather bound books, old parchment papers, and vintage photos at home on shelves and in closets or drawers takes up space, but keeping them in your attic or garage can subject them to damage. At Iron Gate Storage, our Vancouver storage units offer the perfect solution, enabling you to keep them safe and secure so they can be enjoyed by future generations.

Vancouver Storage Units Keep Family Memories Safe

Preserving family pictures and old documents can present challenges, but provided you take the appropriate care in packing, our Vancouver storage units will keep these treasures safe. When storing delicate items such as vintage photos, birth certificates, marriage licenses, and citizenship papers, follow these tips from the pros at the U.S. National Archives:

For Storing Documents

  • Keep documents in folders with each page laying flat;
  • Smooth to avoid creasing and folded or curled edges;
  • Use document sleeves so papers do not stick together;
  • Keep folders in boxes that fit to allow just enough space;
  • Use spacer boards to fill up any extra space in the box or folder;
  • Roll oversized documents and maps and store in cardboard tubes.

For Storing Photos

  • Keep photos organized in albums;
  • Be sure to label and date each photo;
  • Mount on acid free photo pages;
  • Avoid overstuffing albums or overloading pages.

When working with old photos and documents prior to storage, be sure your hands are clean and dry, and avoid over handling before placing in your Vancouver storage unit.

Preserving Old Books In Vancouver Storage Units

Rather than keeping books in your attic or garage where they will be subject to damage from pests and weather, our Vancouver storage units offer a safe, budget-friendly solution. When storing, follow these tips from Real Simple:

  • Clean book jackets, bindings, and page edges with a dry cloth;
  • Carefully smooth out any crinkled, folded, or torn pages;
  • Place books in small or medium sized boxes so they are easier to lift and move;
  • Sort books by subject, then arrange alphabetically by author;
  • For similar sized books, stand upright in boxes;
  • For odd sized books, put large, heavier volumes at the bottom and stack paperbacks on top;
  • Seal each box securely, and label as to the subject matter and contents.

Best Facility and Staff Providing Vancouver Storage Units

At Iron Gate Storage, our Vancouver storage units feature friendly, professional staff and on site management so that your items are kept secure, yet easily accessible. We can answer your questions regarding the size of unit you need, and we offer boxes and packing materials onsite to make moving in easier. Call or stop by our centrally located facility at 12420 SE 5th Street to see how we can help you reduce clutter and reclaim space in your home.